Gold 750 tests: how much gold it contains, what colors it can be, the properties of the alloy, use, cost and care rules for products made of it

Gold Jewelry have been valued for several millennia. They are characterized by their yellow color and bright luster. Products made of this noble metal are presented in a wide range, differing in composition. In turn, the peculiarities of the components determine the properties and appearance of jewelry. One of the most common varieties is 750 proof.

The alloy contains gold and a ligature. However, the ratio of the additives can vary, resulting in the metal taking on a shade of white to red. Different variants are popular in different countries. The price will vary accordingly.

Assay 750 - what kind of metal, what it looks like, the concept of probability

Analytical methods are used to determine the quality of the metal, with their help. This allows the consumer to determine which group a particular material belongs to. In addition, the evaluation of the alloy quality is given on the basis of the ratio of different components.

Accordingly, a sample is a result obtained as a result of applying one of the existing analytical methods (based on the determination of proportions, weight components).

First of all, the 750th gold hallmark defines the amount of precious metal. Secondly, thanks to this designation, it is possible to find out the proportion of alloys in the composition. For example, 750 parts of gold per 1,000 parts by weight. The remainder is in the form of additives. The alloy is characterized by its yellow color and low Mohs hardness, which makes it easy to polish.

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Golden Chain
750 gold chain

World gold purity systems: metric and carat

The assay makes it possible to know the amount of precious metal relative to the entire mass of the alloy. It uses a different principle of counting gold fractions, which determines what the alloy's designation will be. Since the concept of assaying was introduced and the first method of carrying out this procedure was developed, different systems have been used right up to the present day:

  • metric;
  • Carat;
  • spool;
  • lot.

The first 2 of these were introduced later. The metric system was used in the USSR (since 1927), this system replaced the spool system used in Russia for the last centuries. It is based on determining the content of precious metal in 1 g of alloy. According to the metric system, gold assay 750 is one type of valuable material, other variants: from 375 up to 999.

The carat system, a foreign system, is based on determining the number of precious metal taking into account some fraction of the alloy weight: 0.375-0.999. In this case, the minimum fraction (0.375) corresponds to 9 carats, and the maximum fraction (999) corresponds to 24 carats.

Interesting: If you are importing into Russia a product assayed by the karat system, it is necessary to stamp the metric system of assay, for comparison, in the UK, both methods of determining the amount of gold.

750 proof ring
750 Gold Ring

How many carats in a 750 sample

The 750 items are not as common as jewelry with a lower content (e.g, 585). But they are more expensive; they are luxury jewelry. They should be worn with care so as not to damage the surface of the soft metal.

However, yellow gold 750 proof can be seen, not as a piece of jewelry, but as a way to invest.

It is possible to buy as well as sell such jewelry for a large sum of money. If the product is stamped on a foreign system of assay, you need to know how to decipher the designation. For example, gold hallmark 750 in composition and properties corresponds to the product 18 carat.

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Gold grade 750: alloy purity, composition, influence of alloys on properties and color

There are different types of ligatures that are used to produce an alloy with the desired characteristics. But today, the key is not only the performance qualities, but also the external characteristics. The main components that gold 750 contains:

  • silver;
  • platinum group metals: palladium, platinum;
  • nickel;
  • copper.

The purity of the metal is superior to other types: 375, 500, 585. However, some additives (25%) do not allow us to refer the metal to higher assay materials (875-999). Intermediate position among the varieties of precious metals makes gold 750 more versatile. In comparison, alloys with a minimum content of this precious metal are stronger, but are valued less, their price is lower. On the other side of the spectrum is the metal that is closer to the purest: assay 875 to 999.

Gold standard 750: degree of purity of the alloy
Branding on the ring 750

The fewer additives, the lower the strength. Such materials should not be used for jewelry making. They are soft, they deform under the influence of light loads, but they look practically the same: the alloys have a golden hue, and there is a characteristic shine.

When a ligature is introduced, it can mean an imperceptible or complete discoloration of the Au metal:

  • saturated red color is obtained by increasing the content of copper (21%), reducing the amount of other additives;
  • greenish hue - result of introducing silver into the alloy in the amount corresponding to 25%;
  • yellow is obtained if, in addition to the base metal, silver (15%) and copper (10%) are used;
  • Pink The metal takes on a color when the copper content is 16.7% and the silver content is 8.3%;
  • white gold: in addition to the main component, contains 20% palladium, 5% silver.

