The top 5 best ways to clean a gold diamond ring at home quickly and effectively: tough measures in emergency cases

A diamond is a diamond with certain properties. It is hard, but it is a fragile stone. Only diamonds with a brilliant cut fall into this category. The stone is characterized by brilliance, but it becomes dull if not handled properly. To keep your ring in excellent condition, you should take it in for cleaning from time to time. But it is not always possible. For this reason, they also use improvised means. But it is important to know exactly how clean up diamond gold ring in at home. There are ways for regular care and emergency measures based on the use of more aggressive products.

Care and storage of gemstone rings
Care, storage, and cleaning are essential to the preservation of gemstones

Care and storage of gemstone rings

When worn regularly, diamond jewelry becomes less attractive. The reason is simple: the formation of an invisible film of grease and other impurities. This leads to a decrease in luster. For a diamond-cut diamond ring to retain its qualities for a long time, you must follow the recommendations:

  • do not forget in the bathroom: you should prevent constant exposure of the stone to moisture, if the drops dry out on it, it will contribute to reducing the intensity of shine;
  • Store your jewelry separately in a soft-lined box or cloth baggie. To avoid scratches, it is better to avoid contact with hard surfaces as professional polishing may change the quality and size of the cut. In addition, you must reduce the time a diamond is exposed to the sun because UV rays can evaporate the diamond and pave the surface with dimples (a result of research done by Australian researchers at Macquarie University);
  • Protect from chemicals and acids: if your jewelry is inlaid with a natural diamond, acids will not ruin it, but goldThe ring, which contains additives, is not resistant to corrosive environments, so you need to keep the ring away from chemicals;
  • remove jewelry during sports and cosmetic procedures: components in sweat, used hand care products contribute to the change colors of gold, the stone is covered by a fatty film;
  • Not to be worn in a sauna or bathhouse: the changes in temperature increase the risk of cracks forming inside the stone; it is highly contraindicated to a diamond.

Important! Hot water will cause the diamond to darken and not recover: the brilliance decreases first, while constant exposure to high temperatures will cause the gem to darken.

Care and storage of gemstone rings
Jewelry with precious stones without proper care loses its appeal

Top 5 ways to soft clean a diamond ring at home quickly and effectively

Gold jewelry with diamonds (not only rings, but also earrings, bracelets, pendants) can quickly lose their properties and attractiveness if inappropriate cleaning agents are used. Most substances with aggressive action destroy the inlaid jewels, which cannot be restored without losing their properties. There are several soft-acting detergents that are the most suitable for the care of diamonds and gold.

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Ways to gently clean a diamond ring at home
Jewelry with precious stones without proper care loses its appeal

Soap solution as the safest economical way


  • A container of glass, ceramic or plastic dishes;
  • liquid soap, and shavings of laundry soap will do;
  • warm water.

Instructions for cleaning a diamond ring:

  1. Prepare the soap solution: mix detergent and water in arbitrary quantities, you need to get a liquid with the formation of large amounts of foam.
  2. Jewelry is immersed in the product, leave for a few minutes.
  3. If not all of the dirt is dissolved, use a soft rag. No abrasive is used.
  4. The ring is washed with water without any additives, remove drops with a dry, lint-free cloth.

Sugar Water

Ornaments are dipped in a prepared solution (2-3 tsp. sugar, 100 water). They should be soaked for a few minutes. It is important to immerse the jewelry pieces with diamonds in the liquid so that they do not touch each other.

The high hardness of the stone can cause micro-damage.

If the dirt does not dissolve in a few minutes, soak the jewelry longer - up to 2 hours. Then you must rinse them with water without any additives. The moisture is removed with a flannel rag, but you should not rub it to shine (this will negatively affect the strength of the stone's fasteners).

Sugar Water
Sugar water is one of the easiest ways to clean gold

Water with apple cider vinegar

Vinegar (9%) and even more so essence (70%) are forbidden and should not be used to care for diamonds. But there are some exceptions to these rules. In this case, we are talking about varieties of vinegar, such as apple cider vinegar. This is a much less aggressive substance. If it is mixed with water, it can be used for the care of diamond rings.

The recommended proportions are 1:1. The liquid is used to soak the jewelry, they are kept in such an environment for no more than half an hour, then washed and dried.

