Dubai gold: luxury imitation from Dubai, where you can buy jewelry and at what price, the main features, customer reviews

Luxury costume jewelry is not visually different The low price makes it possible to buy jewelry for "all occasions. Gold Arab Emirates is attracting more and more potential buyers. Let's take a closer look at why this is the case.

Dubai gold: what is it, the origin of the name and the alloy

Dubai Gold is costume jewellery alloy, outwardly indistinguishable from gold pieces It is made in the UAE and is named after the Dubai Gold Market. It is made in the UAE, and it got its name after the Dubai Gold Market, where you can buy a variety of jewelry at wholesale prices.

In spite of the name, the Dubai gold metal is not. It is made of an alloy of brass, copper and randole, rather expensive materials.

Dubai gold: what is it, the origin of the name and the alloy
Dubai Gold Jewelry

Composition and grade of gold from Dubai - is there a precious metal

We should not jump to conclusions and call this metal "trinket." It contains the following elements:

  • brass;
  • copper;
  • tin;
  • zinc;
  • randol;
  • a little bit of pure gold;
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Such an alloy is not very different from high-grade precious metal. It artfully imitates gold, and its weight and composition are determined by carats.

The metal shimmers red-orange because of its high copper content.

Properties of expensive imitation real gold from the UAE

Dubai imitation is eco-friendly because it contains no chemically-synthesized elements harmful to humans. The jewelry is suitable for everyday use and has an impressive service life. The combination of metals in the composition makes the gold wear-resistant, the jewelry does not deform, does not tarnish. The cost of imitation jewelry is lower than that of the real thing. precious metal.

All these properties have helped Dubai costume jewelry to gain great popularity among the general public.

Composition and grade of gold from Dubai
Necklace, earrings and bracelet in Dubai gold

A wide range of shades of gold from Dubai

The color of the alloy will depend on the impurities in the composition. Dubai gold is found in the following shades of:

  • light yellow;
  • bright gold;
  • light gold;
  • white with a blue or green tint;
  • pink;
  • red-gold;

Scope of application of Dubai gold and the main differences from the real precious metal

The alloy is mainly used to create spectacular costume jewelry. It has excellent casting properties and can be used to create unique designer jewelry. It can be stamped or handmade.

Despite the almost identical appearance, Dubai gold has a number of differences from the real precious metal:

  1. First of all, you can find a noticeable difference in price. A designer bracelet made of the highest gold articleswill be much more expensive than any high-end imitation.
  2. From 375, 500, 585 proof alloy some differs in tinge.
  3. An assortment for "every purse. Rings that appear to be real treasures of the sheikh can be offered for quite reasonable cost. Such a situation would not be possible if the product were made exclusively of noble metals.

It should be emphasized that Dubai gold is not a cheap fake. You will not find poorly soldered chains and crooked rings made of this metal. Dubai bijouterie is considered elite and meets high quality standards.

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Scope of application of Dubai gold
Gold Rings

A huge assortment of items

The variety of costume jewelry is really striking and sometimes difficult to choose. Imitation jewelry is used to create:

  • earrings;
  • rings;
  • circuits;
  • necklaces;
  • suspensions;
  • pendants;
  • amulets;

Dubai gold is used to create commemorative figurines, housewares, decanters, kitchen utensils, and ritual paraphernalia.

You can even buy bathing suits and pacifiers for children, made of imitation gold.

Combination with precious and semi-precious stones

Articles of imitation alloy create for any request of a potential buyer. You can find absolutely everything - from restrained jewelry for a classic look, to voluminous "screaming" works.

The works are inlaid with precious and semi-precious stones; opals, sapphires, pearls, emeralds and rubies are used. The stones combine perfectly with the Dubai gold.

Combination with precious and semi-precious stones
Gold rings with stones

Pros and cons of high-end jewelry

Dubai imitation, in addition to its presentable appearance, has several other advantages:

  • not subject to oxidation and destruction of alloy elements, resistant to seawater and direct sunlight;
  • is hypoallergenic;
  • has an increased resistance to wear and tear;
  • is harmless, because it does not contain synthesized substances harmful to humans;
  • cheaper than pure precious metal;

The disadvantage of purchasing such an alloy is the fact that its lifespan, as stated by the manufacturer, is about 4 years. For costume jewelry, this is undoubtedly a record figure. Real gold will last many times longer with proper treatment, so do not forget that the Dubai metal is still an imitation.

Where can I buy gold jewelry in Dubai. Point on the map-gold market

The UAE is one of the richest countries in the world. For more than 20 years, there has been a "Gold Market" in Dubai. It is a shopping mall where you can buy a variety of jewelry at wholesale prices.

The marketplace is amazing in its brilliance and diversity; it is impossible to imagine the total value of all the jewelry on its shelves. According to statistics, about 10% of all the world's gold passes directly through it.

Sometimes the prices of jewelry correspond to market prices, sometimes they are too high, but it is customary to haggle in the market. The original price can be reduced by three or four times.

Ways to get there

"The Golden Market stretches over an entire block in the heart of the city, on Sikkat al-Khali Street.

