What are the differences and which is more expensive white or yellow gold: the advantages and disadvantages of the two precious metals

Hearing the word "gold", the man represents the classic yellow, a noble sunshine. In the traditional perception of the noble metal looks like this. Today's goldsmiths don't limit their jewelry to just one shade: you can find White, Reds, Pink and even blue и Green jewelry. On the one hand, this variety pleases, but on the other hand, it makes it difficult to choose when buying.

We offer to talk about white and yellow gold: analyze their advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences.

White and yellow gold: the reason for the color changes of the precious metal

Pure gold products are not made for one reason: it has a soft structure. If you take a bar of gold in your hands and press it down, it will leave a dent. It can easily be pierced with a needle and cut with a knife. Alloys are used so the metal can be processed and used for a long time. Few people know, but jewelry is also made of alloys.

Foreign additives in the noble metal, a ligature, make it possible to make the alloy hard, reduce its final cost, endow it with a number of positive characteristics: strength, resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

The effect of the ligature on the alloy colorThe copper, for example, gives the precious metal shades of pink to red. For example, copper gives the precious metal shades of pink to red.

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White and yellow gold: the reason for the color changes of the precious metal
Rings with stone - white and yellow gold

Major categories of color gold alloys comparison - which is better

We need to decide what kind of gold is better. white or yellow? You can't do it visually, you have to compare them.

Composition and color

As already mentioned, the constituent components of the metal and its color qualities are closely related. Their main differences from each other are based on the composition of the ligature. For example, gold alloys often contain silver and copper.

The amount of a particular metal in the ligature naturally affects the saturation of the hue. Thus, 585th hallmarkThe yellow color is thick and popular on the market.

The color characteristics of the finished alloy gets through the impurities in a certain proportion: 58.5% pure gold, 22.75% copper, 18.75% silver.

The alloying metals in this case act as a so-called dye. Rarely, even blue and green alloys are produced. However, they are very fragile, so they are only used for decoration.

To get a white alloy, the natural yellowing must be removed. Gold is "bleached" by adding certain metals. For whiteness, you need 17% of nickel or palladium. By the way, palladium gives a steel hue that is more saturated. Platinum needs less: only 8% of it in the composition will give the necessary white color and cool luster.

Because of its high cost, platinum is used less frequently in alloys.

Variety of shades of gold
Tints of Gold

Durability and branding

One of the fundamental properties is strength. In order to increase the hardness, and with it the strength of the yellow metal, copper is added to the alloy. But, as it turns out, copper has low corrosion resistance, so silver is also added.

Nickel is also added to white gold for strength. Palladium can also be used, but with it the alloy is made soft. This consistency is suitable if you plan to make ornate jewelry and frame pieces with gemstones.

And for white and yellow gold, the branding procedure is mandatory.

Each item is marked and printed in accordance with GOST at the Assay Office. This approach helps to avoid counterfeit jewelry. For example, in Turkey, where large quantities of precious metal pieces are imported from, there are no standards. The marking of a piece is done by the manufacturer. There are cases where even the seller himself can put a mark on it at the counter.

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In the table below you can clearly see what the assay of the finished gold piece depends on. The fraction of ligature, external characteristics, or more precisely, color - these parameters are determined by alloying sample.

Color goldSampleContent of noble metalImpurities
White37537,5%Nickel, zinc, silver
 58558,5%Palladium, rhodium
 75075%Platinum - 25%
Yellow99999,9%Silver, aluminum, copper, zinc, nickel, cobalt, cadmium, iron

As is clear from the tabulated data, the proof determines the price of a gold piece. Pure or, as it is also called, niello gold is more expensive; for this and other reasons, it is not used in jewelry. The most popular precious metal is 585 pinkwhich meets the requirements of quality, affordable.

GOSTs and quality

The processing and production of noble metal is enormous money, a fabulous profit. Naturally, this kind of occupation attracts swindlers. For example, in Russia and Europe, this is controlled by law. In our country, the composition of gold-containing alloys is approved by a single State standard.

