333 gold assay on the ring: composition and properties of Soviet gold, nominal and actual value of 1 gram, the use of low-grade gold today in Russia and abroad

Gold is not a commodity of prime necessity, but it is always in demand. It is purchased for investment, to complement the image, as a gift.

More often when choosing jewelry, we encounter the imprint 585 or 750, these samples are the most sought-after in Russia. But rarely does one encounter 333 Alloywhich is what we are going to talk about today.

Assay 333 on the ring - what does it mean and what kind of metal it is, an echo of the Soviet jewelry industry

333 gold standard equals 8 karatam, the composition of the purest gold to work with such markovkoThe only one is 33%. At present, this precious metal is not used in the jewelry industry in the Russian Federation. The 333 metal has been replaced by 375 proof right after the collapse USSR.

New items with this mark are only produced abroad.

Sample 333 on the ring
Sample 333 on a gold ring

Features of 333: composition, properties, spectrum of shades

In its composition, the 333 metal is very similar to the 375 sample common in Russia. By the way, it is the least popular in our country. Potential buyers are alarmed by the low gold content, which pales in comparison to other positive qualities of such a metal. precious metal.

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The 333 sample at 76.3-77% consists of impurities that endow it with an increased wear life.

The additives often include elements such as copper, platinum, brass, zinc, silver, nickel, tin, and bronze.

These impurities make it possible to achieve a variety of shades. For example, higher copper content will make the product scarlet, and nickel will make it pale yellow.

Because of the preponderance of third-party elements, 333 gold is exceptionally strong. It can be used to create small pieces of jewelry, to experiment with thickness, without fear of chipping from careless movement.

The furnace temperature of such an alloy ranges from 900 to 1200 degrees.

Carats in 333 proof

The carat system is most widespread in the United States and Europe. Its name is derived from the word "carat", the name of a plant formerly used in the jewelry industry in the Orient.

Carats in 333 proof
Gold assay in carats table

The system is designed to assess the authenticity of the precious metal. Carat - is not a metric unit of assessment. This system is indicated by the letter "K".

To determine the number of carat in the markingwritten with a three-digit number, you can use the table:

Metric system999958750585583500375333
Carat system24К23К18К14К14К12К
Percentage of pure gold99,9%95,8%75%58,5%58,3%50%37,5%33,3%

Marking of Soviet gold

The location of the marking will depend on the type of item. On rings, the marking can be found inside the bezel, while bracelets are marked on the last link.

On the territory of Russia, the stamping of jewelry is the responsibility of the state inspection. The marking looks like an outline of two rectangles, inside which is the imprint of the face of a woman in a kokoshnika, the hallmark and a special code.

Soviet Gold The branding was different. Instead of a woman's profile, you can see the imprint of a five-pointed star, an integral symbol of the era.

Thus, jewelry made of 333 alloy from the time of the USSR should be stamped, containing three digits of assay, the sign of the star and the letter indicating the year of manufacture.

Marking of Soviet gold
Ring and earrings in old Soviet gold

Use of 333 gold in Russia and abroad

Due to its increased wear resistance, the 333th assay has found application in the following areas:

  • the creation of high-end cell phone cases;
  • souvenirs;
  • writing utensils;
  • lining of a hand watch;
  • Smoking accessories - cigarette cases, lighters, etc.
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Abroad, 333 gold is used in jewelry. On the shelves of Germany, Canada, the Czech Republic and many other European countries you can see rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants made of this alloy.

Pros and cons of the alloy

The unambiguous pluses of the alloy include:
The lowest cost of any sample available.
The disadvantages include:
Rapid loss of shine if not cared for regularly.
Can leave black streaks on the skin.

Rate of 1 gram of 999 gold and calculation of 333

Rates for gold is set by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, based on the price fixing of the London Stock Exchange. The price of a particular assay will depend on the value of 1 gram of 999 precious metal, which is the highest.

The formula for the calculation will be as follows: the metric value of the sample divided by 1000, and then multiplied by the current price of 1 gram of 999 metal.

For 2021, the price of the highest alloy is about 3740 rubles. Then the price of 333 alloy - 333/1000 * 3740 = 1245 rubles.

Rate of 1 gram of 999 gold and calculation of 333
Gold bars

How much will the pawn shop pay for 333

Pawnshops only accept 333 gold as scrap, to be sent for recycling. You can get two or three times less than its current value for such precious metal.

Where you can find a "low cork" today

New products made of low-grade gold can be purchased in European countries.

Find jewelry with such a marking on the territory of Russia can be at exhibitions devoted to the Soviet era, online auctions, pawnshops, pawnshops, and private workshops.

How to determine the authenticity of 333 samples

First of all, it is always a good idea to look at the markings. The presence of all the necessary marks minimizes the risk of buying a fake.

The product can be taken to a pawnshop or jewelry store, where it will be checked for authenticity with reagents or special instruments.

By the way, jewelry professionals can determine the sample itself, if the composition of the alloy is doubtful.

Appraiser in a pawnshop
Determination of the authenticity of 333 in the pawnshop

Tips for choosing imported jewelry

Look carefully at the markings on the product. Its absence does not always indicate a fake, because there are countries where branding is not obligatory. But such a purchase will always be associated with risks.

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Buy imported jewelry only in specialized boutiques, never take items out of hand. Study the tags of jewelry pieces, and if you're not familiar with the language, use an online translator.

The product itself should be inspected for damage, poor quality soldering, scratches.

Recommendations for care and storage of antique gold from the USSR and low-grade German

A low-grade precious metal can leave dark spots on the skin due to the high content of impurities. However, contrary to popular belief, such an alloy does not darken. The lack of regular maintenance can make the jewelry look dull, but tarnishing is a myth.

Recommendations for care and storage of USSR antique gold
Gold jewelry. Jewelry of the USSR

The recommendations for care and storage for the 333 sample will be as follows:

  1. Periodically clean your jewelry with detergent dissolved in warm water. Clean with soft brushes, and afterwards, wipe with a thickly piled towel.
  2. Do not let your jewelry come into contact with harsh chemical elements, iodine and cleaning products.
  3. Store low-grade "German" gold in a dark place out of direct sunlight. You should also avoid placing pieces near hot radiators.

These tips will help keep 333 precious metal attractive and physical properties.

Video: how to determine 333 grade at home and at the jeweler


I noticed the 333 mark on the ring, inherited from my grandfather. I had never encountered such an alloy, so I began to find out on the Internet what these numbers meant. It turned out that the metal itself is of no special value, the ring is interesting only from the historical side. I kept it for a good memory.

Vasily P, Voronezh
Nastya Z., Moscow

The first time I saw 333-gold was when I visited a jewelry boutique in Hamburg. I was fascinated by a thin bracelet made of this alloy, which was incredibly skillful. In appearance, it was no different from the more expensive alloys. I, as a regular customer, would never have thought that the gold content of such beauty is low. I bought this bracelet for my daughter.

I wanted to sell the old bracelet to buyers, but the price per gram for 333-gold is the lowest in Russia. When they told me the final price, I decided to keep the jewelry. Maybe in a dozen years it will become more valuable as an antique.

Evgeny P., Ivanovo

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Today Russia does not produce jewelry made of 333 alloy, but it is actively used for jewelry in Europe. This metal is not particularly valuable, but that does not mean that it is of poor quality. The alloy is resistant to corrosion and external negative influences.
Choosing items of low-grade gold should follow the same recommendations as for the more expensive alloys.
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