Turkish gold from Turkey - how it differs from Russian gold: assay, rules of purchase

The so-called fashion for articles of Turkish gold came when our compatriots discovered Turkey as a resort. From there they began to bring jewelry not only for personal use, but also for sale. No wonder, because Turkish gold is much inferior to Russian gold in price. We propose to understand the difference between Turkish precious metal, where it is produced, and how to buy products, avoiding fakes.

The origin of luxury Turkish gold

The popularity of Turkish gold is not only due to the price, but also due to its origin. Turkey is abroad, everything foreign seems to our compatriots to be of high quality.

An interesting fact is that gold is not mined in Turkey.

What then is the nature of the origin of the noble metal?

Turkish Gold
Turkish gold comes in almost every color

What distinguishes Turkish metal from Russian metal

The jewelry market is full decorations for all tastes. An inexperienced buyer finds it difficult to know which one to choose and how to determine its quality. What is the difference between Turkish gold and Russian gold?

Distinctions are expressed by the following indicators:

  • Russian metal is mined in Russia, while Turkish metal is mined outside the country;
  • Turkish products may contain substandard alloys;
  • labeling.

In a word, the quality of Turkish metal is worse than that of Russian metal. Hence the low prices for the jewelry and the short wearing life.

What distinguishes Turkish metal from Russian metal
Russian and Turkish gold bars

Sources of raw materials in jewelry industry

Turkish gold is called Turkish gold only because the products are made by Turkish jewelers. The metal for processing is bought in America and Germany. Therefore if we talk about the origin of the metal, it would be more correct to call it German or American. The same can be said about Egyptian gold: Egypt does not produce the metal, but only uses it as a raw material.

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The amount of ligature in the alloys

According to Russian GOST, the precious alloy, in addition to gold, contains copper and palladium, silver. The Turks replace these metals with cheaper ones. For example, they use nickel instead of palladium. The low cost of the finished jewelry depends on this, since nickel is cheaper than palladium. Nickel is also dangerous because it causes allergies.

It is necessary to remember: it is impossible to buy inexpensive original gold jewelry. It will definitely be a fake.

Real alloy with ligatures
Gold alloy ligatures

Lack of GOST

Russian gold jewelry is produced according to GOST, the state standard. This means that the amount of gold and impurities in it is strictly controlled. Legislation in Turkey suffers in this respect: there is no unified standard. The marking on the items is made by the manufacturer. That is why jewelry manufacturers do not always supply the market with high-quality alloys.

Often the jewelry contains impurities, and sometimes gold is passed off as an entirely different alloy. As a result, you may find among Turkish gold jewelry not just a poor-quality piece, but an allergen that is dangerous to your health.

By the way, it is an interesting fact that alloys are rare in Japan. All jewelry there is made of the purest noble metals.

 Ratio of alloy and branding on base metal

The quality of gold is indicated by its markings, engraved numbers on the inside of the jewelry. In Russia, the assay of precious metals can be from 0 to 1000. These numbers tell how much of the precious metal is contained in a particular piece of jewelry.

For example, gold bullion from the treasury of any state will have a 999.9 proof.

Gold in ingots
999.9 proof bars

This is an ingot of the purest gold. It is difficult and costly to obtain such bullion, so its market value is high. Russia officially uses 7 proofs. The most common is 585: with a gold content of 58.5%, 41, 5% is an admixture of palladium, copper and silver.

In Turkey, the same piece of jewelry will be marked 14, and jewelry with this marking is just as common. Accordingly, the higher the hallmark, the more pure gold is in the jewelry. This number affects the strength, color, corrosiveness of the metal and its other characteristics.

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 Ratio of alloy and branding on base metal
Gold 14k

What is the carat grade of Turkish gold? Table of gold assays and carats

It is important to know that the Turkish precious metal has a different assay than the Russian one. The hallmark tells not about the quality of the alloy, but about the size, i.e. carat. Therefore, the marking will be indicated not only by three-digit numbers. This system of measurement is used by European countries and the United States. Examples of Turkish gold assay are given in the table below:

Russian sampleTurkish marking / number of carats

For example, a 12-carat gold piece corresponds to the Russian 500th standard. But the assay on the Russian alloy tells about its composition, and if we talk about the Turkish one, it is impossible to know what its ligature is.

