375 karat gold - as opposed to 585, what is the difference: composition, characteristics, price per gram, selection rules, customer feedback on the quality of the metal

585 hallmark for gold jewelry is the most popular in our country. Buyers are mostly dismissive or wary of the "375" stigma.

What is the reason for this attitude and is it justified? What is the difference between 375 proof and 585 proof? Let's find out.

Sample 375 - what kind of metal

So, 375. gold standard - what is it?

The value "375" tells us that only 37.5% of the product mass is pure gold. The rest are various impurities.

Such a low value of the precious metal content is compensated for by the increased wear resistance of the entire alloy. Additions in the form of palladium, copper or silver contribute to the fact that 375-marked jewelry is not as prone to deformation as items from purer samples.

375 gold ring
Sample 375

There are several variations of such low-grade gold, they have slight differences in properties and different shades.

A 375th gold hallmark is equal to 36 gold bars. There is only one alloy in the world that contains even less of the purest precious metal - it is 333. 

Sample 375: meaning of the sample, 3 alloy variants and characteristic properties

The most popular alloys, in addition to 37.5% the purest precious metal, contain elements:

  • 10% silver, 52.5% copper;
  • 16% silver, 46.5% copper;
  • 31% silver, 31% copper;

Nickel and palladium are often added to the alloy.

All alloys have the following qualities:

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High durability

Pure gold is such a soft material that it can be deformed with the simple force of the fingers. That's why when it is used in the jewelry industry, you can't do without adding additives that give the precious metal its missing strength.

Among all gold grades, 375 proof has a distinctive feature in terms of durability. This alloy is ideal for the creation of articles for everyday wear.

Important: The higher the silver content of the 375 alloy, the stronger it is.

375 gold rings
375 gold rings with precious stones

Metal melting

The casting qualities are directly related to the content of the alloy.

Silver increases melting and ductility, and lowers the melting temperature of elements. Copper can be used to significantly increase wear life without compromising casting properties.

Gold 375 is considered malleable and suitable for the creation of a wide variety of jewelry. This marking can be seen on both classic smooth rings and delicate delicate chains.

Sample Shades

Most often there are shades of red, which is due to the high content of copper.

Also, on the shelves of jewelry boutiques you can see products made of 375 alloy yellow, white, of a pink hue.

Number of carats in gold 375

To convert the metric value to the carat sample system, you must use the formula:

K = 24 * M/1000

where "K" stands for the carat system and "M" for the metric system.

Substituting the necessary numerical values, we get the result:

24*375/1000 = 9

So the 375 sample contains 9 carats.

Gold marking
Gold Engagement Rings

Gold marking

On the territory of Russia, gold items are branded as follows: a letter cipher of the inspection, the profile of a woman in a kokoshnik, metal sample.

The marking should be shaped like a spatula, which is how gold items differ from other precious metals. For example, a platinum piece will have an octahedron shape.

On the low-grade gold, to the right of the imprint of the woman's head, the numbers "375" should appear.

Table: Comparison of 375 and 585 hallmarks, what is the difference

In order to see all the differences between these alloys, it will be convenient to use the table:

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Pure precious metal content37,5%58,5%
DemandNot in demandThe most popular alloy in the Russian Federation
CostLowest possibleAlloy is more expensive, but available to the general public
Wear resistanceThe strongest of the gold alloysSlightly less resistant to mechanical stress
InvestingNot suitable for the preservation and multiplication of savingsYou can invest in this alloy jewelry
Influence of timeIt can get darker.Usually does not change color

Using gold 375

375 alloy was very popular in Soviet times, second only to 583 samples. This precious metal was used to make not only jewelry, but also gift items, watches, and some household items.

Gradually the popularity of this alloy fell, buyers in Russia gave preference to the 585 and 750 grades.

The return of the hallmark to the jewelry world

Now 375 precious metal is coming back to jewelry counters, and there is a demand for jewelry made of this alloy. Perhaps this is largely due to the economic situation around the world.

375 gold ring
Finger Rings 375 proof

In store windows you can see wedding rings, earrings, chains, bracelets made of 375 gold, often such products are encrusted with precious stones. Their appearance is virtually indistinguishable from the high-grade metal.

Prosthetics in dentistry

Inexpensive and damage-resistant alloy found application in the field of dentistry. It is used to make dental prostheses.

Such gold does not stain the oral mucosa and does not cause inflammation. In terms of its physical characteristics, the alloy is as close as possible to the properties of the hard tissue of real teeth.

Advantages of the 375 sample

Year after year, the 375 hallmark remains in the range of jewelry stores because it has a number of undeniable advantages. Among them:

Highly durable products for every day

The increased ligature content makes the gold alloy hard and strong. The precious metal is practically impossible to scratch by accident.