Yellow Gold
Yellow gold is a precious metal widely used in the jewelry industry

 Cost and popularity - which gold is more expensive: white or yellow

It is impossible to answer exactly what is more expensive: white gold or yellow gold. Its color is not reflected in how much the finished product costs. Its quality is assessed, and the price is formed by several factors:

  • composition;
  • Sample;
  • manufacturer;
  • design;
  • The presence of gemstones.

But many sellers artificially inflate the price of white gold, explaining it by fashion and popularity. In reality, two engagement rings of different colors but the same hallmark will cost about the same.

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Combination with various stones

Not everyone knows that jewelers have their own subtleties when it comes to creating gold jewelry with gemstones. For example, the noble metal likes stones that let in sunlight - transparent, translucent. Dense monolithic minerals of dark colors should not be combined with the precious metal. So, it is impossible to wear a chain with pendants of amethyst, jade, emerald, garnet, jasper. Gold looks perfect:

  • White - with diamond, turquoise, lapis lazuli, ruby, chrysolite;
  • Yellow - with a diamond, yellow sapphire, amber, ruby, hyacinth.
White and yellow gold ring
Gold ring with stone

Which metal is better to choose - how white gold differs from ordinary gold

In most cases, people prefer the usual classic color - yellow. The common notion that real gold must be yellow has become entrenched in people's minds. It is only recently that confidence in articles made of white precious metal, which used to be mistaken for silver, has emerged.

Pros and cons of white and yellow gold

When choosing gold jewelry, once again remember the difference between the colors of the precious metal. Positive and negative sides have each of them.

For example, the strength of white gold is achieved by the presence of platinum, palladium and nickel in the alloy. Nickel, in turn, is dangerous: it is an allergen. By the way, this metal is prohibited in jewelry by EU laws, and in Turkey, on the contrary, is actively used by unscrupulous manufacturers.

Only pure noble metal has a yellow color, other shades indicate additional impurities.

The precious metal is ideal for all types of leather, does not oxidize, does not rust; hypoallergenic if the ligature does not contain nickel.

You can also note the variety of gold jewelry. There are combined versions - a combination of different colors in one piece of jewelry.

Yellow Gold
Earring in white and yellow gold

Stylist's opinion

No one takes the palm from the classic color of gold. But the emergence of jewelry noble white color has played a role in the development of jewelry fashion. For those who like experiments and adhere to the classics, metal of both yellow and steel shades will do. However, the luxurious gold shine is appropriate for an evening out, while the white color is appropriate at any time of day.

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Note from astrologers and esotericists

Natalia Krasnova
Natalia Krasnova
The representatives of non-traditional teachings have their own opinion about the different colors of the precious metal. Traditional pure gold is also called solar gold for a reason. This is an active, fiery metal, which has a frenzied energy. It is suitable for people who are strong, purposeful, thirsty for success and wealth. On the contrary, the noble white metal is more relaxed in its energy. It is called upon to meditate and contemplate. Fits people who are creative and engaged in intellectual work. Helps to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity.

How to Care for White and Yellow Gold

You can extend the life of gold jewelry in a simple way. There is no need to buy expensive substances, you can use improvised home remedies:

  • ammonia;
  • dishwashing detergent;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • salt;
  • soda.

These products are used to prepare solutions in which gold items are soaked and wiped. The shine of the metal is restored, and impurities are removed.

Gold Jewelry are stored in separate boxes by color. They should not be polished or rubbed with harsh abrasives. If your rings or earrings have jewels, these should be cleaned separately. It is advisable to have your precious jewelry cleaned by your jeweller every year.

