Top 10 ways to clean a silver ring at home quickly and effectively to shine from blackness and dirt

Change silver The ring is often associated with various omens, which are always opposed by scientific evidence. Regardless of which point of view you adhere to, common everyday remedies and knowledge of how to clean silver ring, earrings and other items effectively and safe.

Why it is necessary to clean the noble metal. Why a silver ring can look bad. The scientific explanation

Rings are accessories that come into contact with water, various aggressive chemicals and perspiration more often than others. Silver ions are capable of reacting with them in a way that appears The formation of plaque on the surface of the product.

Silver Rings
Silver Rings with Stones

The darkening of jewelry is promoted by:

  • reaction with sulfur, which air, water, human sweat, and some medical drugs contain;
  • contact with various acids and alkalis, which may include cleaning productscosmetics;
  • Various additives in the alloy composition that are susceptible to oxidation.

The metal can also be tarnished by dust, soot, wax, soot, and earth. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you remove your jewelry before gardening and cleaning.

Pure silver is a soft metal that is not used in its pure form in the manufacture of jewelry. It is alloyed with various impurities, the most common of which are copper, cadmium, zinc and nickel.

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All of these elements can react to the environment and contribute to the color change of the alloy.

Silver blackening omens

Silver has been a part of our daily life for so long that it could not help but "grow" into various superstitions. In the modern world, superstitions are treated with a great deal of skepticism, but sometimes omens really should not be ignored. The main thing is to interpret them correctly.

For example, it has been scientifically established that with the course of certain diseases, the concentration of sulfur in human sweat increases. This is especially contributed to by diseases of the kidneys, gallbladder, and liver. It is to sulphur that silver jewelry reacts by darkening. The sulphur in a silver jewelry piece reacts to the darkening of sulphur.

The blackening of silver has always been considered a bad sign. Sometimes this reaction is even interpreted as an "evil mark" or spoilage on the wearer of the piece. The reason for this superstition is quite simple - since antiquity, silver has been attributed the ability to protect against the dark forces.

If the precious metal is darkened, it means that it took the blow, thereby helping the owner to avoid bad influences.

Silver blackening omens
Blackened silver jewelry

Also, our ancestors determined the very "curse" by an object that suddenly changed color:

  • The ring - to the crown of celibacy;
  • The chain or earrings are an evil eye;
  • The cross is a curse;
  • Dishes - the home of the owners took a fancy to the devil;

In fact, the blackening of the precious metal can always be explained scientifically.

Top 10 remedies - what and how to clean a silver ring at home from the blackness quickly and effectively to shine. Step by step instructions

How clean silver rings в at home? There are many effective waysproven by time. Let's consider the most effective of them.

Hot dipping in baking soda and foil

The first method will require aluminum foil, baking soda, and a soft cloth.

  1. The bottom of a small container is covered with foil, and then a silver ring is lowered there.
  2. Separately, a simple solution is prepared. You need to add 50 grams of soda to a liter of hot water, then put the liquid on the fire and wait until it boils.
  3. The decoration is poured into the obtained hot solution for half an hour. During this time, the item will be completely cleaned of dirt.
  4. The ring should be rinsed with clean water, wiped dry with a soft cloth.
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Soda for cleaning
Foil and soda for cleaning silverware

Important: Cleaning silverware with dry baking soda is not recommended. It may scratch the soft surface.

Ammonia baths

This method requires ammonia alcohol, as well as an airtight container with a lid.

  1. The ring is placed in a container and poured with ammonia.
  2. The container is tightly closed, the decoration should be left for 15 minutes.
  3. Now the product is washed with water, wiped dry.

Hydrogen peroxide tape measure

To clean the ring this way, you will need: peroxide, ammonia, a soft cloth, an airtight container with a lid.

  1. First, peroxide and ammonia should be poured into a vessel in the ratio of 1 to 1.
  2. The reaction will manifest itself by the release of an unpleasant odor. The container is closed with a lid and shaken to mix the reagents.
  3. Now you need to open the vessel and put the ornament inside.
  4. After 25 minutes, you can use tongs to remove the product. It should be rinsed with clean water and wiped dry.
Hydrogen peroxide tape measure
Cleaning jewelry with peroxide


Peroxide can react with other chemical elements, which will manifest itself by the appearance of plaque on the exterior and interior of the product. Such cleaning is recommended only for items containing at least 90% of pure precious metal. It is worth choosing another method if you are not sure of the alloy composition.