Buying a ring of such gold for everyday wear will be a very practical solution.

Advantages of the 375 sample
375 proof ring

Affordable price

The price of precious alloys depends entirely on the purest gold content. A 375 proof is the most affordable for all segments of the population.

Disadvantages of Sample 375

Well-known disadvantages of labeling include the following criteria:

Unaesthetic appearance

Because the alloy contains only 37.5% of pure gold, it loses out to the higher grades in external characteristics. Its shades are not as bright and it does not shine as intensely in the sun.

Moreover, without proper care, such products can begin to be covered with dark marks.

Low status products

The reality is that 375 gold does not have the status and prestige that more high marks. This is another reason why ordinary people prefer other alloys.

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Not suitable for investment

Jewelry made of 375 precious metal sometimes refuses to be accepted even in pawn shops. This means that the alloy is not suitable for saving and increasing capital.

Causes allergies

One of the most important disadvantages of the alloy - it can provoke allergic reactions. If you have previously noticed itching, burning, reddening of the skin in contact with base metals, then the 375 sample is not recommended for purchase.

 The alloy is definitely contraindicated to wear to people with an intolerance to nickel.

A common allergen is nickel
Golden Ring

Low level of inertia

Gold is extremely inert and does not interact with various chemical elements. The pure metal is resistant to corrosion, but the addition of impurities leads to the fact that products can oxidize and become covered by dull patina.

The cost of 1 gram of gold on the exchange and the calculation of the price of the relevant sample

To determine the actual cost of any sample, you need to multiply the current price of the highest alloy by the required coefficient (for example, by 0.Z75).

If you look at the stock exchange, then in 2021 the price of a gram of the purest precious metal is around 4200 rubles. Then cost per gram 375 samples can be calculated as follows:

4200*0.375 = 1575 rubles.

The following prices per gram will be relevant for other grades:

Price, rubles.1575245731504023

Pricing factors from the Central Bank to the pawnshop

Prices are calculated by the Central Bank of Russia, based on the rates of the main UK exchange. From the value of the purest 999 proof will depend on the current quotation of other alloys. On the exchange designation of gold looks like this - "HAU". 

Jewelry stores are guided by the rates on the exchange, but they set their own prices for the goods. A markup can be minimal or one hundred percent; it entirely depends on the company's policy. Prices for the products of one jewelry chain may differ from region to region.

Pawnshops always accept items several times cheaper than their original value. The price depends largely on the appearance of the item and its rarity.

Where and how you can buy gold 56
Pawnshop Gold Jewelry

Why there is no demand in Russia for a sample of "gold alloy"

There is every reason to believe that this situation can be explained by the mentality of Russian buyers. Our compatriots may avoid Z75 alloy, guided by the rule "the cheaper, the worse.

However, this logic is not always true. Low-grade gold can be a better choice for everyday jewelry, household items, and gift items.

There is no such prejudice abroad, mostly in Europe. They often give preference to low grades, rightly considering them more durable. In the German jewelry industry, there is even 333 alloyThe gold content of which is even lower.

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What spoils the appearance of gold jewelry, and it leaves traces

Any piece of jewelry needs constant care. Its absence will inevitably lead to deterioration of appearance, the appearance of plaque, loss of luster.

Gold jewelry should be protected from the effects of aggressive acids, alkalis, and household chemicals.

375 Gold can indeed leave dark marks on the skin. This is due not only to the high content of copper in the composition, but also to the reaction of the jewelry to cosmetics and lack of regular care.

Also, 375 gold can react with nitrogen, which is released by human skin when you sweat. This exposure results in the appearance of dark marks.

Rules for taking care of gold

There are a number of rules and recommendations, compliance with which will maintain the original appearance of gold jewelry.

Peculiarities of care of white gold
Gold Ring Care

Top 5 rules on how to wear 375 gold

Consider the basic rules for wearing products.

  1. Household chemicals contain many components that can react with the alloy. Therefore, jewelry should always be removed before cleaning, washing dishes, manicures. Rubber gloves can be used for cleaning.
  2. You should remove jewelry made of this metal before going to the pool, sauna, shower.
  3. Do not store gold jewelry in cardboard boxes; their surface is treated with a sulfur-containing compound that causes the 375 precious metal to darken.
  4. Jewelry should be cleaned regularly. The procedure can be done at home, but if your jewelry has hard-to-reach areas, a visit to a jewelry shop is the best solution.
  5. The precious metal must be protected from contact with any grinding materials.