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The market can be reached on foot; there are signs posted everywhere in the city with directions to orient yourself. If it is too far, you can take a cab or take the subway.

"Golden Market on Sikkat al-Khali Street
"Golden Market in Dubai

The subway is the most budget option. Get on the train, which follows the green line to the station Al Ras. Immediately after the exit you need to turn right.

You can take the following buses: C07, C09, C28, E16. Get off at Al Ras station and walk up the promenade.

A cab ride will cost from 5 to 60 drachmas, you can ask for a car at the hotel reception.

It is not recommended to rent a car to go to the market. Because of the constant influx of visitors, all nearby parking spaces are likely to be occupied.

Schedule of work

The market is open daily, from 10:00 to 22:00. On holidays the opening will take place at 16:00.

Many retail pavilions go on break at the hottest time of summer, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.

When is the best time to come

The best time to visit the Golden Market is in the morning, when there is the least amount of customer traffic. The greatest number of tourists at the market in the evening, after the heat subsides. After sunset, before closing time, there is also a decline in shoppers.

The days from Sunday to Thursday are weekdays in the UAE, Friday and Saturday are days off.

Attractions of the gold market

Every day the market receives about 15,000 visitors. They are not only potential customers, but also ordinary tourists who came to see the sights.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by a carved arch that reads, "Dubai City of Gold.

Attractions of the Gold Market in Dubai
Dubai Gold Market - a sight to see

It is also worth seeing with your own eyes the bracelet, which has been entered in the book of records. It was called the "Taib Star," and its size is really impressive. The weight of the bracelet is 64 kilograms. It is inlaid with five kilograms of Swarovski rhinestones, and made of 875-proof precious metal.

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Walking between the pavilions you can come across clothes made of gold. Dresses, leotards, suits, bodysuits - all made of precious metals.

There are no bans on taking pictures in any of the pavilions, you can take pictures of everything.

The cost of 1 gram of the alloy Dubai gold on the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange

The price per gram is set daily by the Dubai Exchange. The cost of jewelry does not vary much in all the pavilions, but do not forget that you always need to haggle with the sellers.

The cost in jewelry ranges from 3900 to 4200 rubles per gram, the price of scrap is two to three times lower.

After haggling and insisting on your price, you can buy the gold from the seller at a price around $20 per gram, which is approximately 1500 rubles.

Tips for the tourist before buying Dubai gold. How to tell the difference from ordinary

There is a list of recommendations that are strongly recommended to follow when choosing products:

  1. Buy your jewelry from licensed boutiques that are willing to provide certificates for their goods at any time. There are many scammers on the market who sell fakes by hand.
  2. Do not be afraid of the numbers on the price tags, be sure to haggle. Overpricing only indicates that the seller is willing to haggle in your favor.
  3. Inspect your jewelry for scuffs, scratches, or defects.
  4. Large products must have an appropriate weight. Otherwise they will be easily deformed.

Remember that main difference The cost of bijouterie from real precious metals. Real gold will always be more expensive.

Recommendations for handling elite alloy
Dubai Gold Souk

Recommendations for handling elite alloy

Alloy is quite resistant to external physical effects, but from playing sports in jewelry It is strongly recommended that you refrain from doing so.

Do not use solutions containing aggressive chemical elements to clean the product. Avoid getting perfume, cologne or deodorant on the surface. It is also advisable to keep your Arabian imitation jewelry separate from other jewelry pieces.

If you need to clean your jewelry, the best solution is to visit a jewelry shop where professionals will do the job. At home, you should use a soft cloth to clean your jewelry from various contaminants.

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An alternative option to buy Dubai gold - through intermediaries in the online store

Buying gold through official internet intermediaries is safe. The prices will be similar to those set by the Dubai Exchange. In many companies delivery is paid separately, the goods are sent by mail using cash on delivery.

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Durability and service life of products

The average lifespan of luxury bijouterie is 3-4 years. All this time the products remain attractive in appearance and do not lose their shine. Further life will depend on careful handling and timely care.

Dubai Gold: reviews

My acquaintance with Dubai gold began a year ago, when friends brought me dangling earrings with amber as a gift. The quality is amazing, and it looks like real gold. I plan to make a mandatory visit to the Dubai market when I fly to the UAE on my own.

Nastya R., Stavropol
Sergey D., Moscow

The United Emirates is a real paradise for lovers of glitter and gold ringing. I bought a set of several chains of different weave, and a set of round earrings for my wife. I should say that the purchase was relatively inexpensive. The chains are now in their second year, and the metal still sparkles.

I ordered a necklace of UAE gold with pearls over the Internet, payment upon receipt. You can tell it is imitation only if you look at it closely and for a long time. Necklace is weighty, fully consistent with the description on the site. Wonderful ratio of high quality with low cost.

Rita R., Moscow

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Gold from Dubai is gaining in popularity year by year. It is tax-free, so it sells for 40% below our usual cost. The imitation is made of quality and durable materials. Definitely worth considering the jewelry you like for purchase, as it is guaranteed to last you a long time.
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