The assay of Russian gold is an indicator of the quality of the metal; the assay of Turkish products cannot be trusted. Each jewelery manufacturer puts the grade independently; there are no general standards. According to reviews, sometimes you can ask the seller and he will glue the item right there, at the counter.

Russian gold assay
Assay mark 585

Variations of Turkish gold alloys

Turkey's jewelry and look different from Russia's. They don't have the usual golden colorbut red, White, pink, yellow of all shades. Of course, such a product looks unusual and beautiful, but it is worth thinking about its quality. The color of the alloy indicates that there are a lot of additional metals.

  • The electron is an alloy of gold and silver;
  • Goldin is an alloy of aluminum and copper;
  • platinor - platinum alloyed with any metal;
  • Belgica is an alloy of three metals: iron, nickel, and chromium.

It is one thing when the composition of the alloys is known. It is not to say that such items are not jewelry. Naturally, their price should be lower compared to quality gold. The problem is that often the alloys are passed off as pure precious metal. Sometimes gold is passed off as gilded silver.

And to distinguish an ordinary buyer, this product is original or fake, it is almost impossible.

By the way, gold in its purest form has one color: yellow, gold. White The red color is due to the addition of silver or palladium, while the red color is due to copper. If rhodium is added, the jewelry has a bluish hue. It is also not uncommon for gold jewelry with a touch of palladium on the jewelry market to be passed off as platinum, which is valued at an even higher rate.

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Variations of Turkish gold alloys
Turkish Gold Jewelry

Rules of purchase of noble metal in Turkey

Of course, not all of the noble metal in Turkey is substandard or fake. There are truly valuable items of high quality and attractive appearance. To avoid disappointment after buying a piece of jewelry, it is advisable to follow the rules:

  1. Buy Gold jewelry should be purchased only from jewelry stores. Such stores necessarily have a license, and the staff are experts in jewelry. Known for good jewelry salons Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. In the markets, to buy a good piece of jewelry is possible only if you are well versed in the properties of the precious metal. You should also avoid online stores, but if we are not talking about official dealers.
  2. Examine the metal carefully. It should not have any physical damage: scratches, breaks, stains. The chain links should be connected correctly and neatly. Pay attention to the clasp. By the way, the seller should have a magnifying glass with which you can carefully examine the jewelry. Turkish manufacturers like to make large, ornate jewelry pieces with a complex design. Such rough work is almost always noticeable, even to the naked eye.
  3. You have to weigh the item. In Turkey, jewelry stores sell gold by weight, and it is always weighed. A chain or pendant that is too light should raise suspicion. For example, a thin wedding ring weighs about 2 grams, a wide ring weighs 10-12 grams. In practice, a Turkish wide ring will weigh 5 grams and cost less. The light weight is achieved by the hollow interior of the jewelry.
  4. Another way to test Turkish gold for quality is to drop it lightly on a display case. The product will make a ringing sound when it touches a hard surface. If the sound is muffled, it means that the product contains other metals.              
  5. In Turkey, gold is sold by the gram, so the price is roughly fixed, guided by market value. Added to the price is the price for the work. If the price is understated, it means the piece was not made by a professional jeweler.              
  6. The color of the ornament can tell you a lot about its quality. If it has a reddish tint, it means that the alloy contains a lot of copper. Subsequently, it will darken and dark spots will appear on it. Branding, that is engraved on the gold hallmark should also be checked. But since Turkish manufacturers brand their jewelry themselves, it is almost impossible to spot a fake.
  7. Perhaps the surest way to test a precious metal for quality is to use a jewelry detector. This is a special device, either electrochemical or digital, which determines the metal sample quickly and accurately. Usually jewelry or antique stores, pawnshops have such devices.
  8. If you understand people and can tell by their behavior whether you are being cheated or not, then it is time to use psychological techniques to the salesman. Behave with confidence, show the appearance of a competent buyer.  
  9. Do not forget to read the reviews. If the purchase will be made in a particular jewelry salon, you should see if they have a website, if customer reviews are published there, and how the feedback goes. Here you can also see a catalog of products, and then compare whether the product corresponds to the picture in reality.
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Rules of purchase of noble metal in Turkey
Turkish gold attracts with its low price and unusual design

