Is it possible to surrender silver in a pawnshop: for how much and whether they accept 925 hallmark, the principle of operation, determining the price, the procedure for concluding an agreement

Silver is inferior to gold in terms of cost per grambut the metal is still precious. The level of popularity of the items remains high, which is partly due to the reasonable price. However, there is also a disadvantage of such jewelry - it is more difficult to sell it profitably. You need to find out if it is possible to dispose of silver in the pawnshopд. If such a possibility exists, it is important to study the basic rules of these organizations in advance, the cost of scrap precious metal.

Where to sell unserviceable silver, whether it is accepted in a pawnshop

When the need arises to sell an alloy based on Ag, different options should be considered. The choice is made taking into account the purpose (delivery of precious metal with return, without return, etc.). In addition, different organizations are guided by their own scheme for determining potential clients, and not all applications are approved. If you need funds urgently, you should consider a pawnshop or a pawnshop. Selling in the usual way (by advertisement) can take months. For these reasons, the degree of urgency of the transaction must also be taken into account. The main options are:

  • Exchange with surcharge in a jewelry store: some large retail chains offer a relatively new service - buy-back of the old item, giving the customer a discount on the new jewelry, the amount of the bonus directly depends on the value of the precious metal, it is recommended to find out about the terms of such transactions in advance, as not all stores are willing to reduce the cost of their products;
  • Antique dealers, collectors: antique silver jewelry or articles of high artistic value can be attributed to narrow specialists, only they will be able to appreciate the special jewelry with its history, this category does not include things of mass production;
  • Scrap for jewelers: if your silver jewelry is in poor condition or there is a piece of unpaired jewelry left, it is broken, and the cost of repair corresponds to the price of a new piece, it is recommended to surrender the metal as precious scrap;
  • selling items through social networks: the process is long, you have to wait until a serious buyer is interested in the jewelry, but you can set your own price, rather than wait for someone to assign it from the outside;
  • props for different purposes: unmarketable silver can become an attribute for photo shoots, decorations, you can not wear broken or unpaired products anyway, you can use them with benefit, because buying new props will cost money, and from the delivery of such silver is unlikely to get a lot of money, so you should give a second life to such things;
  • Pawnshop, buy-back: one of the quick ways to get money at the time of transfer to the new owner - buying back or surrendering to the pawnshop without a buy-back, you need to know the cost per gram and the interest rate of the loan to assess the profitability of the scheme.
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Pawning silver

Principle of metal buying

If you do not plan to return the silverware, you can sell it. But if you advertise on special sites, you will have to wait for your buyer. There is another possibility - to give it to a scrap dealer. In this case a deal of purchase and sale is made. But the organization will accept silver jewelryOnly if it has value. Scheme of work of the fence:

  • The evaluation is carried out, the employee of the organization decides whether to accept the product, based on a number of parameters (sample, appearance, artistic value);
  • an act of sale and purchase is drawn up;
  • the amount and a receipt are issued.

There are also organizations that keep records of accepted items, but offer more convenient conditions: a minimum of formalities, quick evaluation, funds are issued immediately.

What and how a pawn shop accepts

The main area of application is the reception of gold and silverThe only exception to this rule is white gold. The following grades are usually quoted: 333-999, including the most common ones (585 for gold items and 925 for silver). You can bring different items:

  • chains;
  • bracelets;
  • rings;
  • suspensions;
  • brooches;
  • necklace;
  • hours.

In addition, the pawnshop employee has the opportunity to buy other types of deposited precious objects:

  • silverware;
  • coins (investment, collectible);
  • icons (in precious frames or with silver settings on the image);
  • medical devices;
  • ingots;
  • antiques (primarily royal precious metals);
  • technical silver.

Unpaired and damaged silver items can also be turned in, but they will be accepted at a low price, since only weight, not external characteristics, is taken into account. To surrender your silver, you must bring an identification document. It is possible to speed up the appraisal; to do this, it is advisable to first clean the item of soiling.

You should use any tool at hand (soapy water, gel baby toothpaste, ammonia), but without abrasives.