Top 5 ways to clean products at home: professional tools and folk recipes

If there is no possibility of visiting a jewelry shop, jewelry can be cleaned in the following ways:

  1. The method is suitable for products with a slight degree of soiling. You need to wipe the jewelry with 9% vinegar, leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse under running water. After drying, the item can be polished with a suede cloth.
  2. For deeper cleaning you need to mix 20 drops of mild liquid soap and 15 drops of ammonia in 200 ml of warm water. The item should be immersed in the resulting solution for 12 hours. After drying, it is also recommended to polish the jewelry.
  3. You can use special jewelry tools for cleaning: pastes, wipes, gels.
  4. The following two methods are suitable for products with a high degree of soiling. In a prepared container, mix 250 ml of running water with 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide and a spoonful of mild soap. The jewelry should be left in the solution for half an hour.
  5. You will need to add two teaspoons of ammonia and three teaspoons of baby detergent in 250 ml of boiling water. The decoration must be left in the solution for 4 hours.

Important: When polishing jewelry with soft cloths, you should only apply light pressure to the metal.

Gold Jewelry
Caring for a 375 gold ring

Top 5 tips for storing 375 proof gold jewelry

Gold works require special storage conditions.

  1. The place of storage should be dry and dark. Increased humidity will cause the product to tarnish.
  2. Inside the storage box you can put moisture-absorbing items: chalk, activated charcoal, dried gel (bags with it put in shoe boxes).
  3. For storage of gold jewelry is better to choose wooden cases.
  4. Keep gold separate from silver; the soft, sunny metal is easily scratched.
  5. Also, bags from the jewelry store are good for storage. The bags should be tightened so that the jewelry doesn't accidentally fall out or get lost.
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Where you can buy cheap 375-proof gold today

Today you can buy gold in pawnshops, pawnshops, jewelry boutiques, and online auctions. There is an abundance of gold works from this alloy in showcases abroad, especially in Europe.

How to choose real gold

First of all, you should pay attention to the presence of the stamp. The stamp itself should be clear, legible and not blurred. Its absence may indicate a forgery, as well as the fact that the jewelry is made in a country where the marking of jewelry is not obligatory.

Definitely do not buy jewelry by hand, too great is the risk of encountering a fake. When buying, you should carefully read the description of the item on the label, inspect it for defects.

When you buy jewelry from certified stores, you are guaranteed to buy real precious metals.

How to sell low-grade gold

The easiest way to sell jewelry is to go to a pawnshop. Note that 375 gold is accepted at the price of scrap. Exceptions are unique or rare jewelry, but it is better to sell them on Internet auctions.

Online auction of gold rings
Gold ring with diamonds

Some interesting facts about Sample 375

The alloy has a rich history: it was used to make jewelry on the territory of Tsarist Russia and USSRIt is still popular abroad, and a wide variety of household items are cast from it.

By the way, sometimes you can see information about 373 and 376 markings. Such precious metals are not provided for in any country. If they are trying to sell you "exclusive" gold, you are most likely trying to cheat.

Sample 375 is officially the lowest standard in Russia

It is from this alloy begins the increasing gradation of purity, established by GOST. Z75 gold is the lowest and cheapest standard of precious metal.

An underrated alloy: strength and durability

The opinion that the alloy is of poor quality and will fail quickly is erroneous. If this judgment had any validity, the sample would have been discontinued long ago.

The increased strength achieved by the increased content of the ligature gives this alloy products a long life.

The popularity of sampling abroad

Low-grade gold has an excellent reputation abroad, alloy 375 is popular with the population of Germany, the U.S. and several other European countries.

This is due to the fact that buyers are guided by the practical side of the issue, as well as not subject to prejudice about the low quality of 375 marking.

On foreign products of this alloy you can see the designation "9K". The preference abroad is to karat metric system.

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375 gold: customer feedback on quality

My review will be negative. The 375 gold assay darkens quickly, I was personally convinced of this when I wore a ring made of this metal. Its main difference is the low gold content. It was not possible to sell the jewelry for a profit, I sold it at a discount for nothing.

Dmitry N., Moscow
Valery C., Lviv

I began to wonder what kind of 375-proof gold is sometimes found in the alloy of jewelry. It turned out that it is a good metal, very strong. The only drawback - it can darken, but it is easy to remove with household items. I plan to buy myself a bracelet made of this metal for everyday wear.

I remember when I wanted to buy a 376 alloy - the store laughed kindly. There is no such alloy, but there is a 375! I bought a ring for my thumb and am wearing it to this day. They warned me that low-grade gold sometimes turns black, but I have never noticed anything like that in my jewelry.

Andrey V., Omsk

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
This alloy can sometimes be distinguished by eye - it is not as intensely shiny, does not have a saturated color. The main difference between it and 585 precious metal - the percentage of pure gold. In this case, it is impossible to say which alloy is better, all depends on the needs of the buyer. 375 grades are great for frequent wear, but absolutely will not be the best source of investment.
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