Hot vinegar/lemon acid/lemon juice

If you decide to use vinegar for cleaning, you will also need a soft cloth and an airtight container with a lid.

  1. The ring is lowered to the bottom of the container, poured with vinegar.
  2. Very dirty jewelry can be left inside for 3 hours. Minor soiling can be removed in 20 minutes.
  3. After rinsing with water, the product should be wiped dry.

Equally effective will be citric acid, which can be used in a similar way.

150 grams of citric acid is mixed in a saucepan with 0.5 liters of water. The ring is lowered to the bottom, and the liquid is brought to a boil. After that, the pot needs to be covered with a lid, and the decoration is removed after 40 minutes.

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Vinegar and lemon to clean silver

Brushing with toothpaste

This way is effective for many precious metals. The main condition is that the toothpaste for the procedure must be natural and fluoride-free.

  1. First, you need to wet the surface of the jewelry with warm water.
  2. Now some toothpaste is applied to the ring. You can start polishing.
  3. Polishing should be gentle, trying to avoid pressure.
  4. After cleaning ring must be thoroughly washed and dried.

Soda + salt + detergent

For this method you will need: baking soda, salt, liquid detergent, aluminum foil.

  1. The bottom of the vessel is covered with foil, and the ring is lowered there.
  2. The decoration is filled with salt and baking soda, followed by a drop of liquid product.
  3. All the ingredients must be poured over boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes, the blackness will disappear.
  4. The ring can now be washed and dried.
Soda + salt + detergent
Soda + salt + detergent for cleaning silver


This method is suitable for smooth rings. For openwork items, it is better to choose a different method.

  1. The surface of the jewelry is carefully smeared with a cosmetic.
  2. Now polish the product with a cotton pad.
  3. At the end of the procedure, the ring should be rinsed and dried.

The advantage of this method is that the titanium dioxide and grease contained in the lipstick not only clean the silverware, but also polish it to a shine.

Soaking in Coca-Cola

The use of Coke for cleaning jewelry is possible because of its absorbent properties.

  1. The ornament, placed in a small pot, is poured with baking soda.
  2. The liquid is brought to a boil.
  3. The product is boiled for 10 minutes, then washed and dried.

Important: This method can remove blackening as well as rust and green stains.

Potato peelings

Both the potatoes themselves and their peelings are suitable for the procedure. In the second case, they must be washed from the soil.

  1. The potatoes are poured with warm water, and a decoration is placed on them.
  2. The product should be left for 3-4 hours. After that - rinse and dry.


The method is not suitable for products with stones, which can darken from such cleaning.

Potato mush
Potato mush for cleaning silver jewelry

Egg yolk

Thanks to the elements in the yolk, the product will retain its shine longer and less oxidation.

  1. Rub the product with a cotton pad soaked in egg yolk for about 10 minutes.
  2. Now you need to leave it until it dries, and then rinse it thoroughly with water.
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How to clean a silver ring

Sometimes going to a jewelry shop is the best way to save time and get a great result. If you can't call a professional, you can purchase a specialized cleaner.

Professional level. The average cost of the work

Professionals clean products with a steam generator or ultrasound. The cost of such work - from 200 rubles. Many shops offer free cleaning if the jewelry was repaired at their place.

The "almost yourself" level. Professional Tools

There are many professional products that can be used to achieve deep cleaning and shine.

  1. Crystalline: an odorless, soap-like solution, from 150 rubles. Contaminated items are immersed inside the vessel with crystalline, where they stay for about 20 minutes.
  2. GOI paste: an inexpensive substance that requires careful handling, from 100 rubles. You can buy the paste in a specialized store or order it online. The paste is applied to a cloth moistened with gasoline, polishing is long and careful.
  3. Flurin: a solution of specially selected reagents, suitable for cleaning silver or gold, from 500 rubles. The jewelry is completely immersed in the solution for 7-10 minutes. Afterwards, they are removed and hard-to-reach places are scrubbed with a soft brush.
The "almost yourself" level. Professional Tools
Crystaline, flurin and GOI paste

How to clean a silver ring with a stone

Cleaning jewelry encrusted with gemstones is different from ordinary jewelry. When working with such rings, it is necessary to adhere to a number of rules:

  1. Minerals should be protected from extreme temperatures.
  2. Inlaid stones should not be left to soak for a long time. This can affect the luster of the stone.
  3. Minerals should not come into contact with aggressive chemical elements.