Important: According to Russian legislation, alloys that contain 30% or more of gold must be necessarily assayed.

Marking. Image of Russian branding

In Russia gold 750 is assayed in a certain way. It allows to distinguish it from platinum group metals, silver and other precious metals. In simple words, the hallmark is a quality mark, confirming the gold content in a certain quantity. It is also possible to see the manufacturer's brand name on the product.

Marking. Image of the Russian brand.
Marking, branding and punching of jewelry

It is mandatory to have a state assay stamp, it contains information:

  • Sample (gold 750);
  • the mark of the assay certificate;
  • cipher of the state inspection of assay control (M).
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Marking is regulated by documents:

  • Presidential Decree No. 1152;
  • Government Resolution No. 114.

If gold 750 is considered, it should be taken into account that the use of different combinations of ligatures can give white and yellow color. It is necessary to compare them according to the main parameters.

For example, the advantages of yellow metal include:
ease of polishing;
high value of jewelry, which allows you to invest in them;
easy processing, making it possible to quickly restore the appearance of products;
resistance to corrosive environments;
production of various jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets, chains, etc.
The disadvantages of this material:
Deformation during intensive wear - deep scratches quickly appear;
Regular rhodium-plating is necessary, which will allow the jewelry to retain its attractiveness for longer.

Assay 750 gold in white has a number of features that make the metal stand out from others.

higher hardness;
noble color;
maintaining its attractiveness for a long period of time;
Increased strength in most cases is an obstacle to the creation of jewelry of complex design, due to the low plasticity;
high price.

Widespread use of 750 gold

Precious metals are in demand in many areas. Also, white gold 750 proof is used for the production of various products, which is due to the physical properties. This metal is used in jewelry, various industries, and dentistry.

It is used in the manufacture of electrical engineering parts.

Gold and other precious metals in computers
Gold in electrical engineering details

Why jewelers love it

The 750-silver yellow metal is fusible and quite soft. This makes it easy to work with, it is not difficult to polish jewelry, to give the material the desired shape. It is used in the production of decorative elements of elite stationery, household items, electronics.

Some things are made entirely of this precious metal: pens, cufflinks, watches, etc.

White Gold

Alloy based on yellow precious metal and platinumpalladium is one of the most popular today. It can look different depending on whether or not there is a plating. It is not difficult to determine whether or not there is a rhodium layer by its hue: such jewelry has a purer white color and is shinier. But the surface needs to be restored periodically, as it loses its properties. The 750-gold white gold looks best when combined with rhodium:

  • diamonds;
  • red, yellow inserts;
  • unusual carvings.
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Italian Gold

There are different techniques for processing precious metals. This means that not only the composition determines what the appearance of products will be. The Italian precious metal is polished using a special technique. Thanks to this, the jewelry acquires a peculiar shine. In addition, the jewelry pieces made by Italian craftsmen have a complex design. The decor is made with an original ornamentation.

Interesting: Despite the small amount of gold mined (only 100 kg annually), Italy ranks 3rd in the production of jewelry made of precious metals, for which a significant proportion of the used raw materials is imported.

Chemical Industry

Gold is an inert material, but can interact with other components at certain temperatures. It is used for the purpose of obtaining various alloys.

Smelting gold in special melting furnaces
Making different alloys

Electrical Engineering

Gold does not oxidize and is characterized by low electrical conductivity. This allows the metal to be used for the production of structural elements in electrical engineering. Gold alloy is used as a conductor.

Cost per gram of gold 750

The price of the precious metal is constantly changing:

999 proof (Central Bank of the Russian Federation), rubles.Market price, rubles.Metal for scrap, rub.Jewelry stores, rub.

And the price of earrings, necklaces, rings or other jewelry yesterday, today and even tomorrow may also be different. To determine the average price of a 750-carat precious metal, you should use the formula:

Exchange rate of the Central Bank (value of 999 hallmark) x 0.75 = price of 1 gram of gold of 750 hallmark.

