500th assay gold: alloy, properties, use and cost of 1 gram. Top 5 ways to care for gold and gold testing methods

Gold It has been highly valued since ancient times, and its possession has always been considered a sign of success. It is impossible to work with the noble metal in its pure form; it always represents a certain alloy. The 500-point precious alloy is the most rare of all the others.

For its characteristic color it is dubbed "red", and the handling of products made of it is associated with certain difficulties.

Gold of 500 proof, which is not found in the store

Products made of gold 500 samplesIt is not to be found in Russian boutiques. To acquire such jewelry is possible only in private workshops, pawn shops, and at auctions. On the domestic market, this alloy has not become popular, but it is perfectly sold abroad.

Gold of 500 proof, which is not found in the store
Golden Ring

Composition, properties and unique labeling according to GOST

Gold is a noble metal, heavy and soft. Its natural beauty, coupled with its unique casting properties, has given it the greatest popularity among other jewelry.

For all its merits, this metal deforms very easily. This is why alloys with other precious metals are used in jewelry work.

"Red" alloy is characterized by equal proportions of copper admixture, silver, gold. It excludes the addition of other elements to the composition, such as palladium, which is often used for Alloy 585 и 750 samples. There is a reason why it is unpopular with jewelers: 500-gold is a porous material that is difficult to work.

The ratio of the alloy elements is as follows: 50% is gold, 43% is copper, and the remaining 7% is silver.

Such gold has GOST 30649.99 and is designated as ZlSrM 500-100.

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500kt gold
Gold 500 proof

Signature shade of alloy 500

The metal occurs in red-orange, dark yellow and light yellow colors. This difference is achieved by changing the proportions of impurities in the alloy.

The trademark red hue indicates that the alloy is dominated by copper - about 43%. Lighter items are characterized by a higher silver content - 33%.

Matching 12 carats

With a golden carat measures the proportion of gold in an alloy. It is similar to the metric assay and differs only in the numerical value.

Gold of the 500 standard is equal to 12 carats according to the international karat system or 48 spools. This means that the pure precious metal content is 50% for the item.

Important: Precious metal can be confused with gold-plated items. Pay attention to the branding. If next to the mark "12K" there are the letters "G.K.", then the jewelry is only gilded with this alloy.

Gold of 500 proof
Gold of 500 proof equals 12 carats

Pros and cons of the gold alloy 500

This alloy has undeniable advantages, for which it is valued by both collectors and laymen.

The unambiguous pluses include:
low price per gram;
The variation in shades that can be achieved by changing the ratio of silver to copper;
the rarity of products;
The disadvantages of the precious metal can be called:
low rates of plasticity and flexibility;
Vulnerability to sweat, water, chlorine, iodine, and cosmetics containing mercury;
increased porosity, which over time affects the appearance of the product.

Using 500-gold

The alloy is not popular in Russia. To date, it is practically not used in the manufacture of products. However, this is not the case abroad.

Using 500-gold
Gold chain of 500 proof

Widespread use abroad in jewelry and for gilding

In the United States and many other European countries red gold has found another application. It is used to adorn luxury goods. 500 Sample can be seen in the elements of expensive pens, brooches, cigarette cases.

The alloy is also used for gilding a variety of objects, in order to give them a noble shine and increase their value.

Prosthetics in dentistry

This precious metal found dental applicationsbut, again, abroad. The dental medicine industry uses 500-proof gold as a material for dentures. In Russia such dentures are not made.

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Prosthetics in dentistry gold
Gold Alloy 500 in Dentistry

Calculation of the cost of 1 gram of 500 samples, based on the prices on the stock exchange

The average price per gram on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus is from 2,500 rubles and above.

If you open the online graph of the price of gold of 500th standard, you can see that since 2020 it began to rapidly increase in price to buy. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the sale. Pawnshops accept the alloy at half the price of the most popular 585.

Where to buy / sell gold 500. The real price of low-carat

It is impossible to find a 500-grade piece in large jewelry stores. To buy jewelry made of this precious metal, you need to go to a pawn shop, private workshop, or to participate in the auction. It is also possible to buy jewelry abroad.

When selling through a pawnshop 500 gold hallmark, the price per gram will be 600-800 rubles. The demand for the metal directly affects its value.

It would be much more profitable to sell the item through an online auction. Collectors are willing to pay a much higher price for it.

Appraiser in a pawnshop

How to choose 500-proof gold abroad and distinguish fakes

Particular attention should be paid to jewelry purchased in Turkey, Egypt, and China. In these countries, there is no strict certification, so there is a risk of buying gold-plated jewelry under the guise of a high assay.

