Top 10 ways to clean gold ring from iodine: authenticity test, home and professional cleaning methods

As you use it, gold products show signs of wear and tear, and more extensive damage occurs. scratchesThere is also a risk of staining the product, for example, with a drop of iodine. This agent can interact with various media, substances, which leads to a change in their properties. In addition, the liquid penetrates the structure of materials, changes their color. In such cases, you have to choose at once way, how to clean gold ring from iodine, otherwise it cannot be worn - the appearance is greatly impaired. But more often than not, it is still possible to return the properties of the precious metal to continue to wear Decoration.

Where is the iodine on the gold. Instructions for testing gold for authenticity. What other substances the inert metal reacts to

In nature, iodine is found as a solid, crystallizes when environmental conditions change, and can go into liquid form if heated under pressure. In everyday life, the latter form is used. The substance leaves stains resistant to the action of other chemical compounds. On the precious metal iodine comes in various reasons:

  • accident: iodine is an antiseptic, still in use (despite the advent of colorless antibacterial agents), it gets on the jewelry due to carelessness;
  • iodine is used to determine the authenticity of gold jewelry, and iodine is even used in pawn shops, in most cases, this substance gives more accurate results when testing the 583 rings and 585.
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In addition to iodine, consider other indicator substances that allow you to attribute the item tested to the group of precious or, conversely, to disprove their belonging to the precious metal, such as bromine, mercury, cyanide (their liquid forms).

Of folk remedies for the same purpose use ceramic unglazed tiles, bread pulp, vinegar.

Gold Authenticity Testing Instructions
Gold Authenticity Testing

Instructions for checking the authenticity of gold:

  1. Choose the least visible area, most often checking the quality of the metal in this way by applying iodine to the inside of the ring.
  2. The surface is prepared: sanded a small area, for which it is sufficient to use fine sandpaper.
  3. Apply iodine, and its amount should be minimal, otherwise you can finally ruin the jewelry.
  4. When the substance comes in contact with the metal, the reaction develops quickly (it can take no more than 12 seconds for all actions). As a result, purple stains appear. If this does not happen, it is likely that the jewelry made of another metal that does not contain gold.

How you can get rid of iodine stain

Two ways are being considered: going to a jeweler's workshopThe product can be cleaned from stubborn stains by specialists, or you can remove traces of iodine on your own. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, in addition, both differ in price.

How you can get rid of iodine stain
Cleaned ring

Contact a jeweler. The average cost of the service

If damage of any kind occurs, color changes, or staining occurs, you should contact a professional. This will allow you to remove the defects in a safe way, taking into account the composition of the metal. But the cost of the service is high, and precious items get dirty and scratched quite often, especially when worn regularly.

The jeweler uses special tools as well as equipment. To clean gold from traces of other chemicals, compare prices. The average cost of such a service varies, which depends on the region, the salon, and the size of the item and is 100-500 rubles.

To get rid of a brown stain by yourself at home

When trying to deal with dirt on their own, not always provide the desired result: the stain is not removed; iodine is removed, but at the same time on the gold jewelry remains traces of the reagent.

The advantage of self-cleaning metal is that there is no need for investment - often for this use improvised means, which are already at home.

To get rid of the brown stain on the gold by yourself
Gold ring cleaning at home

Top 10 - how and what to clean iodine stain on a gold ring at home

To quickly clean a gold ring, you should consider household chemicals. In this case, the choice is made among those that do not interact with gold, but effectively remove contaminants of all kinds. Some substances additionally clean the metal, increasing the effectiveness of polishing agents. But it is better not to consider abrasives for this purpose.

For example, baking soda in dry form can scratch the ring.

Pre-cleaning and degreasing in alcohol

The use of any substances may lead to the formation of more complex stains than after iodine, which is why it is important to prepare the jewelry for further action. The ring is cleaned with a soapy solution: liquid soap must be added to warm water (an alternative is household detergent, it is crushed to shavings beforehand), the solution is stirred until foam is formed.

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Ring soak in liquid. For complete dissolution of dirt, including the grease layer, 2-3 hours is enough. After that, the product should be rinsed and then rubbed with alcohol, which will remove any residual grease.

How to test gold at home with iodine for authenticity 08 1
First, you should clean the jewelry with alcohol

Hot soaking with ammonia and detergent

You'll need:

  • 250-1000 ml of water;
  • 10-20 ml of ammonia;
  • containers made of neutral materials.


  1. Mix the components. The more complex the dirt, the more concentrated the solution should be. And hot water should be used to prepare the remedy.
  2. The jewelry is immersed in the product. The duration of soaking varies, depending on the size of the stain, it usually takes 2-3 hours for traces of iodine to disappear.
Cleaning the ring with ammonia

Ammonia and peroxide 50/50

To get great results, you need to know exactly how cleanse the gold from iodine at home in this way. It is universal, it eliminates any dirt. Prepare:

  • dishes made of neutral metals;
  • ammonia (10%) - 1 ampoule;
  • hydrogen peroxide - 1 ml (the same amount contains an ampoule of ammonia);
  • laundry detergent - 0.5 tsp;
  • water: take any amount necessary to dissolve the powder to form a pulp.


