Is it possible to wear gold and silver together in jewelry: the advice of stylists, physicians and esotericists

Why you can't wear gold and silver together? Are there any exceptions to this rule? This combination has long been an unspoken taboo. This tandem seemed doomed to perpetual disharmony, but following a few rules can shatter the old foundations, allowing metals to look good together.

Let's take a closer look at how to properly combine gold and silver jewelry.

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Is it possible to combine silver and gold, what is the right way: a matter of fashion and style or is there a deeper meaning?

The difference in shades is one of the main reasons to avoid combining these noble metals. The familiar color of gold is warm, while silver is much cooler. Even in the interior, designers recommend using these two shades together with caution.

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Rings on the hand
Gold and silver rings

Gold Wares Almost always more expensive than silver, many renowned stylists would consider such a combination to be mauvais ton. At all times, gold has been valued more by people. Many people do not keep their savings in a bank, but buy up gold, because the price per gram of this metal almost always tends to go up.

These two alloys should be stored separately from each other. This is because of the great difference in their properties. For example, gold can darken from dampness, while silver can darken from heat.

If we consider the question from the esoteric point of view, it has always been thought that gold carries the energy of yang, and silver - yin. One metal represents the male sun, the other the female moon. The same time you wear such jewelry, it creates a contradictory flow of energy.

However, in certain cases, these two metals can complement each other perfectly. Many jewelry houses have learned how to present a combination of gold and silver in such a way that the pieces turn into the latest fashion trend.

Top 5 principles of combining two metals in the image and style

Conservatives are sure that it is impossible to achieve a harmonious combination, but it is not so. There are only a few rules for the simultaneous wearing of precious metals. From the owner of the jewelry necessarily require a sense of taste and proportion.

1. Choose jewelry in the same color scheme or similar shades

Silver и white gold will go well together thanks to the common color scheme. Here it is necessary to follow one more principle - jewelry should complement each other stylistically. The same shape, method of weaving or technique of manufacture will allow to combine products.

Rings precious on the hand
Precious hand rings

For example, a silver chain and rings of white precious metal on the right hand, combined with a gold ring on the left, will look harmonious and interesting. Many fashion-setting stars of today often use this combination to create a new look.

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2. Keeping gold and silver as far apart as possible in one image

This principle means that the greater the distance between pieces made of different metals, the better. Two different rings on the same hand would be an indicator of bad taste. In contrast, gold earrings with a silver bracelet can look very advantageous together.

Important: Give preference to small neat jewelry of different alloys. Large pieces may look vulgar.

3. Larger gold, smaller silver, and an alliance stone

Silver should lose in size to the gold piece, as this metal is inferior in value. It should be remembered that when worn, these precious metals tacitly communicate the social status of the wearer.

A third color similar in color can be added to the combination of precious metals. Gemstones such as pearls, colorless sapphire, diamond, white opal, moonstone are ideal for this purpose.

Gold and silver
Silver and gold rings

4. Selection of finished gold and silver weaves

Combination jewelry is not so long in fashion, but it looks really impressive. The master jewelers skillfully intertwine gold and silver to create harmonious universal jewelry.

If there are difficulties with the combination of metals, it is worth giving preference to combined jewelry.

5. Do not wear a combination of two metals all the time

The influence of metals on the human body has long been proven and confirmed by science. Gold and silver have different effects on the wearer of jewelry. They conflict with each other in terms of energy.

Long wear can provoke general malaise, frequent mood swings, headaches.

The answer to the question "can gold and silver?" will be positive, but only if a number of these rules are followed. It is safe to wear white gold with silver, identical jewelry in different metals, thin and large pieces at the same time.

White Gold
White gold and silver ring

A few arguments against the silver and gold duo

The following arguments show the negative side of this combination:

Different bioenergy metals are detrimental to emotional people

If a person can call himself sensitive to the environment and weather changes, he should refrain from such a combination. These precious metals are like a plus and minus, with time they have a negative impact on the wearer, lead to loss of concentration, constant fatigue.

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Offensive combination in products with religious symbols

According to ancient traditions, it was customary to wear religious symbols on a rope. Symbols of faith are not jewelry per se, so a gold chain and a silver cross together form an offensive combination. It is better to abstain from it.

Difficulty in balancing size and style

It should be remembered that silver should always lose out to gold in size when worn at the same time. Decorations must be in the same style, so their selection is associated with certain costs and difficulties of search. Creating a unified ensemble is not always an easy task.

Precious jewelry
Precious gold and silver jewelry

Rules of jewelry etiquette

Fashion changes, etiquette remains, but it also undergoes a series of changes. Its basic rule is the harmonious combination of jewelry.

A set of rules creates a certain framework, but does not deprive you of the opportunity to experiment. If ash and silver metals match each other perfectly in the chosen image, then why not set the fashion for yourself?

The positive effects of silver on the body

Since time immemorial, silver has been known for its disinfectant effect. It helps to cope with skin diseases, reduces stress. The metal has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and lowers blood pressure.

Jewelry with religious symbols in silver is acceptable with secular gold jewelry

According to the rules of jewelry etiquette, symbols of faith, such as a silver consecrated ring, are acceptable to wear with fine gold jewelry.

Jewelry with religious symbols of silver
Religious symbols made of silver

The Energy of Gold

Gold - It is a metal with a strong energy. Symbolically, it is associated with the sun, flame, positivity, and movement. The possession of this metal evokes associations with power, beauty, success, and wealth.

You can mix vintage jewelry made of precious metals with any other

Vintage can add a special charm to the whole look. Jewelry etiquette tells us that vintage jewelry can be worn with any item, even costume jewelry.

