Is it possible to buy gold in a pawnshop for yourself: the range of products, the pros and cons of buying, methods of purification of used gold and the rules of wearing other people's jewelry

When buying jewelry, you usually have to give a large sum of money. But there are methods that allow you to buy them more profitable. Among the options one considers a pawn shop. It offers a variety of jewelry, and the cost is lower than in the store. You need to assess all the risks to see if you can buy pawnshop gold for yourself. It is equally important to find out if the energy of someone else's jewelry affects the new owner.

Gold as collateral in a pawnshop

You can sell quickly decorations of precious metals. Gold is expensive, there is an opportunity to get a fairly large sum of money by selling it. Once the price goes down, like for scrap precious metals, the reward will be substantial. This explains why gold is used frequently - it is seen as the most suitable collateral.

Pawnshops accept precious metal after evaluating the parameters (composition, appearance) and voicing the value of the product. If they agree, a loan is given. And the client can redeem the jewelry. This method allows you to quickly get money when you need it urgently. The interest rate for using the money is rather high.

Pawning silver

When a pawn shop can sell collateral

There are different situations: the client does not have time to return the funds, or does not plan to redeem the item. In both cases, the pawn shop becomes the owner of the gold item. This happens after a certain period specified in the contract. During a short period of time after its completion, the client has the opportunity to return the product, but he must warn the employees of the organization about his plans. Cases where the pledged property is immediately transferred to the pawnbroker:

  • the client does not appear, does not answer the phone (if the contract specifies the possibility of redemption);
  • the original transaction of purchase/sale of the jewelry was made, it immediately passed into the possession of the pawnbroker;
  • the loan has not been repaid.

Pawnshops usually have jewelry stores, where the cost of products is lower than in conventional retail chains.

Gold for auction

When surrendering gold, you need to be prepared for the fact that the precious jewelry will remain in the pawnshop. The organization has the right to transfer its ownership to another owner. There are different possibilities for this. An auction is held for this purpose. However, this way it is advisable to sell only particularly valuable, original items created by individual order or produced in limited quantities.

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Gold for auction
Gold jewelry for sale

Gold for sale

More often than not, the pawnshop sells jewelry. This is due to the fact that it is customary to bring mass-produced jewelry to such organizations for change. They can be valuable (585 pink), attractive, yet unoriginal - will often be encountered, as identical or similar jewelry goes on sale.

Advantages of buying jewelry at a pawnshop

When picking up gold from a pawnshop, take into account all the features of the item itself, as well as the advantages of buying from this organization. It is important to constantly increase their number, expanding the range of jewelry. This way of selling items is quite popular.

Rare Values

 The pawnshop takes not only items that have been produced for general use, but also those that are of rare beauty: custom-made, antique, original, high value. It's unlikely you'll be able to find them in a jewelry store.

The pawnshop sells items of verified quality. They are evaluated by an expert, which means that you can trust the announced characteristics of the jewelry. Of course, the buyer should additionally check the item before buying and wearing it, but usually a pawn shop does not cheat its customers (if it values its reputation and fears the consequences of fraud).

Branded jewelry at an affordable price

Gold WaresThe jewelry that the pawnshop offers to buy may be famous - representing products of famous brands and jewelry houses. Such jewelry is cheaper than new. Many people prefer them to standard products from the usual store of their city. In design, precious metal from a well-known brand is superior to its counterparts. Products of jewelry houses are distinguished by quality. If there is no possibility to order a new piece of jewelry of a well-known brand, a pawn shop and its range of goods is not a bad alternative.

Gilded Silver Jewelry
Jewelry - gold ring

Price drop on 50-70%

Many people would like to buy gold at a reasonable price. Buyers offer their jewelry at a lower price than jewelry stores. And the cost is reduced by half or even more (depending on the type of precious metal and the condition of the item). You can take the jewelry without fear that it will not meet the standards. This is the same gold that is offered in jewelry stores, only second-hand.