  1. The detergent is prepared: the powder is mixed with water, you need to wait until all the fractions dissolve.
  2. Mix ammonia, peroxide.
  3. Put detergent into the solution.
  4. Immerse the ring that is dirty into the container. The exposure time is 5 minutes.
  5. The decoration is rinsed with water without additives.
Ammonia and peroxide 50/50
Ammonia and peroxide to clean gold

Hell of a mix for iodine

If the ring cannot be cleaned with two-component agents, more aggressive methods are considered. Among them is a mixture based on soda, sodium chloride and lime. Such a tool provides an excellent result in the appearance of dirt of different origin. To prepare the solution you will need:

  • glass, ceramic container;
  • sodium chloride - 20 g;
  • water - 1 liter;
  • lime - 80 g;
  • bicarbonate of soda - 70 g.
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  1. First you need to add all the ingredients to the water. They are stirred until a solution of uniform consistency is obtained.
  2. The liquid is heated.
  3. Dip the ring into the container, it can be soaked until the stain disappears.
  4. The decoration is washed with water without additives.
Lime, sodium chloride and water for ring cleaning
Lime, sodium chloride and water

9% Vinegar or lemon juice

To remove traces of iodine use undiluted means: vinegar, lemon juice. The action of acid is the same in both cases. Iodine is removed from gold with a cotton swab moistened with the solution.

When vinegar is used, you must avoid getting it on the stone. In addition, you must not confuse the means: jewelry is cleaned with table vinegar (9%), not with essence (70%).

Effective cleaning with hyposulfite

Pharmacy remedy used when the body is intoxicated with certain substances can be purchased to restore the properties of gold. Prepare:

  • plastic or glass dishes;
  • sodium hyposulfite - 1 ampoule;
  • water - 1/2 cup.


  1. Mix the drug and water.
  2. When the consistency of the solution becomes even, jewelry is dropped into the container.
  3. The duration of soaking - 30 minutes, after which the product is washed with water.
Gold Jewelry
Cleaning gold jewelry with hypersulfite

How to clean a ring with stones from iodine

Stones (organic and inorganic) require special treatment. When aggressive agents or abrasives are used, the appearance deteriorates: micro-scratches remain, the inlay on the ring darkens or becomes cloudy.

Thorough wiping with available remedies

Common remedies are more mild:

  • toothpaste or powder;
  • soapy water;
  • an aqueous solution of ammonia (1:1).

To apply, use a cotton swab (on areas of complex configuration), a lint-free rag. Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove more complex dirt. Its mixture with ammonia (1:2) and the addition of water can have a negative effect on the stones, so it is used in extreme cases.

Professional cleaning pastes

You can improve the quality of gold ring cleaning by using professional products. Consider paste-like substances as the most effective. An example is Mellerud. The country of manufacture is Germany. The product is used to restore the attractiveness of gold, silver, bronze, brass, zinc. The average price is 550 rubles.

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Acrylic cleaning paste Mellerud
Mellerud polishing paste

Question and answer section

How to clean a ring with cubic zirconia from iodine?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Stones various types can behave in a special way when in contact with an aggressive environment. The risk of damage to the ring increases if it contains natural stones. And the fianite requires a lot of attention. To remove traces of iodine, prepare an aqueous solution of ammonia (1:1). It is applied carefully, using a cotton swab.

Is it necessary to do plating after testing the gold with iodine?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
If the ring is coated with a protective material, it will have to be damaged in order to allow contact between the reagent and the gold when testing on one area. In addition, such actions will lead to the appearance of purple traces on the product. This means that it will take more effort and money to restore the original properties of the metal. First of all, the product is polished, sometimes it is necessary to completely remove the old coating. After that, the ring is cleaned, prepared for the reapplication of the protective layer.
Iodine and gold
Gold jewelry and iodine

Is it necessary to test gold with iodine if it is bought in a salon?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
You can pay attention to the parameters of gold jewelry still in the store. The ring should have a characteristic shine, weight, and when dropped on a glass showcase, it should make a special ringing sound like crystal. But if there are still doubts about the authenticity of gold, you can ask for a product certificate.

More often than not, the jewelry sold in salons is of high quality and conforms to the stated parameters. This means that testing the gold is not compulsory, especially since this procedure may spoil the appearance of the ring. It is done when there is such a need, if there are suspicions of poor quality jewelry.

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Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
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A jewelry expert can determine the quality of precious metals by eye; some even give an approximate estimate of the ligature content. In addition, special instruments are used to evaluate gold. In this case, they even determine the metal's grade. Using iodine is an outdated method, but it is still used when the need arises. The cost of the ring appraisal may come to 1000 rubles. This is not much, given that such a procedure is performed once, it is even possible to verify the quality of the product after purchase in the salon.

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