Recommendations for the buyer:

  1. Don't take the word of a salesman.
  2. Evaluate the item for defects and scratches. This appearance is only allowed for antique pieces. If you find any flaw on the jewelry, it could mean a fake or low-quality alloy.
  3. Carefully examine the inside of the item. There should be a branding that verifies the authenticity of the sample. Such branding looks like a tiny symbol, which will be unique to its country of manufacture. For example, a Russian manufacturer uses a branding depicting a woman in a headdress with her head turned to the left side.
  4. Study the product tag. If you are not familiar with the language, take the time to translate the tag with an Internet translator. It should contain information about the name, weight, proof, cost, composition, and manufacturer of the item.

Following these precautions will allow you to choose a genuine precious metal.

Buying gold jewelry at the exchange
Jewelry on sale

Methods for determining gold and assay at home

The most accurate way to determine authenticity The best way to get an assay is to go to a specialist. Assay analysis of items is carried out by state inspections of assay supervision and various precious metal dealers.

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However, there are several methods gold definitions and samples at home. We will tell you about the most effective ones.

  • A high degree of accuracy can be achieved by using a lapis pencil. This is an antiseptic containing silver nitrates. You need to wet the jewelry and run the pencil over its wet surface. If the alloy is real, there will be no reaction. When in contact with other metals, the pencil will leave a visible mark.
  • You can do an experiment with iodine. Make a small scratch on the inside of the item, leave a drop of the substance on it for 2-3 minutes. Wipe the surface. If no trace is left, you are faced with a fake, real gold will have a faint brown stain.
  • Try to bring the thing to the magnet. The fake will be attracted to it immediately.
  • The authenticity of the sample can be assessed visually. This requires only a magnifying glass. It is necessary to look at how neatly and clearly left the mark on the item. Experienced appraisers say that it is quite problematic to forge the branding, as it will differ sharply from that of the factory.
  • The latter method requires chlorine nitrogen and assay needles. You can buy them only in specialized stores. It is necessary to apply nitrogen to the surface of the thing, then observe the reaction. The stain does not change - 585 gold or higher. The stain turned brown - the metal is lower than 585.

If you need to know the sample for sure, then you can't do without contacting the experts.

How to test gold at home with iodine for authenticity 09 1
Testing gold for authenticity with iodine

Tips for caring for and wearing 500-gold. Gold tarnishes and marks on the skin

The 500 proof is characterized by increased brittleness. Absence of external negative factors and careful wear will extend the life of the product many times over. We advise to beware of mechanical damage, as well as metal contact with water, sweat, detergents, and chlorine, with iodine.

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В Composition The copper content is high, so the appearance of dark marks on the skin from wearing it is not uncommon.

If not cared for properly, this precious metal will quickly begin to darken.

Top 5 ways to clean gold at home

Brushing 500 gold is a must. The following methods will help maintain the presentable appearance of the piece:

  1. A mixture of ammonia, warm water, and laundry detergent. The product should be periodically placed in such a solution for one and a half hours, and then rinsed with running water.
  2. A mixture of ammonia, liquid soap, warm water, and hydrogen peroxide. The procedure is completely similar to the first point.
  3. The use of special solutions and wipes. You can buy them in jewelry stores.
  4. The product can be rubbed with onion juice and left for an hour and a half. Afterwards, rinse with water.
  5. Natural sulfate-free and fluoride-free toothpaste cleans gold perfectly.

The best method of cleaning would be to ask for such a service from a professional jeweler.

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I inherited a ring from my grandmother. Incredibly beautiful accessory! Unfortunately, it constantly leaves dark streaks on my finger. How to deal with it I do not know, tried all the ways. And to part with a pity, it is very much in love with the ring.

Anya L. Moscow
Nikolai B., Leningrad

My review will be negative. I took my gold earrings to the pawnshop and was unpleasantly surprised. All my life I thought that gold is gold in Africa. But no! The earrings turned out to be 500-gold, the value of the metal was low, and I was able to get only pennies.

I buy such gold in Turkey for my wife. We are both satisfied: she is satisfied with the abundance of jewelry, and I am satisfied with the democratic prices. The quality is also completely satisfactory, the main thing is careful maintenance. Jewelry lasts for over a dozen years.

Samuel P., Donetsk

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
This precious metal is rare. We usually use it to check the quality of other work. It bends too easily, so we don't use it as a base material. There is not much demand for it either, and it is more often brought in for deep cleaning and protective plating.

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