Imbalance in the pair

One metal should be separated from the other, as they form an imbalance when paired. The distinction must be obligatory, silver earrings in the ears paired with a gold necklace around the neck is an unacceptable image. The imbalance in the jewelry will not benefit the image, on the contrary, will make it contradictory and incomprehensible.

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Wedding rings can be combined with other metals

Engagement rings Worn with jewelry made of any precious metal. The gold "symbol of marriage" can be combined with silver jewelry and vice versa. In order to complement the image with another jewelry, you need to start from the design of the wedding ring itself.

Golden Tree Wedding Rings
Engagement Rings

The combination of silver and gold from a medical point of view

Even skeptics from the world of medicine admit that the two metals have completely different effects on the body.

The positive effects of silver on the body

Silver is known for its positive effects on the reproductive system. It can help reduce the effects of migraine, allergiesIt has a beneficial effect on the heart and prevents clogging of blood vessels. Beneficial effect on the heart, prevents blockage of blood vessels.

Bactericidal properties of this metal, coupled with its ability to heal wounds, have been known since ancient times. Silver is indispensable for hypertensive patients.

The Energy of Gold

Gold is more of a "masculine" metal; it improves memory, relieves irritation, and improves mood. The metal's ions are involved in normalizing the body's immune processes.

In modern medicine, it is practiced to create nano-capsules from goldwhich are effective against cancer.

It is recommended to wear gold jewelry for people suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, spine.

Thus, silver helps to lower blood pressure, and gold, on the contrary, contributes to the production of a person's natural energy.

The Energy of Gold
Golden energy flow

Gold-Yang, Silver-Yin: Esotericists' Opinion on the Conflicting Combination of Metals

Bioenergetics says that each metal has unique characteristics. Products affect the wearer over a long period of time, creating a special background around them.

The potentials of silver and gold are too different; the energy is mutually repulsive. The different poles begin to fight each other instead of having a positive effect on the wearer of the jewelry. It is known that turbulent energy can affect a person's entire life. The name of such energy is black, but you should not be too afraid of the negative impact.

The gold is a symbol of the power of the heart, the power of the mind, and the power of the heart of the soul. The silver alloys endow women with greater attractiveness and men with confidence.

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According to ancient Chinese practice, gold metal is yang energy, silver metal is yin energy. To avoid contradictory effects, it is enough not to combine such metals on a permanent basis.

Gold yang, silver yin
Yin-Yang pendant amulet in silver

Question and answer section

Can I wear silver and white gold jewelry with a yellow wedding band?

Opinion of an expert
Maria Baranova
White gold and silver can be harmoniously combined with such a ring. Engagement jewelry is worn throughout life, so sometimes its combination with other products is a necessity. You should choose your jewelry with the same care as you choose your clothes and shoes for going out.

In the store I really liked the ring with gold and silver. I read that it is harmful to wear it that way. Is it true?

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
Silver and gold do affect each other differently. But it is necessary to take into account that the influence on a person directly depends on the time of wearing. It is recommended to take off the jewelry before going to bed, and at other times to take small "pauses" from such a combination.

Can I wear gold and silver rings at the same time?

Opinion of an expert
Maria Baranova
If the pieces look harmonious, of course you can. The main rule is that rings of different metals should be on different hands. Do not forget about unity of style and proportions of jewelry.

According to jewelry etiquette, two rings on the same hand are worn only when one of them is an engagement ring.

Can I wear a gold cross on a silver chain around my neck?

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
Definitely not, it is better to refrain from such a combination for ethical reasons. Symbols of faith do not require any design frills.

This rule applies to other similar items, for example, a gold pendant cannot be combined with a silver chain.

Gold jewelry on your hands
Jewelry on sale

Can I decorate my ears with different metals and stones at the same time?

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
When it comes to combined jewelry, inlaid with precious stones, their wearing will directly depend on the image a person chooses. Such pieces can look very effective.

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If we are talking about several earrings in each of the ear piercings at once, the combination is possible if the shades are identical. For example, silver stud earrings in each ear would look great with white gold stud earrings with pearls.

Can I wear gold and silver jewelry on the same hand and on different hands?

Opinion of an expert
Maria Baranova
You can't combine the two metals flatteringly on the same hand. Silver will always look dull against the background of a gold piece. The best solution would be to separate the precious metals. For example, a small silver ring on the right hand and a gold chain on the left will look like an integral part of the image.

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Jeweler's opinion

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Indeed, it is possible to wear gold and silver together at the same time. In the past, such a combination seemed unthinkable; many people still adhere to the "separate principle" when wearing these metals. They are different practically in all characteristics, but to achieve their harmonious combination is quite possible. One should not forget that modern fashion is built on the violation of the usual rules. If you cannot create a harmonious union of these two metals, you should resort to wearing them separately.


I've never thought about whether or not I could wear silver and gold together, there was no such need. Recently I was given a gold chain made of medical alloy, and together with silver rings it looks like a single set. I have never felt ill because of the combination of these metals, but I wear jewelry together very rarely.

Maria G., Mirny
Alice T., Ivanovo

I don't know why such metals should be worn together. I don't think it's right. They should also be kept separate from each other. If I wear a silver pendant, nothing of gold will be in my image. Also, my favorite gold beads completely preclude wearing silver on my body.

This combination is gradually becoming a trend. Gold and silver are combined by both men and girls. I, too, have left behind omens and superstitions, and gladly wear a gold ring on my big finger along with a silver chain. Their design is perfect for each other. The only thing is that I follow the recommendations and do not wear these pieces of jewelry together all the time.

Vasily Petrov, Moscow
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