Pawning silver
Lots of silver jewelry

Price formation

If you plan to surrender your silver, you need to get an idea of how much you can roughly get for your jewelry. The cost is influenced by factors:

  • metal sample: when trying to sell silver, you should consider that the most expensive is the high assay alloy (960 or more), at a good price you can surrender the items 925 proofBut anything below that will be cheap;
  • The appearance of the jewelry: damage or blackness will reduce its value, and jewelry with defects will be accepted at the price of scrap (even cheaper);
  • Size, weight: a small thing, even if it is high purity, will not be expensive, it is much more profitable to surrender large silverware (cutlery, caskets, cups, etc.);
  • Artistic value and age: these parameters are evaluated infrequently, because in most cases the pawnshop brings jewelry of mass production, and their value is much lower than that of antiques or things made to order.
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The cost of 1 gram of 999 silver on the exchange

When researching whether or not a pawn shop accepts silver, you must also look at the prices of global market and the Central Bank exchange rate. This is due to the fact that the value of the precious metal is influenced by many factors. The price of silver is not high; by comparison, gold can be sold quite expensively. The price of unadulterated Ag on world exchanges is $27 for 1 ounce (31.1034768g). If you translate this amount into rubles, and the weight into grams, it turns out about 80 rubles/g. Accordingly, the price of the precious metal at the pawnshop will be much lower.

Calculation of the cost of the relevant sample

Knowing the price of pure silver (999) per 1 g, you can find out the price of the metal of a certain grade. To do this, multiply it by the appropriate coefficient. For example, if silver has stigma with the designation of the precious metal content 925, so multiply 64 (the price of 1 gram of silver 999 proof today at the exchange rate of the Central Bank) by 0.925. We get 59.2 rubles. This is the price of the jewelry alloy. But a pawn shop will hardly offer such a price. Most often it is reduced to 30-50%. As a result, you can get up to 30-40 rubles for a piece weighing 1 g at the pawn shop.

Sterling silver
One gram of sterling silver

Manufacturer's markup

When buying a new piece of silverware, you should keep in mind that the cost is formed differently. Factors affect it:

  • metal composition;
  • the degree of complexity of the production technology;
  • labor costs.

An important component is the manufacturer's and store's markup (if the goods are sold in retail outlets which are not owned by the jewelry manufacturer). It amounts to 20-100% and is determined individually in each case.

Resetting the price at the pawn shop

When you buy a finished piece of jewelry at a jewelry store with a high markup, many people expect to get at least half the value back when you sell it at a pawn shop. However, this is not the case. To avoid major disappointment (because the difference between the price of the jewelry store and the price offered at the stage of buying, can make up hundreds, not dozens of times), you should monitor the market.

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Procedure of surrendering silver in a pawnshop

The pawnbroker is obliged to take the items that the customer surrenders only according to the established scheme. The main steps:

  • Inspection and determination of the assay: Pawnshop employee has no right to buy jewelry and other valuables without prior evaluation, even if there is a sample, you need to specify the composition of the metal (use reagents, equipment), as well as examine the thing;
  • weighing of an item: items weighing from 0.1 g can be taken to the pawnshop, smaller items cannot be evaluated (to check the alloy grade); the permissible accuracy when weighing precious metals is 0.01 g, and this procedure is performed in the presence of the client;
  •  voicing the cost: if a pawnshop employee takes the item, after evaluation he calls the price that the organization is ready to offer to the client;
  • conclusion of a loan agreement under %: repayment of the loan is possible only on the basis of a signed agreement, each party receives a copy, the contract specifies the type of product, its parameters, the type of transaction, the interest to be paid by the client, as well as the terms of redemption of collateral and return of funds;
  • Payment of money and the issuance of a pawning slip: If you plan to deposit your silver jewelry at a pawnshop, you must make sure that after you sign the agreement, the document required to return the item (the pawning slip) is provided;
  • Redemption / transfer of ownership under the terms of the agreement: at the end of the period specified in the agreement (5 to 30 days) to redeem the funds, if not possible, you can notify the pawnshop, ask for a postponement.

If the owner does not apply for his property, does not respond to the calls of the pawnshop employees, the organization becomes the owner of the silver at the end of the redemption period. This is also stated in the contract.

