Investing money in gold in Sberbank: interest, types of assets, conditions and procedure for opening a gold deposit, maintenance of OMS account, return on investment in gold, reviews

Gold is liquid, despite the changes of the last decades (there was the abolition of the gold reserve, the monetary system), so it is seen as an investment tool. Yields can vary. Today gold deposit in Sberbank can be done by choosing a physical metal or its virtual equivalent. Risk assessment, profit forecasts, speed of earning - all these factors are taken into account.

Gold as an object of investment with interest for individuals

When considering investing in precious metals, it is important to keep in mind that not all methods involve an increase in income due to the interest accrued by the bank. Some of the options allow you to make a profit on a buy/sell transaction. In any case, it is important to consider quotes - the change in the exchange rate of the precious metal. This will determine how profitable it will be to sell or buy Au. Regardless of whether interest is charged on the precious metalBut it is still being considered for investment. Reasons:

  • stability prices - ensures long-term preservation of capital;
  • severability: coins, bullion and smaller parts of the whole retain their original properties, and therefore do not lose value;
  • corrosion resistance;
  • conditional inertia.
Investing money in gold in Sberbank
Gold bars Sberbank

Due to the properties of the material it is possible to store it for a long period: the precious metal does not rust, does not lose its attractiveness.

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How to invest in gold through Sberbank

Investments in gold are often made in order to preserve capital. If you plan to make money, you should pay attention to quotations to buy the precious metal at a good price. The reward in this case - profit on the difference between the purchase and sale price. But the amount can vary, which depends on the type of investment. Affordable ways of investing:

  • ingots;
  • coins;
  • jewelry.

The latter option is usually not considered, because jewelry is difficult to sell, even new jewelry after one owner is considered used. The amount received will be much less than what has already been paid for decorations.

How to invest in gold through Sberbank
Gold bars

Purchase of gold bullion

Technically it is possible to buy gold bullion. This precious metal is a reliable way to store money. The value of Au is steadily increasing. Rare and insignificant falls against the background of the crisis do not considerably affect the bullion value. You can't afford to incur considerable losses with this kind of investment. Disadvantages of the method:

  • The risk of loss or theft is high - it is necessary to create conditions for safe storage;
  • damage to the precious metal: scratches contribute to a significant reduction in the cost of products, and you can not deform the packaging of ingots (it is provided for bars less than 1 kg);
  • when selling a gold bar, when 3 years have not yet passed from the date of purchase, you will have to pay VAT (only if ingot will be taken out of storage), if it is left to be kept, you do not have to pay anything;
  • there is an income tax (13%), it is paid if the bullion brought income;
  • stability - one of the pluses of Au, but if you plan to invest money to make a profit, it becomes a disadvantage, because you can not make money on the quotes;
  • additional costs, such as paying for a safe deposit box.

The premature sale of gold bars will result in the loss of an amount corresponding to 30% of their value.

Buying jubilee coins

 Investment gold is not only bullion. Coins also belong to this category. They are represented by variants:

  • standard - mass-produced, but valued low, because widespread, often occurring;
  • jubilee, commemorative - those that are produced in small batches, as a rule, they can be dedicated to a date, event, anniversary, worth such coins are much higher than others, but are rare.
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Buying jubilee coins
Jewelry Coins

The disadvantages of this type of jewelry:

  • complexity of the sale: the main buyers are collectors, antique dealers;
  • precious metal can be lost, stolen, and so can bullion;
  • risk of damage;
  • It is better to buy jubilee coins, but their number is often limited.

Sberbank Gold Deposit

The bank is one of the most demanded, it is popular among the population of different categories. Any of the options of investment in physical or virtual gold can be chosen. The first one was considered above, but there is also a sense to pay attention to unallocated bullion account - MLA.

It is easy to open, there are no additional costs (as long as there are no plans to sell valuables). This account contains gold, but its physical equivalent is not purchased. All transactions are made on paper, which eliminates the disadvantages of owning bullion or coins.

What is MLA: conditions of opening, documents, terms

Depersonalized is called an account, which displays information about the precious metal purchased by the bank's client. And it is possible to find out only the amount of gold, but there are no identifying features. This makes the account impersonal. The lack of information on values is due to the fact that when you buy virtual gold there is no physical equivalent.

However, this does not mean that the transaction cannot be executed. The bank assumes guarantees to perform the conversion if the client decides to sell the amount of precious metal in his account.