How to test gold at home with iodine for authenticity 15 1
Бриллиант ни в коем случае нельзя чистить сильными образивами

Onion juice and a gas mask

To perform the procedure you will need:

  • capacity;
  • grater;
  • gauze;
  • lint-free rags;
  • onion (1 pc.);
  • for sensitive people - means of protection of the organs of vision, smell, as a last resort suitable gas mask or swimming goggles, they can be replaced by a helper, resistant to the acrid smell of onions.
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Instructions for cleaning diamonds:

  1. Chop the onion on a grater.
  2. Using gauze to squeeze the juice.
  3. A ring with a diamond should be soaked in this solution for at least 10 minutes.
  4. The decoration is washed with water.
  5. When all traces of onion juice are gone, you can remove the gas mask/swim goggles (if such means are still useful).
Cleaning gold with onion juice
Onion juice

Vodka or pharmacy alcohol

Only alcohol-containing drinks without additives and dyes can be used, since there is no exact idea what the reaction will be when these components and the metal, the diamond, interact. The best solution is pharmacy alcohol.

This is one of the most effective ways to remove dirt, based on the mechanical cleaning of gold jewelry with a lint-free natural cloth soaked in liquid.

How to test gold at home with iodine for authenticity 08 1
Alcohol or Vodka will also help clean the plaque from the jewelry

SOS-methods for cleaning heavy dirt on a diamond ring

Sometimes you have to decide right away what clean up quickly natural stones (diamond, pearl, sapphire, etc.). This will prevent plaque hardening and restore luster in a matter of minutes.

A mixture of ammonia and peroxide for heavy soiling

Prepare the components:

  • water (not more than 200 ml);
  • ammonia (aqueous ammonia solution) - 2 tbsp;
  • hydrogen peroxide - 1.5 tbsp.

To improve the properties, add any liquid detergent - no more than 2 drops. Rings, earrings and other jewelry are soaked in the working solution. The duration of the procedure depends on the complexity of the dirt.


The preparation is used to renew jewelry jewelry. This is the most fast wayThe ring can be used to restore the shine of the product. It is enough to dip the ring into a glass with a pre-dissolved fizzing agent. After 2 minutes, it can be removed, rinsed with water and continue to wear.

Alka-Seltzer for gold cleaning

Alcohol and gasoline

Means are used, but separately. Alcohol cleans the stone most effectively and safely. Gasoline should be used to remove dirt from gold. Cleaning different parts of the ring with products with different properties is one way to restore shine such materials.

You need to soak a lint-free cloth in the substance and gently wipe the surface of the jewelry.

Pharmacy hyposulfite solution

The remedy can be purchased at a drugstore. It is a dry substance, its crystals will not damage the diamond if you prepare a solution beforehand. You will need 200 ml of water, 1 tsp. Ring clean in this way at home only if you have time to spare, because you have to wait about half an hour for the dirt to soak (Decoration left in the liquid).

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Pharmacy hyposulfite solution
Sodium thiosulfate sodium hyposulfite, jewelry cleaning paste

Liquid borax treatment

Ready remedy with the right properties should be sought in the pharmacy. Liquid borax with glycerin is available. First, it is necessary to moisten a rag, then apply the substance to the ring with the gemstone. Liquid borax is wiped over the jewelry until the shine returns. Then you need to rinse it with water.

Liquid soap and gel toothpaste

Choose a paste without abrasives, dyes, additives. It is best to use a gel consistency. It is used for cleaning gold. But precious stones are wiped with a shampoo-based solution: a bit of cosmetic agent is dissolved in water, a rag is moistened, and then applied to the diamond. Then rinse the piece with water.

Liquid soap and gel toothpaste
When cleaning diamond rings, it is important to proceed carefully so as not to damage the stone.