Is it possible to surrender silver in a pawnshop
Weighing silver jewelry

Which silver is more valuable when sold

The highest estimate is for precious metal of the old type and rare assay (due to the high content of Ag). The most common silver is 875 and 925 sterling silver. Even pure metal can be cheaper than antique.

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Calculation of the approximate value of silver for surrender

It is necessary to know the weight of the jewelry. To accurately determine the weight, you need special scales (especially sensitive), because the weight of jewelry is often very small. Then multiply the average price per 1 g silver (the price can be found in pawnshops) by the value obtained by weighing.

How not to let yourself be fooled

Recommendations that will help you get a loan amount based on the real value of the precious metal:

  • Weigh the silver several times yourself: before going to the pawnshop, you need to know how much the jewelry weighs (use special scales - high accuracy), this will give you an idea of its value;
  • Observe the weighing in the pawnshop: you must be present at the assessment, and you can not miss the weighing procedure, as unscrupulous employees of such organizations may say the weight is less than the real;
  • Know the price of silver, so as not to cheapen it, it should not "fall" in price after evaluation: an untrained client can take for granted any amount voiced by an alleged "expert," but you should know the average price of 1g of silver (the average for pawnshops);
  • Do not assess after remelting: sometimes appraisers offer to weigh the item after remelting, but this will reduce the weight of the precious metal when performing such manipulations.

Peculiarities of evaluation of antique silver with artistic value

If there is certainty or at least an assumption that the item is an antique, represents some artistic value, it is necessary to find an appraiser with the appropriate qualifications. In a pawnshop, in addition to the basic parameters, other parameters can be evaluated:

  • exclusivity, circulation;
  • historical significance;
  • history;
  • external characteristics, degree of damage;
  • date (at least the year) and country of manufacture.
Peculiarities of evaluation of antique silver with artistic value
Antique Silver Jewelry

During the inspection pay attention to the absence of any traces of restoration, authentic design, such products are valued higher, as well as those that are presented as a single copy.

Table: The cost of 1 gram of silver in the pawnshop of your city

Today you can find a pawnshop almost everywhere, even if the locality is small. The cost is often in the same range, because it depends on the Central Bank price, changes in world exchanges, but also correlate with average rates in the region:

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SettlementPawnshopPrice per gram, rubles.
Tyumen"Your Pawn Shop"30-40
Ufa"Good Money."20
Yaroslavl"Golden Pawn Shop18-30

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I have only handed in silver once in my life, and I got a penny for it. I would not have messed with it, but I had accumulated some pieces: some were broken, some were mismatched, and some were just old and out of date. Was sorry to throw away, but to give for next to nothing things for which once paid a lot, too unpleasant. I will not go again.

Zhanna R., Stavropol
Sergey D., Moscow

I don't usually take silver to pawnshops, because the bank rate for such metal is low, and of course the rate will be low. I was once lucky enough to find an old dish and tray in my grandfather's attic. I turned it in, it was a good price.

I tried several times at different times to take silver jewelry to a pawn shop. There is simply no point in handing over such things with a refund. The customer loses more, because you have to pay a commission for the use of funds provided by the pawnshop, and it is high. So I sold my silver jewelry right away.

Julia T., Krasnodar

Comments from pawnshop employees

Ekaterina Ageyeva
Ekaterina Ageyeva
Pawnshop employee, manager
Ask a question
People come to us who have no idea about the prices. When they find out the real cost of silver jewelry, they complain that they are being cheated. In fact, we hold our own and often offer a price with a minimal markup.
Anastasia R., Lviv

More often than not, the items that are brought in look downright bad. We spend effort and time cleaning, and this also affects the estimated value. It turns out that the client can be offered a low price for the silver jewelry, but it is not the pawn shop's fault, just that initially such metal is cheap.

Many people apply for silver items, but only a few stay for a deal - the penny price for the same earrings or small rings discourages them. But we can't act only in the interests of the client either, so the price is usually not too attractive for those who are interested in such a service.

Natalia G., Leningrad
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A chemical technologist by training. She is engaged in manufacturing silver and gold jewelry in her home workshop. She has the 4th category of jeweler.
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