Top 20 ways to clean gold at home with stones quickly and effectively: from the most universal to the most gentle, depending on the kind of gold and stone

Gold Jewelry look attractive immediately after purchase and for a period thereafter as long as they are in use. But gradually the shine of the metal and stones dims. The beauty of the piece remains, but it brings less joy to the owner, not so appealing brightness.

If the item is not cared for in time, the precious stone, like the metal itself, will lose its original properties - it will darken. It is essential to find the best solution to this problem. gold cleaning at home with stones. For this purpose they use improvised methods: based on products, household chemicals.

It is also necessary to properly care for rings, earrings, bracelets.

What causes gold to darken and lose its luster. Gold jewelry cleaning technique

When the appearance of jewelry deteriorates, you should immediately pay attention to the probable factors contributing to its darkening. This will allow you to stop the development of negative processes in the structure and surface of the materials.

Blackened gold jewelry
Blackened gold chain with a cross

Causes of darkening of gold jewelry:

  • secretion of sebum, sweat glands: biological fluids may contain components that interact with the metal;
  • contact with substances contained in tap water;
  • the use of cosmetics, perfumes;
  • application of special compositions to the jewelry to improve the properties during pre-sale preparation;
  • Poor metal quality: the content of additives is too high, these components react with oxygen, a patina is formed.
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To restore the properties of gold, take into account the type of product, in accordance with this determines the technology for removing contaminants:

  • 2-step cleaning of earrings: the configuration of such products is often complex, so plaque is removed gradually, first treating the clasps, then the stones;
  • chain cleaning: Dirt accumulates between the links, on the clasp and the area where the branding is located, remove these layers by soaking;
  • Cleaning and polishing rings: simple shape rings are cleaned mechanically using paste products, while more complex rings are soaked, and the inlaid areas are treated with special products;
  • gold cleaning watches with stones: in this case, there is a risk of damage to the movement, so it is necessary to remove plaque with paste products, and liquids are used if the case is sealed (the manufacturer specifies this among the characteristics).

How to clean your jewelry quickly and effectively without damaging the stone. A few gentle all-purpose solutions

If you have gold pieces missing shine, you need to use it quickly cleaning productsuntil the thickness of the plaque has increased. After that, it will be difficult to restore the properties of the gold. There are universal remedies that clean different kinds of items such as rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. They can also be used to restore the luster of stones and gold without risking the deterioration of the jewelry.

Gold Ring Cleaning
Cleaning an ordinary smooth ring is different from cleaning a ring with a stone

Recipe with distilled water

Water with special properties is used because it does not contain mineral, organic compounds. This allows you to prevent the deterioration of the external characteristics of the ring, earrings, watches made of gold. Recipe:

  1. Pour distilled water - 250 ml - into a ceramic or glass container.
  2. Add liquid soap (a few drops).
  3. Jewels are left in the resulting liquid.

The duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

Recipe with soapy water

You can take tap water. To remove dirt, plaque, prepare any amount of liquid soap or shavings of laundry soap, add water. When the product dissolves, it is used to clean the jewelry: items are immersed in the liquid and left for 2 hours or longer.

You can simultaneously apply the method of mechanical cleaning - wiping rings and earrings with a rag.

Soap solution
Soap solution for cleaning blackened gold jewelry

Solutions with ammonia or ammonia

To clean gold with stones at home, consider recipes:

  • Ammonia (10%) and water, with a recommended ratio of 1:1, leave the jewelry in the container for 10-20 minutes;
  • You will need 250 ml, 1 tbsp. ammonia alcohol, 1 tbsp. detergent - when you mix these components you get a working solution, if you leave your jewelry for 2 hours, and then rinse and wipe with a napkin, you can return them to their original attractiveness.
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Nuances of cleansing gold with gemstones

The existing methods of care for precious metals are almost all highly specialized - used under certain conditions, they are chosen according to the composition of the metal and the type of stone.

So, special cleaning techniques are used for different products.