There will be a choice of 2 options: physical gold is issued, its amount corresponds to the amount of precious metal, which is listed on the MHI; an amount of money equivalent to the size of the deposit is provided (conversion is made at the current exchange rate).

To make a gold deposit in Sberbank, you need to bring your passport, to prepare a sufficient amount - to buy Au at the rate determined by this financial institution. It is also necessary to open a current account in Sberbank, from which the funds are transferred to the GMS, at the same time conversion will occur - the precious metal will be received. The client receives a copy of the agreement and a document confirming the fact of holding the gold on the metal account. The MLA can be set up for any term - from 1 month and longer.

Possible options for opening an MLA:

  • Term deposit: a limited investment period, interest is accrued on the deposit;
  • Current (open-ended): open for any period, but you can not invest money in the gold of Sberbank at interest, such an operation is not provided.
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Procedure for opening and maintaining an account with Sberbank

The paperwork procedure for opening an MLA is uncomplicated and there is no additional fee. Sberbank is one of the few that provides the opportunity for its clients to open an account via Internet banking. Most often, such a registration procedure is carried out by personal visit to the branch of the financial institution.

At the bank branch

An employee of the branch where the MLA operations are carried out will offer to open a current account. For this you will need a passport and TIN. If the potential depositor is already a client of Sberbank, TIN is not required, passport is enough. Gold will not be given out by hand. This deposit option in Sberbank gold does not provide for such a possibility.

How to invest in gold through Sberbank

Via Sberbank Online

It is necessary to go through a simple registration procedure or to authorize (if an information profile has already been created). Then it is recommended to open the section "Metal accounts". Here the yield calculator will appear. You can calculate what the account parameters should be to get a profit. The form is filled out, funds are paid from the current account to the created MLA.

In the app on your phone

You need to download the application on your smartphone "Sberbank Business Online". Further actions are similar to those performed when using Online Banking: registration or authorization, selecting the section "Metal accounts". The actions are simple: you pay for the precious metal from your current account.

How to make a profit: quote and spread

The spread is the difference between the buy and sell prices of a precious metal. This is how Sberbank determines the amount of profit for itself when assigning a value to Au. Initially the price set by the Central Bank of Russia is taken, and it is slightly changed so as to increase the profit. Cost of gold is formed individually - by each bank separately, but it is still tied to the official exchange rate. The markup is always different, as is the spread.

Such changes affect the client's earnings. The value of the spread can be 10-15%. Besides, at such way of investment the profit will always depend on quotations - change of a rate of precious metals which is defined by the market, volume of gold mining and other factors.

If a depositor buys valuables at one price, he must sell them at a much higher price in order to make a profit for himself.

Taxes and MHI insurance in Sberbank

Buy/sell The tax on impersonal gold does not imply the need to make additional payments. The tax is payable if the main condition is met - the owner sells the precious metal before the end of the 3-year period. A later sale exempts a Sberbank client from paying tax. VAT is charged if it is planned to convert virtual gold into physical gold (the operation is performed before the 3-year term, which is counted from the moment of purchase).

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There is no compulsory insurance for gold in unallocated accounts. Sberbank does not guarantee reimbursement of losses in case of force majeure (when its license is revoked). However, it is considered one of the most reliable, and therefore many depositors do not take this factor seriously.

Gold bars
Gold bars

Advantages and disadvantages of a gold deposit

Deciding how to invest money in gold in Sberbank, study quotes, calculate the spread. It is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this way of investing money.

safety of the deposit due to a stable price (despite the absence of the MHI deposit insurance system);
easy account opening procedure;
there is no need to pay extra for the rent of a safe deposit box;
preserving the high liquidity of the precious metal;
convenience of operations due to the possibility to open and maintain an account online.
The disadvantages of impersonal accounts:
no deposit insurance is provided for;
in the short term will not be able to make money on investing in gold for OMS, too low interest rates on fixed-term deposits, as well as the slow growth of the price of precious metal;
The need to pay tax if you have to sell the gold ahead of time.

What's important to know

There is not yet a way to translate the virtual equivalent precious metal to the accounts of other banks. There is an unspoken rule - sell gold can only be transferred to Sberbank. Deposits of individuals in gold and other valuable materials cannot be transferred from account to account (if each contains a different type of asset).