Often new items are accepted with tags, but their value is much lower than the store's products. This is due to the fact that at the acceptance stage, the precious metal is reclassified as scrap. If such items are expensive to sell, it will be unprofitable.

Buying metal, stones - bonus

One of the advantages of turning to pawnshop products when looking for a suitable piece of jewelry is the opportunity to get a piece that has only been partially appraised. We are talking about gold jewelry with stone inlays. They are not evaluated, as specialists with such skills are rare today. If you manage to find one, the cost of services will be high.

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At the acceptance stage, the gold is evaluated (its composition) and the appearance of the jewelry (here, attention is paid to the absence of damage to the stones, not to the characteristics). The buyer receives fromdyeing at the cost of gold, not combined (with a gemstone), even if the insert is a diamond.

Opportunity to buy cheap scrap

Items with defects, mismatched earrings, broken and found jewelry - such things too you can pass. The purchased scrap will be sent to special enterprises, and then it will be melted down. Such products can also be bought for their own needs. For example, it is possible to melt the metal to make a new piece of jewelry. And the cost of scrap is much lower than whole pieces. The overall cost of the jewelry will be minimal.

Gold as collateral in a pawnshop
Gold Jewelry

Guarantee of authenticity

When deciding whether or not to consider pawnshop products, you should keep in mind that such organizations put proven gold jewelry for sale. Buying them for yourself is acceptable, as the appraiser determines, how much precious metal contains an alloy. This means that the products are genuine.

All items undergo a mandatory cleaning before they go on the counter. As a result, a lot of jewelry looks no worse than new, even if it has been worn for a long time: removed traces of use, stains, dark plaque, etc.

Additional discounts

Despite the reduced price, gold jewelry can be purchased even cheaper. Pawn shops often offer items at a discount. They adjust the price of the jewelry themselves. Accordingly, items can sometimes be purchased at a bargain price. It is necessary to follow the offers, sales. The exchange rate of gold can also be profitable.

What do jewelry stores put in the price of gold?

Note quite a few factors that form the cost:

  • gold composition;
  • weight, dimensions of the jewel;
  • The presence of inserts: metals, stones, and each additional element increases the price gold jewelry;
  • rent of the store premises and other running costs;
  • store services;
  • markup (up to 100%), the size depends on many indirect factors and the policy of the management of the retail chain.
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It is possible to return an item bought in a jewelry store only if its original appearance is preserved. In addition, there must be a tag with which the jewelry was purchased. If these conditions are not met (the item no longer has the proper appearance, it has scratches, stains, traces of wear, the label is lost or thrown away), the store has the right not to take back the product, even if there was originally a hidden defect.
Seller in a jewelry store

The disadvantages of buying used jewelry

Buying gold through a pawnshop is not always successful. The reasons:

  • The possibility of forgery missed by the appraiser: it happens, the pawnshop employee sees no reason to consider the jewelry costume jewelry, this can happen through negligence, if you take a large number of items at once, appraiser could simply not examine one of them;
  • Eye examination of diamonds: when planning to buy a gold piece with inserts, the quality of the stones in 95% cases is assessed "by eye," the reason being the absence of the right specialist, but this does not affect the price of the piece, because inserts are not included in the price, it is formed only on the basis of the parameters of the precious metal;
  • Wear and tear of used jewelry: any thing tends to wear out, resulting in a phenomenon such as fatigue fracture (gold in one area may break), when buying jewelry in a pawnshop, you can not know exactly how long it has been in use before it went to the new owner;
  • The energy of other people's things: gold items for a very long time retain the energy of the previous owner, they do not carry a certain charge, so they absorb the negative and positive energy, if there are concerns about the esoteric side of the issue, you can still buy gold jewelry, but wear it, pre-cleaned.