Nuances of cleansing gold with gemstones
Cleansing gold with gemstones

Cleaning hard stone jewelry

To effectivelyIf you want to give your inlaid jewelry back its original appearance, you should consider only approved methods (taking into account the properties of the stones):

  • Topaz: withstands mechanical impact with a brush, does not lose its properties in contact with aggressive media;
  • Diamond or diamond: quickly returns shine when using ammonia (10%), soap;
  • Pomegranate: It is best to use liquids based on cleaning agents;
  • Emerald: returns properties thanks to alcohol, aqueous solutions based on detergents;
  • Sapphire: a soft toothbrush, alcohol, gasoline or other cleaner is recommended for cleaning;
  • Chrysolite: the best option is a soft rag soaked in alcohol;
  • Fianite: use liquid soap, powder is not recommended;
  • ruby: easy to clean dirt with alcohol-based products, shampoo-based solutions.

Cleaning products with soft stones

Soap scum, grease deposits can also be removed from soft stones, but it is recommended to use products with a low level of aggression:

  • opal: cleaned with water, felt;
  • coral: a wet wipe is enough;
  • pearls: use water, potato starch, a very weak soap solution (in extreme cases);
  • Turquoise: do not wet, turquoise can change the appearance, so use only special products - from a professional line;
  • amber: use felt, chemicals are prohibited.
The method of boiling gold jewelry
Method of boiling gold to remove plaque

The boiling method to remove plaque from soft stones is not recommended.

Important! Cleaning gold jewelry with stones excludes the use of abrasives and acids, most often this leads to turbidity stones, metal.

Arsenal of 20 Ways to Clean Gold

To clean expensive jewelry from fresh and dried-on dirt, consider that when using liquid products at the bottom of the container should be placed foil. This will make sure that the rings and earrings shining. Common cleaning methodsThe "Tissue" and the "Filler" components can be used to remove visible defects (plaque, dirt, grease components):

  • aqueous solution with ammonia or ammonia: hydrogen peroxide (30 mg), ammonia (1 tsp), 250 ml of water, soak rings and earrings in the solution until they are clear of plaque;
  • hydrogen peroxide (40 mg), add ammonia (1 tsp.) and water (1 cup), liquid soap (2 tsp.);
  • toothpaste, powder: both products provide a cleansing effect, just apply a small amount of the substance (without abrasives in the composition) on a rag, remove dirt;
  • foil and baking soda: leave foil on the bottom of the container, pour the prepared liquid (2 tbsp of baking soda, 200 ml of hot water), leave the decorations overnight;
  • "Add 1 tsp. of this product to water without any other additives, put in a water bath, put the jewelry in the container and boil for a few minutes:
  • liquid soap with peroxide: take the components in a 1:2 ratio, add warm water, soak the gold for 20 minutes;
  • salt solution: you will need 3 tbsp. and hot water (not more than 250 ml), when the salt dissolves, the jewelry is immersed in the solution;
  • Lens cleaner: it is not diluted, it is used pure - soak the jewelry overnight, clean it in the morning with water without any additives;
  • sugar syrup: dissolve the sweet component in water (it is better to use a barely warm liquid immediately) - 2-3 tbsp. and 200 ml, soak the gold for a few hours;
  • Vinegar 9-%: prepare a solution based on water and table vinegar - the recommended ratio is 1:1, the method is effective, but it is on condition that the jewelry will remain in the solution for at least 30 minutes;
  • citric acid and citrus: citric acid (1/4 tsp) is dissolved in hot water (125 ml), the gold is left in the liquid for a short time (5 minutes), and the acid can be replaced with lemon juice;
  • Hygienic lipstick: Apply to a rag and rub gold jewelry with it until it begins to shine;
  • onion juice - take 1 piece, you need to dilute it with water (2 tbsp.), bracelets and earrings soak for at least 3 hours;
  • solution of baking soda: mix baking soda with water (the amount is determined by one's discretion), then rub the rings, gold bracelets, and then rinse;
  • "Coca-Cola and other fizz: items become shiny when using a drink without any additives, leave the jewelry in the container, pour the Coke, after 2 hours they can be cleaned, this method is not only suitable for gold, but also for silverThe exception is items with stones;
  • Medical alcohol or vodka: no need to leave the jewelry in a corrosive environment, the alcohol is moistened on a cloth napkin and rubbed on the item - this method is one of the quickest;
  • Alcohol-based perfume: it may seem that it helps to clean the gold, but this is not entirely true, because it is in contact with such agents deteriorates the external parameters of the jewelry, which means that perfume is acceptable for cleaning gold, which contains a minimum of additives;
  • beer and egg: you will need 1 yolk of a chicken egg and no more than 50 ml of beer, the resulting mixture is used for mechanical cleaning;
  • Glass cleaner - the substance is concentrated, it is not diluted, and is used according to the standard scheme - moisten the rag in the liquid, apply to the gold ring or other products;
  • Pharmacy hyposulfite: only 2 tsp. will be needed, the substance is dissolved in water (you can take 200-250 ml), and it is important to leave the jewelry in the container with the liquid for 20 minutes.
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Delicate cleaning of white gold

