Top 8 recipes how to clean gold with ammonia and ammonia at home quickly and effectively: quick cleaning of heavy dirt

Goldware have a tendency to tarnish. Their appearance deteriorates under certain conditions, for example, when they are exposed to a corrosive environment. This does not mean, however, that the jewelry has reached the end of its useful life. It is acceptable to consider improvised means to restore the properties of metal. One option is ammonia. It is used in diluted form or mixed with other components. It is only necessary to choose effective and safe enough way to gold cleaning ammonia. In order not to ruin the product, you must determine the correct concentration of the product.

Ammonia and ammonia: what is the difference and what is the power

It is a mistake to think that ammonia and ammonia are synonyms, names of one chemical substance. They have similar properties, but different intensities on precious metals. Ammonia is a compound of nitrogen and hydrogen in gaseous form. It can transform into liquid at room temperature and pressure of 8.5 atmospheres.

Ammonia in gaseous form participates in the biological cycle, but the pure substance in high concentration is toxic, has poisonous, suffocating and even neurotropic effects. In comparison, ammonia is much more widely used. It is distinguished by its mildly aggressive effect on humans. The full name is ammonia alcohol.

This is an aqueous solution of ammonia, or more precisely, ammonium hydrate derived from it (concentration - 10-25%).

Ammonia and ammonia
Ammonia and ammonia for cleaning gold jewelry

Is it possible to clean gold with ammonia, is ammonia safe: advantages and disadvantages of the method

Given the difference in properties, the level of aggressiveness in exposure to materials and living things, the best way to clean gold with ammonia alcohol, which has been further diluted. This restores the original color of the metal and preserves other properties of the product. Pure ammonia is not used in the home - it is a gas. If it is dissolved in water, after some time the substance will lose its properties. Just a technical liquid will remain. For this reason, different recipes are used exactly on the basis of ammonia alcohol.

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  • low price, availability: you can buy it in any pharmacy, it has a reasonable price;
  • ease of use: the recipes are low-component, so it is not difficult to prepare a solution;
  • low level of toxicity of a properly prepared solution, which means that the product does not cause harm to humans;
  • versatility: ammonia is used to clean different types of products;
  • fast action of the substance: the properties of gold products are restored in a short period of time (often within minutes);
  • removal of contaminants of varying complexity.

Cleaner based on ammonia also has disadvantages:

  • strong odor, the liquid has a suffocating effect, irritating the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs;
  • Limitations on use: Some types of gold items cannot be cleaned in this way;
  • jewelry with complex embossing is not always possible to restore, it is necessary to combine means, apply simultaneously chemical and mechanical method to effectively gold cleaning в at home.

Before acting with ammonia take into account all the pros and cons, as well as the composition of gold, the configuration of the jewelry.

Gold cleaning at home with ammonia

Safety precautions when working with ammonia, ammonia at home

When one chooses how to clean gold with ammonia, one also examines safety precautions:

  • Prepare gloves of impermeable material (rubber), prepare a respirator or mask, if possible wear protective goggles;
  • The room must be well ventilated during the manipulation with alcohol;
  • Do not allow the product to get on the skin, mucous membranes.

It is not recommended to perform manipulations with ammonia for people with vascular disorders (e.g. diagnosed with IBS). They are particularly susceptible to the volatile components in the vapors.

Top 8 Recipes with Ammonia for Gold Shine

The cleaning effect is obtained by using different concentrations of ammonia with different components. Thanks to this, the properties of the obtained solution vary, as well as the level of aggressive effect.

Recommendations for cleaning gold and diamonds at home
Purified gold ring with a diamond

Cleaning with pure ammonia

Sometimes you can use undiluted ammonia (take a ready-made solution). Peculiarities of the use of such a remedy:

  • Prepare a container: suitable glass or ceramic, plastic - these are the most neutral materials, they do not react with the active compounds that can be formed in the interaction of ammonia with metal;
  • dipped in ammonia gold jewelrythat need to regain their attractiveness;
  • Products are left for a few minutes or hours (depending on the complexity of the dirt), you can from evening to morning;
  • Remove the rest of the substance from the surface of the jewelry with water;
  • polished with felt.

Important: Pure ammonia is acceptable as a means to clean gold items that do not contain stones, without a matte finish, with a minimum of impurities.

Cleaning gold with pure ammonia
Cleaning gold jewelry

Recipe with water

Gold cleaning at home with ammonia is most often done using a less concentrated product. This method is suitable for cases where the dirt is weak or moderate. Brief instructions:

  1. They take utensils: glass, polymeric material.
  2. Prepare a solution. The proportions of ammonia alcohol and water, respectively: 1 tsp, 250 ml.
  3. The gold is left for 30 minutes in the working solution.
  4. Products are washed, then dried with a lint-free rag.
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Recipe with scouring powder

When it selects wayIf you want to know how to clean gold with ammonia for more complex contamination, you can consider the option:

  1. Prepare a container in which the ingredients will be mixed. You will need a scouring powder without aggressive additives (not more than 1 tsp.), 4 ml of ammonia, 250 ml of water, and it is important to use a liquid at room temperature, you can just lukewarm.
  2. Gold jewelry is immersed in the solution, keeping it in the chemical agent for 2 hours.
  3. Washed with water, dried. Only soft rags may be used.
Gold jewelry t in mortar
Gold jewelry in solution with powder

Shampoo recipe

Clean up gold with ammonia is also easy to use with care products. Shampoo is used as an additive. Instructions:

  1. Prepare shampoo and ammonia, the ratio is 2:1. For example, as a basis, take the proportions: 1 tsp. of shampoo and a dose of ammonia, but half as much. Add water (use a small amount - 50-100 ml).
  2. Jewelry is immersed in the resulting liquid. They are soaked until the liquid dissolves the dirt.
  3. Washed with water, dried.
Shampoo and ammonia
Shampoo and ammonia for cleaning gold

Recipe with hydrogen peroxide

The use of additives can improve the properties of the product and increase its effectiveness. As a result, dirt is removed as quickly as possible. Recipe:

  1. Mix peroxide and ammonia, respectively: 50 ml and 100 ml.
  2. Leave the jewelry in the container with the remedy for 12 hours. Cover it to prevent the release of volatile components.
  3. Products are washed, remove droplets with a lint-free rag.