How to clean a silver ring with inlays at home? You have to keep in mind that each stone is special and different nuances have to be considered.

  • Jewelry inlaid with diamonds or cubic zirconia can be safely washed in lukewarm water and soapy water, but if the water is of poor quality, tarnish may form on the stone;
  • extreme temperatures should be avoided when handling sapphire, amethyst, and crystal;
  • Rubies are highly resistant to physical and mechanical damage; such stones can be polished with hard tissues;
  • Emeralds have a porous structure, so jewelers put a protective coating on them that can be easily washed away by harsh chemicals, so they can only be cleaned with a mild soap solution;
  • Topaz can be cleaned with baby detergent;
  • special attention should be paid to turquoise, the stone loses its appearance from contact with the liquid medium, it is cleaned with soft tissues;
  • amber can be cleaned with mild baby soap and warm water.
  • pearls are cleaned in the same way.
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How to clean a rhodium-plated silver ring

Silver items coated with a thin layer of rhodium receive additional protection from the effects of the environment, maintain luster for a long time, do not change color. Rhodium is a hard metal, characterized by high chemical resistance, it is not subject to oxidation.

So, how clean up A silver ring coated with a thin layer of rhodium? It should be kept in mind that dirt from the rhodium surface comes off much easier because the coating tends to repel it.

Such jewelry can be cleaned in any way, but ammonia, toothpastes, and hard toothbrushes should not be used. Avoid excessive friction when polishing.

How to refresh a blackened silver ring. How to polish at home

Nielloed silver is a precious metal coated with niello, i.e. an alloy of lead, copper, sulfur silver oxides.

Items made of this metal do not require thorough cleaning, but they do need regular care. The best way to remove dirt from the nielloed surface is with soft cloths.


Blackened precious metal must not be boiled or tried to bleach.

How to clean a gold-plated silver ring without ruining it

Gold-plated products require gentle cleaning methodsbecause you can easily damage the layer goldThe thickness of which is only a few microns.

How to clean gilding on silver
Cleaning of gilded silver jewelry

Polish gilded The ring can be removed with an ordinary soft eraser. The method of soaking in a potato solution will also work.

Rules for taking care of silver

Silver jewelry is first and foremost jewelry. They require careful wearing, careful storage, and regular care. Observance of simple rules will help to keep the original presentable appearance of silver items.

  1. Silver It does not like water, so keep it away from sources of moisture. It is advisable to buy a storage box upholstered inside with a soft material. Also, it is not recommended to keep the precious metal near cosmetics or perfumes.
  2. Jewelry should be removed before playing sports, cleaning, cooking, and sleeping.
  3. Products need to be periodically cleaned using folk methods or professional remedies.
  4. If medical ointment was applied to the skin, it is better to refrain from wearing jewelry.
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Darkened the jewelry, I wondered - what to clean a silver ring? I used a baking soda solution, the result is amazing! The ring quickly became as shiny as new, and now I regularly polish it with a special paste to enhance the gloss of the surface.

Nikolay P., Moscow
Zhanna R., Stavropol

I believe that jewelry darkens because it accumulates negative energy. I first take the darkened silver to the church, and only then clean it at home with citric acid.

I tried to lighten blackened jewelry with peroxide on the advice of an acquaintance. When I finished, I found that the entire surface was covered with muddy streaks. I removed the stains with everything I could, but it had no effect. I decided to take it to a jeweler. They covered the ring with a layer of rhodium, and it shined so bright that I could not believe my eyes.

Dmitry N., Moscow

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
The answer to the question "how to whiten a silver ring?" will depend on the alloy of the jewelry itself. If the composition of the item includes a large number of impurities, it is better to resort to the most gentle methods.

Jewelry cleaning is quite a popular service. If there are fears that your actions can ruin the appearance of the ring, it is better to seek help from professionals.
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