Folk methods of cleaning someone else's gold

Even if there is no trust in omens, it does not hurt to clean the product purchased at the pawnshop. To do this, use methods of removing negativity:

  • spring water: a piece of gold is soaked and frozen, spring water is prepared, the jewelry should stand in it at room temperature, then the container is placed in the freezer (overnight), in the morning it is thawed, this changes the structure of water, it is ordered, negative inclusions are deposited at the bottom, they are drained where no one walks;
  • salt: salt acts in a similar way, prepare a bag of natural material, fill with sea salt, put a gold item, after 3 days it is removed, esoterics believe that this is enough to remove the negative energy, then the thing can be worn;
  • prayers: the jewelry is cleansed, prayers are said to remove the negative, the ring or other gold jewelry absorbs positive energy, and prayers are read at home or take the thing to church.

If the owner was long and seriously ill, died a painful death, according to folk beliefs, it is not recommended to wear his jewelry, especially precious rings (made of gold). It is believed that the same disease can develop in a new owner.

Figured Rhombus Bracelet
Gold jewelry with stones

The alternative is to melt it down at the jeweler's

Many people buy items from a pawn shop not for the purpose of further use, but to melt them down. This method is excellent for cleaning from negative things that previously belonged to other people. You can take a ring, bracelet, or chain to a jeweler. To get an attractive product, it is recommended to choose a specialist in reviews. A jeweler with experience will show a catalog with his sketches. This will allow you to be sure of the quality of his work.

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Attention! Pawnshop Buying Rules

The rules are similar at the jewelry store, online store, and pawnshop. The main task is to make sure that the gold is genuine. Not only do you need to check samples (it may not be on precious jewelry), but also the composition. It is necessary to examine the jewelry you like. Gold should not be scratched. The shade of different jewelry varies, which depends on the composition. It is suggested to check the sound - it should be ringing when dropped on the glass counter. Other recommendations:

  • Examine the tag on the gold: when sold at a pawnshop, the tag is also present, indicating the type of metal, carat, stone presence, size and value;
  • to know the terms of return: all pawnshops work according to similar rules, but each has its own subtleties, which should be known before buying, first of all, to clarify whether you can return the product of gold, if it for some reason it does not fit;
  • purchase accompanied by a jeweler: when in doubt as to the authenticity of a thing, invite a familiar appraiser, also invited to use the services of a jeweler (trip and help in selecting gold items paid), a pawnshop does not prevent such visits, on the contrary, create conditions in which you can verify that the ring or bracelet is different quality.
How to surrender gold in a pawnshop without a refund
Jewelry store

Table: pawnshops in your city

It is possible to pawn precious metal everywhere. Today you can find a pawnshop in all countries, in different cities: Moscow, Kharkov, Brest, etc. Even small localities offer similar services:

CityName of pawnshopContact
Saratov"Diamond of the Volga Region+7(937)800-07-56
EngelsPawnshop Union+7(927)221-55-96

Question and answer section

Is it profitable to buy gold in a pawnshop?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Gold from the pawnshop is a profitable investment, but only if the precious metal was chosen correctly. It is necessary to consider the appearance, the composition of the alloy. Pay attention to the grade, but in addition you should check whether the figures indicated on the stamp correspond to the properties of the material. It is possible to invite a jeweler to examine the jewelry to get an estimate from a disinterested specialist. The average price of gold offered by a pawnshop is 50-70% lower than in a store, since the markup and stones are not taken into account in forming the price.

Can I buy gold jewelry at a pawnshop?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The quality of gold from the pawnshop is not worse than that of jewelry from the jewelry trade. But the composition should be taken into consideration - items are really similar in this criterion. A pawn shop usually offers jewelry that has already been used. This could affect the properties - the thing will be out of order because of wear and tear.

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Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
I've had to appraise things before. Clients I've known for a long time invite me in when I'm not sure about the quality of the jewelry. So far I have not disappointed anyone - all the things I have examined contain gold, so there is no reason not to trust pawnshops. They work appraisers who know their job, but I can say so only about those of them that are officially registered - have a license, which means they value their reputation.
The author of the article
Raisa Koshman
A chemical technologist by training. She is engaged in manufacturing silver and gold jewelry in her home workshop. She has the 4th category of jeweler.
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