Important: Weak dirt is removed in this way in a shorter period of time - 10 minutes.

Recipe: Gold cleaning at home with ammonia and boiling water

The basis is the previously discussed recipe based on peroxide and ammonia (ratio of the main components: 50 ml, 100 ml). Cleaning of products is faster after adding boiling water - 50 ml. The duration of exposure to the solution may be different, depending on the type of dirt.

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Gold cleaning at home with ammonia with peroxide and boiling water
Cleaning gold jewelry with ammonia and peroxide

Recipe with ammonia, peroxide and soap

The three-component solution removes dark stains from gold jewelry no less than effectivelythan the other products considered. It has the advantage of softening the aggressive action of the active ingredients through the addition of detergent. Recipe:

  1. Take ingredients: 1 tsp. of liquid soap, the same amount of ammonia, 40 g. hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Mix the substances, then put the gold.
  3. After 20 minutes, you can take it out, rinse it, then wipe it down.

Recipe for ammonia and chalk powder

To make a gold bracelet and other jewelry shine, you can clean it with a mixture of ammonia and chalk. The difficulty of doing this ways is that after all the manipulation, you need to carefully remove the particles of white powder (if the product is a complex configuration or there is a stone). Recipe:

  1. Mix ammonia and chalk. The components are taken in any quantity, you need to get a viscous substance - a paste-like substance.
  2. The mixture is applied to soiled areas of gold jewelry.
  3. Leave overnight, and should put the product in a sealed bag.
  4. In the morning, remove the solidified mass with water. In the relief areas, the chalk is removed with a toothpick, its sharp edge protected with a small amount of absorbent cotton.
Chalk powder
Natural chalk powder

Concentration of ammonia in the solution and its dependence on the gold sample

Various additives are used to increase the hardness of gold, as this metal is quite soft in its primary form. Often the main auxiliary components are silveras well as copper. Their concentration can be different, which determines the hue of the patina when the finished product comes into contact with an aggressive environment (cosmetics, biological fluids).

Do not use abrasives to clean high-grade gold. The risk of damage is greater when doing so. For jewelry made of different types of gold, use the appropriate recommendations.

Concentration of an aqueous ammonia solution for red gold:

  • Sample 375 - the upper limit is 15%;
  • 585 - 13% average;
  • Sample 750 is the weakest, less than 5%.
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For yellow gold:

  • Sample 375 is the maximum permissible value (17%);
  • assay 585 - medium concentration (30%);
  • Sample 750 - a substantial dose of ammonia (50%).
Gold Cleaning
Gold jewelry after cleaning

Ammonia for gentle, effective cleaning of tough dirt

When deciding whether ammonia is suitable for cleaning precious metals, it is necessary to keep in mind its effects on certain items. For example, aggressive substances should not be used to clean pearls, as well as other jewelry with stones of an organic nature. They will simply dissolve.

The prohibition also applies to items with a matte finish, as the surface layer is damaged by it. Ammonia cleans all other jewelry gently and in a short time.

And this tool is used to remove the most difficult dirt.

Video: self-cleaning gold with ammonia at home

How to keep the shine of gold after cleaning for a long time

Recommendations to prevent the deterioration of the appearance of jewelry:

  • You should take regular showers: sweat interacts with the components contained in the jewelry;
  • The gold is removed before taking a bath or shower;
  • Do not apply cream, use other skin care products without removing jewelry;
  • Regularly clean the gold with ammonia.


When I was going to clean my gold, I found out that jewelry with stones on it can be ruined. I started looking for a method that would work for them. It turned out that "Fae," salt and ammonia can solve the problem. Take the components in a ratio of 1:1. But just do not leave the gold in this mixture. It is applied to the ring, bracelet, and then cleaned with a soft brush, you can use a toothbrush, for example. And you need salt with small particles.

Angela Gusina, Krasnodar
Maria Ivanova, Moscow

I do not bring jewelry to the point where I have to use "heavy artillery. From time to time I use peroxide and ammonia and add hot water. The result is good, most importantly, the reaction is fast.

I found an old ring I'd lost at home a long time ago. It was blackened, so I couldn't wear it. To clean it, I took ammonia and shampoo, everything I could find at home. The product works, but not fast enough. I decided to try a solution based on peroxide. This option took away the stains in a shorter time.

Nadezhda Rimskaya, Leningrad

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Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
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I usually recommend special products for polishing gold, but they are not always available, especially if the case is urgent. For this reason, I do not object to the use of improvised means. Only about ammonia there are concerns: you need to choose the right concentration (taking into account the composition of the metal), and there are many restrictions on its use, such as the possibility of damage to the stones. Gold can be scratched if not worn or cleaned properly, so always choose less aggressive means for different kinds of jewelry.


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