Recommendations for cleaning gold and diamonds at home

To jewelry with precious stones shine, you cannot deviate from the instructions. When the question arises as to what to clean gold with diamonds, you need to consider the risk of deteriorating the appearance. What not to do:

  • Do not use abrasive, aggressive means: diamonds are easy to scratch, that is why any, even fine-grained substances are forbidden; abrasives leave micro-damages, and jewelry inlaid with precious stones should not be exposed to aggressive chemicals (the stone will tarnish);
  • do not use brushes, you can watercolor brushes: even the brushes with the softest pile may be too stiff for diamonds if you need to apply cleaner substance, it is better to use a watercolor brush;
  • avoid polishing and dry it on a soft cloth; rubbing the stone could loosen the fasteners, so gently pat it and avoid pressing the projections that fix the stone;
  • Use clean filtered water: impurities in the water can cause a change in appearance productsIt is better to use purified water;
  • recheck connections and latches: the increased hardness of the diamond often causes the fasteners to loosen (due to friction), so you must constantly monitor their condition;
  • do not clean in the sink: if there is no grate on the drain, it is not recommended to perform manipulations to clean jewelry over the sink;
  • Show your ring to a jeweler once a year: it is right to give your ring to a professional cleaner once or twice a year, then the specialist will check the fastening of the stone and remove minor scratches.
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Recommendations for cleaning gold and diamonds at home
Do not use abrasive particles and alkalis, chemical aggressive components for cleaning

What not to clean a diamond ring and why

A common mistake is to use the same care products for gemstones as for gold. But in reality, this can lead to a greater loss of luster, darkening and deformation of the diamond. It is necessary to remember what not to clean such jewelry with:

  • Soda: it is an abrasive agent, soda does not immediately dissolve in water, it scratches diamonds;
  • For example, gold is discolored when it comes into contact with the product, while diamonds lose their luster and become opaque;
  • Iodine: it is a mistake to think that this remedy will help restore the color of the gold; on the contrary, using iodine will result in stains that are difficult to remove, and the diamond will also be ruined;
  • Manganese is a coloring agent that turns diamonds pink; this property gives the jewelry a special kind of fancy diamonds, but one should not use manganese to polish colorless stones;
  • dishwashing liquid: this liquid contains aggressive components that may damage the appearance of the jewelry, and some diamond owners take the risk of cleaning their jewelry in this way, but it is still recommended to reinsure yourself, as too prolonged exposure or the addition of other components to such a liquid may lead to unpredictable consequences.

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Subject: Q&A

How do I clean a ring with a big diamond?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
For removing dirt from jewelry inlaid with large precious stones, it is necessary to consider less fluid means, otherwise the liquid can get inside products. Instead of ammonia solution, soap, and alcohol, they use toothpaste and lipstick. These substances are applied to a lint-free cloth, rubbed on the surface of the diamond, and then cleaned. White traces are thoroughly removed with a soft rag under running water.

How do I clean a cloudy diamond in an engagement ring?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
It all depends on the cause of the loss of luster. If the clouding is reversible, for example, if there is plaque, the problem is solved with a solution of ammonia or pharmacy alcohol. These are urgent measures to restore the luster of the gemstone.
Gold ring with stone
Gold Diamond Ring

There are pearls in the ring in addition to the diamond. How to clean the plaque?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Before brushing gold and diamonds at home, it is necessary to study the properties of the metal and the stones, which will prevent the development of unpleasant consequences. For example, a soapy solution will not work on a pearl ring. Neither should it be cleaned with alcoholic substances, hot water, or vinegar. This may cause irreversible processes in the structure of the natural stone. Potato starch is the best solution for such a piece.

White gold earrings with diamonds have become lusterless. Why? How to clean white gold?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Different methods are used to clean white gold, which are used to restore the properties of yellow, red gold. But not all of them are safe for natural stones. It is recommended to choose individual methods for white gold and gemstone. Common methods that are universal: ammonia alcohol (water solution), liquid soap, toothpaste. It is also necessary to eliminate the causes of the loss of luster. Often such signs are a consequence of improper use, violation of the rules of care of the product.

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
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Diamond is a type of stone that is very demanding to care for. It should not be scratched, so abrasives should be avoided, even if it is toothpaste. This product is often banned, but not everyone understands why this is the case. For example, many toothpastes (mostly with a whitening effect) contain ingredients that are designed to remove dirt more thoroughly and restore tooth enamel. They act aggressively, but not only on teeth, but also on jewels. If you still decide to use such a remedy, study the composition of the paste, check that the product does not contain abrasives.
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