Gold Yellow
Yellow Gold Jewelry

Category: question and answer

What causes an allergy to white gold?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
The precious metal is completely hypoallergenic. An allergic reaction can only occur if low-quality impurities, such as nickel, are present. Skin rashes can also be the result of a reaction to detergents. During water procedures, cleaning the jewelry should be removed. Characteristic traces may remain with increased sweating, hormonal disorders.

Often redness appears on the hands, in the area of bracelets and rings. Perhaps the jewelry is just too small and is rubbing the skin.

Can I wear yellow and white gold at the same time?

Opinion of an expert
Maria Baranova
If jewelry made of different kinds of gold is worn together, then nothing terrible will happen, the main thing is to do it in style. In addition, paired jewelry is made of both alloys. For example, it is not forbidden to wear a white cross on a classic gold chain, although it looks disharmonious.

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But esotericists do not recommend doing so, explaining it by the energy of the metals, which will interact and affect badly the man who wears them.

What color should I choose for my wedding rings? We'll wear them all the time

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Most often the newlyweds are supporters of classic traditions, stopping at the yellow gold rings. Nowadays, succumbing to fashion trends, newlyweds prefer white gold. Everything depends only on your personal tastes and desires! The only thing you should remember is that such rings are meant to be worn for life. Choose your jewelry knowing that you will not get bored with it.
Engagement Rings
Yellow and white gold engagement rings

Why is white gold more expensive than regular gold?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
This statement refers to common myths about the difference between the two metals. Gold jewelry will be more expensive than ordinary jewelry if it is a high-grade piece or if it is inlaid with precious stones. The color characteristics do not influence the price of the jewelry at all. Prices are set by calculating the cost of production, design, inlay elements, and weight in grams. Before making a purchase, it is better to visit several jewelry shops and compare prices for similar stones.

How to buy quality jewelry and not to run into a fake

Despite the existing GOSTs and laws controlling jewelry production, there are always many who want to profit from the gold vein. There are many cases where a gold ring goes dark literally a month after purchase, and white gold is "turned into silver. Here are a few recommendations on how to buy quality gold:

  • buy jewelry in stores, salons, which have a license for jewelry products;
  • Demand a certificate for the jewelry, study the samples;
  • You can also demand an examination by a special apparatus, which jewelry salons should have; if it is a very expensive purchase, this examination is justified.
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A silver piece can be polished to the point where it shimmers like gold. In addition, rhodium plating can impart a white, rather than the steely hue of silver.

How not to buy silver instead of white gold:

  • check out to the sound: throw the item on a hard surface - gold will jingle, and silver will make a dull sound;
  • to pass the ring over the paper sheet: the soft silver will leave a trace;
  • get acquainted with the documents on the products, study the sample.

Again, the most reliable way is to conduct an examination.


I can't say exactly what distinguishes white gold from yellow gold, as I stay true to tradition, preferring the classic version. Gold even sounds similar to the word "yellow," which is how I see it. For many years I wear native Soviet gold earrings and rings, and I can say with confidence that all other kinds of noble metal are very different in quality.

Valeria P., Stavropol
Zhanna R., Omsk

I have a few pieces of white gold jewelry in my jewelry box. I love to wear them because they look stylish, noble, suitable for any style of dress: from casual to classic. The only disappointment is that not everyone can understand that it is not silver.

It doesn't matter whether the jewelry is made of white or yellow metal. If it is a good quality metal, the piece will look flawless. I wear both types of jewelry with pleasure: each of them is definitely different from the other, yet they are original, have impeccable style and charm.

Anastasia R., Novgorod

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
The difference between white gold and yellow gold is really difficult for the average person to understand. It is almost impossible for a person who does not know the intricacies of jewelry to tell visually whether he or she is looking at silver or white gold. It is impossible to tell if the jewelry corresponds to the stated mark.

To avoid such difficulties, it is advisable to buy from trusted manufacturers, preferably Russian ones. In Russia, the production of jewelry made from precious metal is controlled by law. The risk that a manufacturer could add a harmful metal to the alloy is minimal.
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