When deciding how and what to remove dirt from precious metal, you must take into account that it is subject to mechanical stress, despite its high hardness. Recommendations for the care of white gold:

  • Prepare distilled water, a few drops of detergent, the resulting liquid is used to clean the platinum;
  • It is acceptable to use a toothbrush, but provided that it has a soft pile, soapy solution is applied this way.

It is acceptable to consider liquids based on ammonia, soda.

Delicate cleaning of white gold
Cleaning white gold at home

Care and regular visits to a jeweler to check on a gemstone piece

To avoid having to boil gold jewelry in the future at the risk of ruining it, or to use other methods at home, it is necessary to follow simple rules:

  • Take off all rings and earrings before taking a shower or bath;
  • You should not play sports without taking off your jewelry;
  • body cream, hand cream is applied before wearing rings, other jewelry;
  • do not visit the bath without removing gold earrings, bracelets, especially if they are inlaid jewelry;
  • periodically perform cleaning with improvised means, so as not to run the product;
  • Do not polish your jewelry yourself, as this may loosen the fastening of the stone;
  • It is important to keep the gold items separately, for this purpose use a casket with internal padding;
  • Every year, consult a specialist to prevent the formation of defects: check for chips, scratches, reliability of fasteners.

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Subject: Q&A

Can I clean a diamond ring myself?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
If for various reasons it is impossible to call a specialist and the jewelry piece has lost its appeal, one of the methods mentioned above for hard stones should be chosen. The best methods are ammonia, soap, or peroxide solutions. Moreover, unlike other hard stones, diamond deforms quickly, which means that it is better not to use a brush.

What is the right method for cleaning earrings with cubic zirconia?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The stone is moderately hard, so it requires more care than other types. The best method of cleaning is a weak soap solution. Alternatively, alcohol or glycerin, and there is another method of mechanical action - the eraser. The latter removes surface dirt that has not yet penetrated into the structure of the material.

When I cleaned my gold ring in Coca-Cola, it changed color, what does this mean? How do I get the color back?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Many people use tried-and-true materials, jewelry cleaners. Among the suitable methods consider the drink "Coca-Cola". However, in contact with the substance, metal staining occurs, which is due to the presence of a large number of additives in its composition. They interact with the environment. Remove brown marks from gold can be removed by various means: ammonia, soap. Thanks to such means returns the original color of the jewelry.
Gold jewelry cleaning techniques
Gold Jewelry

How to clean gold at home to shine with a ruby?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The solution is prepared using one of the main ingredients - alcohol. Alternatively, shampoo, but any other detergent or cosmetic product will do. Alcohol or an alcohol-containing agent is used to treat gold that has darkened. Rubies are cleaned with the least aggressive methods, and without abrasives.

A gift from my husband is cloudy, how to clean earrings with stones at home and do no harm?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Changes in color and other features of your jewelry may be due to improper handling (exposure to hot water, soap, chemicals, a layer of grease) or a natural result of changes in your body (when your immune system is reduced, other processes develop, biological substances are produced which react with the components in your jewelry). So, you should pay attention to the concomitant factors that may have affected the condition of the jewelry when the external characteristics have changed. You can remove plaque in various ways, but it is important to understand if these are superficial or structural changes in the material. It is possible to return the original properties of the gold only in the first case. To do this, use the means listed above: soap solution, toothpaste, vinegar solution, etc. The choice is made taking into account the incrustation.
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Jeweler's comments

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
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Antique jewelry that has not been used for a long time becomes covered with a layer of dirt and grease. Remove it with improvised means of gentle action will not work, because the layers hardened. To do this, use a special cleaning paste. If it is not handy, mix in equal parts ammonia alcohol, dishwashing liquid and oxygen bleach. Rings or earrings (high hallmark, no stones!) left in this mixture until morning, then cleaned, dried with a rag. By the way, I do not recommend using a hair dryer to dry your jewelry, since additional exposure to high temperatures is not good for them.
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