By the way, buying gold jewelry in Russia, in jewelry stores, you will receive a number of documents, which will indicate:

  • the place where the precious metal is mined;
  • sample guarantee;
  • information about the composition of the alloy.

Turkish manufacturers do not provide any documents. Russian jewelry stores also give a guarantee as to the shelf life of the jewelry. If, for example, the chain is broken, it will be replaced or repaired. It would be difficult and costly to take the jewelry back to Turkey.

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Turkish gold, price per gram in Russia?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
As already mentioned, Turkish gold jewelry is priced by weight. Thus, the price per gram varies from 30 to 50 dollars. A low price is a sign of falsification and presence of bad impurities. The price of the precious metal depends on the place of sale: jewelry shop, market or pawnshop.

What is Turkish gold and what is its hallmark?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
These are pieces made by jewelers in Turkey. The metal itself is produced in the United States or Germany. Unlike Russian manufacturers, Turkish grades are measured in carats rather than fractions of the precious metal contained.

How to distinguish a fake from the original?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
To buy quality jewelry, it is important to pay attention to its appearance, lack of damage, color, weight, size. It is not always easy for the average person to do this, which is what the enterprising seller is counting on.
Turkish Gold Jewelry
Turkish Gold Jewelry

Pros and cons of buying oriental metal

Among the jewelers in Turkey, you can find those who produce jewelry of high quality. If you approach the purchase the right way, you can buy a good piece, which will not be inferior to the Russian one. But jewelry of inferior quality can:

  • cause allergies;
  • lose their outer appeal: luster, color;
  • actually be an alloy of any metal except gold.

Such jewelry can oxidize and leave dark spots on the skin after wear.

Also Turkish gold jewelry is made hollow. For example, rings are hollow on the inside. This kind of metal is not strong, and it bends easily. There have been cases where people have injured their hands and fingers by clinging to their wedding rings.

Jewels made in Turkey are valued low in pawnshops. There, the pieces are checked with a jewelry detector, where the alloy composition and, consequently, the quality are checked.

By the way, the Europeans value the Turkish precious metal highly. Most likely, this is due to the fact that European buyers simply do not know the quality of Russian metal.

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Video: Is It Worth Buying Jewelry Abroad

Despite the mass of negative reviews, Turkish jewelry does not lose its popularity. What is the secret of the overseas precious metal, and whether it is worth buying, tells the video.

How to care for your jewelry

For a gold piece to last a long time, it must be properly cared for. The rules of care are not complicated:

  • During water procedures, when working with chemicals, alkalis, jewelry should be removed;
  •  Do not use wooden, cardboard boxes for storage;
  • Store gold items separately from other jewelry;
  • Avoid getting splashes of perfume or water on the gold;
  • remove jewelry in places with sharp temperature changes (baths, saunas, skating rinks);
  •  Regularly clean your jewelry yourself by sending it to the dry cleaner. 

Turkish gold should be cared for just like any other gold.

To jewelry does not lose its shine and does not darken, after each wear they are wiped with fiber or cloth made of suede, velour.

Gold Ring Cleaning
Products should be wiped with a special cloth made of suede, flannel or microfiber

You can clean the dirt with baking soda, onions with a regular toothbrush. Then rinse well with clean water and dry. A solution of laundry soap or ammonia alcohol will also work for cleaning.

If the gold items are framed with precious stones, they require special delicate care.

You don't have to be an expert in jewelry. It is enough to know a few secrets that will be useful when buying real gold jewelry. This knowledge will help you not to be deceived and not to get a fake, spending your money in vain.

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