Return on investment in gold through Sberbank

There is a fund called Sberbank Gold. It helps depositors make investments in shares of foreign investment companies SPDR Gold Trust, which owns assets: a substantial portion of physical gold and some cash. It is also offered to invest in securities of mining companies.

Other metals as an asset

Sberbank offers the opportunity to arrange MLA for other valuable materials. Among them:

  • silver;
  • platinum;
  • palladium.
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Only silver has a high level of popularity. It is conditioned by the great amount of precious metal in the nature, its intensive mining, and its acceptable prime cost. But the main advantage is the high volatility, due to which the income grows. Palladium was discovered comparatively recently, while platinum has contradictory properties (it was not valued before, its external characteristics are modest, but it exceeds Au in many respects).

Silver as an investment product: benefits and risks
Silver bars

Question and answer section

How to invest money in gold in Sberbank at interest?

Opinion of an expert
Anton Yegorov
Financial consultant
To not only save money, but also to multiply them, you need to consider special investment schemes. These include gold deposits in Sberbank at interest. Among the available tools, only the fixed-term scheme of investment in the OMC meets this criterion. It implies the need to accrue interest, which allows the profitable investment of money. But such option should be chosen if it is planned to sell gold for MLA in the near future. When closing the account, it is possible to receive funds for the precious metal and payment of the interest rate.

Buying gold in Sberbank: profitable or not?

Opinion of an expert
Anton Yegorov
Financial consultant
The spread of Sberbank is not the highest, which allows you to get a more substantial profit. There is also an opportunity to get interest. Such a scheme is not offered in all banks. If when buying the precious metal was a good rate, you can wait for a significant change in quotations. When selling, the profit will be bigger.

How to earn on gold in Sberbank and not to burn?

Opinion of an expert
Anton Yegorov
Financial consultant
Before you buy values, you should choose the more profitable option (reviews, parameters of the precious metal, the peculiarities of the method of investment). It is recommended to make a calculation by years and the amount of dividends. It is best to make a deposit for a long period, taking into account quotes, the likelihood of a crisis and other factors of market changes. You should not sell gold if the price has fallen lower than at the time of purchase.
Buying gold
Weighing gold

How to keep money in gold in Sberbank?

Opinion of an expert
Anton Yegorov
Financial consultant
There are different options: physical metal, virtual gold. Usually choose a way that does not require additional investment with the ability to sell values at a high price. If it is planned to invest funds in order to preserve them, rather than to make money, the option of buying physical gold is suitable. But then you will have to pay for a safe-deposit box. When selling, there will be difficulties with the evaluation of the metal and the payment of VAT.

Investing in gold pros and cons Sberbank

Pros of investing:
the safety of the deposit;
no risk of metal damage;
it is possible to sell the asset when it is convenient (the exception is a fixed-term deposit of OMC);
preservation of liquidity;
An individual can make a deposit, by comparison, playing on the stock exchange requires the appropriate business status.
The gold deposit also has disadvantages:
the low rate of growth of the rate, which does not allow you to quickly make a profit on the quotes, resale;
Some of the money will "eat up" the spread, which is a necessary part of the cost of investing money this way;
costs of selling physical gold;
decrease in profitability due to the payment of taxes.

Investing money in gold in Sberbank interest: reviews

I like storing money in gold because the money is reliably saved. I have an OMC deposit, I don't pay for a safe deposit box. It was made for me in Sberbank. Now I do not need to think where to hide the money, as I do not trust deposits, I just do not want to keep the money in the current account - there are a lot of risks of theft today.

Sergey L., Kastroma
Gleb L., Kastroma

There is no monthly payment when depositing in gold, and there are no commissions. I chose a metal account for myself. I considered coins, bullion, but it is not my budget, as the losses are too high when selling physical metal.

My friends advised me to choose a gold deposit. A large sum of cash became available, I did not know where to put it. At first I wanted to buy real estate, but I changed my mind, since I do not want to be tied to a place, as I travel a lot.

Dmitry N., Moscow

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Expert's evaluation

Stas Gribanov
Stas Gribanov
Broker, 12 years of experience at the stock exchange
Investing money in gold is a suitable option for long-term investments. I will consider several schemes. For example, the depositor wants to leave money in the bank for a long time, and a significant amount. Then it is better to buy gold right away. I do not recommend buying coins, if you have no experience in selling them successfully, because there are nuances concerning their age, value, etc. For short-term deposits I advise to buy an IRA for a fixed-term one.

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