Aspects of pricing

The main factor is the price set on the London Stock Exchange. It determines the amount of change in the value of precious metals around the world. In addition, if you are considering to buy 750 proof gold, the price per 1 gram will depend on other factors:

  • prices for the precious metal set by the Central Bank of Russia;
  • production costs;
  • jeweler's work.
Cost per gram of gold 750
Gold Chain 750

How to Choose Real 750 Gold

If you have not previously had the experience of buying high-strength products, it is necessary to consider the recommendations:

  • You should buy jewelry from trusted manufacturers, in large jewelry stores;
  • If there are suspicions of poor quality products, you can ask for a certificate;
  • The jewelry should be examined: the surface should not be damaged, pay attention to the weight (gold jewelry is heavier than silver), such jewelry has a bright luster;
  • The shade may be different (not pure yellow, but with pinkish, green undertones), but this does not indicate poor quality, just that the metal is different ligature ratio.
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It is better not to buy precious jewelry in Turkey and Egypt, as scammers often offer goods that do not match the stated basic characteristics. You can also study the assay system used in these countries. This will give you a better understanding of the quality of the gold alloy.

Where you can buy and sell 750 gold today

Available options for purchasing jewelry:

  • stores: online and offline;
  • Pawnshop: you should choose this option if you can not buy a new item, and you should examine the appearance of the jewelry (how well it was cared for by the former owner).

In addition, there are private buying today, but the price per gram will be significantly lower. Other opportunities for sale:

  • store: you can return the product to get a discount and buy a new one;
  • pawn shop.
Where you can buy and sell 750 gold today
Jewelry on sale

Top 5 ways to preserve the luster of 750-proof jewelry

The care of 750-grade and 585-grade jewelry is different. You need to learn how to clean, polish the pieces to keep it attractive. Top 5 important nuances:

  1. The gold alloy should not be allowed to come into contact with chemicals. To do this, remove your jewelry before doing household chores, applying makeup, taking a bath, showering.
  2. You should minimize contact of the precious metal with human sweat. You should not wear gold jewelry while playing sports.
  3. You can maintain the shine of your jewelry with wool or felt: rub it in periodically, without making any great effort.
  4. To care for your jewelry, use a soapy solution with a few drops of ammonia added. This will help maintain the shine.
  5. To keep items, use a box in which jewelry can be kept apart from others, and on a soft backing.
750 gold jewelry
750 Gold Ring

Is it worth investing in the Sample 750

High-purity precious metal is valued higher than 585 pieces. This is one of the reasons why many people invest in jewelry. But there are some risks:

  • The loss of attractiveness due to scratches contributes to the decrease in the value of the product;
  • The uncoated high-grade gold alloy darkens over time.
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This kind of investment has a significant disadvantage: you have to sell the product at scrap prices, even if it is a high grade precious metal.

Such a piece of jewelry will be classified as used, which contributes to a decrease in its value.

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Subject: Q&A

Choosing a wedding ring. Which gold is stronger than 585 or 750?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Alloy with less gold (585) is more durable, but less valuable than the 750. Today, however, engagement rings with improved characteristics have begun to appear. Thanks to the new combination of ligatures, the durability, wear resistance of 750 gold alloy products has improved.

Does white gold have a 750 proof?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
All items that contain a precious metal in an amount greater than 30% are assayed. This means that white gold alloy jewelry must also be stamped accordingly.

Does 750-gold go dark?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The original color is retained by the highest grade metal (999). The other materials are alloys containing a ligature that contributes to their darkening under different conditions. However, the probability of changing the color of the precious metal 750 is lower than that of 585.
Darkening of gold is a tell-tale sign of spoilage
Darkening of the gold ring

Assay 750, what is the metal with the star?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
The assay mark in the form of a star, inside which you can see a hammer and sickle, was placed during Soviet times. Today, the rules of stamping have changed, and a different assay certificate mark is used.

Yellow gold 750 - not fake?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Judging by the reviews, a lot of people doubt the authenticity of jewelry made of light yellow metal. In fact, it is also a gold alloy, and it is not fake. However, it contains a minimum amount of copper and is dominated by silver (in addition to gold).

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
High-grade gold alloy (750) is softer than the 585 variant, so it cannot be polished often. This removes some of the precious metal, which reduces the weight of the jewelry. I recommend removing dirt from time to time, to return the shine to the metal, but you can polish gold alloy 750 only if there are already visible scratches.
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