Pink gold: history of the color of the metal, 3 tests and properties of the alloy, how it differs from yellow gold, the cost per 1 gram of metal

Every year the jewelry world offers more and more fashion trends. Whereas in the past yellow gold The pink jewels were worn by almost every girl, but today they are replaced by pink jewelry. Ever since the days of the Soviet Union, pink jewelry has been popular. red metal and many people knew about it. But only in the last few years has the pinkish shade been at the peak of fame. The products are distinguished by their unusual color, interesting appearance and shapes.

The Story of the Rose Alloy: From Marriage to Fabergé Precious Eggs

What is pink gold the world learned a few centuries ago. But back then, experiments with components that resulted in the appearance of such a hue were considered a mistake. This meant that objects made of such precious metal were considered defective, which instantly devalued them.

This is due to the fact that the ancient population recognized the existence of only yellow and red precious metal. If the recipe was not followed, alloy received an intermediate color. The first coins of the Roman Empire did not have a golden yellow color, but a red one. This tone was the result of the use of a large number of different additives.

Pink gold as a marriage for jewelers for years
Pink gold ring with diamond

Only later, along with the rapid development of jewelry, did the mother-of-pearl metal begin to mean something. When it became difficult to surprise buyers with a gold shell, craftsmen began to use the unusual color.

Medieval Europe used it to make jewelry for members of the royal nobility. During the reign of Henry VIII, the population first learned about the 22-carat red precious metal.

As early as the middle of the 18th century it became fashionable to wear costume jewelry made of different colored alloys: yellow, white, pink and green. The famous jeweler Jean Ducrolet was the first to use a combination of these metals in the making of jewelry.

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The world-famous Fabergé Eggs were also made of pink gold. Between 1885 and 1916, the alloy became the most popular around the world. The precious metal was especially loved by Karl Fabergé, who made precious eggs for the imperial family.

Pink gold: what is this alloy, properties and proof

Gold, silver and copper in the alloy form a rose gold, the saturation of which tone depends on the proportion of copper in the ligature. The color of the piece can vary from a faintly pinkish to a deep red. 

The pink metal has essentially the same properties as the yellow metal, but there are some differences. The composition is characterized by increased plasticity, which allows you to use it to create hand-made openwork jewelry with a complex weave. This property contributes to the rapid giving of the desired shape to the alloy, an elegant look to the product without unnecessary difficulties.

Strength level

The high plasticity of metal does not allow it to have a high strength. Unusual jewelry pleases with interesting forms, but is too prone to damage. The high amount of pure precious metal in the item makes it especially fragile, which is characteristic of high-grade alloys. It can burst even with a minor impact.

Pink Gold
Pink gold is an alloy based on yellow precious metal and a ligature

All shades of pink

If the alloy contains a sufficient amount of copper, its color acquires a subtle tint. The more copper is present, the richer the color. The precious metal can be gently pinkish, peachy, reddish, and rarely orange.

Compositions of the three samples

Regardless of the alloy grade, the precious metal formula includes the same components. The ligature differs only in the ratio of the components, and the alloy is how much gold is contained in the alloy:

  • 750 - aurum - 750 gr., copper - 150 gr., silver - 100 gr;
  • 585 - aurum - 585 gr., copper - 325 gr., silver - 90 gr.
  • 375 - aurum - 375 g., copper - 375 g., silver - 250 g.
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Chemical method of obtaining the precious metal

To obtain the unusual alloy, a purely chemical method is used. The base of the mixture is aurum 999 proof in a certain percentage. Additional components are copper and pure silver.  

The following compounds are the most popular:

  • Gold 75%, silver 12.5%, copper 12.5%;
  • Gold 58.5%, silver 9%, copper 32.55%.

Such compositions refer to easily deformable, plastic materials. Depending on the amount of silver The color of the products may be referred to as "rose" or "pink.

Pink gold alloy
Rose gold alloy

The benefits of rose gold

There are several advantages, focusing on the composition of the ligature:

  • large selection of colors;
  • metal ductility;
  • low cost;
  • the possibility of using different gemstones.

Plasticity and making airy designs

The main thing that the pinkish metal excels over the usual yellow metal is its increased malleability. This property allows you to make unusual complex jewelry, which helps to look even more spectacular.

Relatively low cost

The affordable cost of the products also attracts attention. This is due to the limited components and a small content of precious metals in the composition. This makes it stand out among platinum jewelry or products of white or yellow gold.

Combinability with all stones and styles

The pinkish color gives the costume jewelry a delicate, vintage look. In addition, the alloy is easily combined with various gemstones. The different range of colors allows you to choose jewelry based on your skin color type. Each girl can choose a tone that perfectly matches her skin tone.

As mother-of-pearl gem metal itself is quite bright, it is most often encrusted with semi-transparent stones. It is not uncommon to find pieces with pearls, as their color accentuates the features of the metal. It is also possible to use the following stones with a warm hue:

  • diamond;
  • hyacinth;
  • pomegranate;
  • emerald;
  • sapphire;
  • ruby;
  • chrysolite;
  • spinel.

Disadvantages of the alloy

Like any metal, nacreous metal is imperfect, and thus has certain drawbacks related to the components of the ligature and their properties: 

  • The alloy contains a lot of copper, which makes it difficult to repair the pieces. When jewelry is restored, the solder joints may become black or change in texture;
  • The ligature is more susceptible to chemical attack;
  • can be deformed when exposed to high household temperatures.
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The benefits of rose gold
Pink Gold Engagement Rings

Metal in toughness

In order to get the desired shade, it is necessary to use a large amount of copper and a small proportion of silver. This makes the alloy soft, ductile, but completely fragile.

Products are deformed and burst even with minor impact.

Fragile gold for special occasions

The high content of pure noble metal and a limited number of components makes the jewelry soft. But they are still used as a supplement to a festive image. Often this shade of jewelry is bought as a romantic gift for the other half.

Not suitable for all skin types

Though many people like pearlescent tones, they often do not suit all skin tones. This metal will be the perfect complement to warm and cool skin undertones. The delicate shade blends well with fair skin, but is lost on a swarthy background.

Allergen due to copper in composition

Although the precious metal is naturally hypoallergenic, the addition of large quantities of copper in the ligature makes the alloy allergenic. Hypersensitivity can lead to allergic reactions to the material. It is important to keep this in mind when purchasing pieces.

Cost of 1 gram of pink gold of different samples

It is worth noting that the initial cost is based on the net precious metal exchange rate set by the Central Bank. It is determined by fixing the prices of precious metals on the London Stock Exchange.

To date, 1 gram of 999 gold varies in the range of 4,500 rubles.

You can calculate the value of a gram of 585-carat by using the following formula:
4500*585/1000 = 2633 rubles.  

Cost of 1 gram of pink gold of different samples
Ring with stones

A pawn shop and a jewelry store value precious metal differently. The market price of jewelry depends on the following factors:

  • Sample;
  • weight;
  • whether inlaying with expensive stones was used;
  • the uniqueness, the brand of the product;
  • demand for gold;
  • manufacturer's markup;
  • transportation and other expenses.

What is the difference between yellow and white gold: which gold is more expensive

The answer to the question of what is the difference between pink gold and yellow gold is simple enough, because the main difference is their color. Yellow, white and pink gold composition have almost identical, the only thing is that different proportions of impurities are used.

These alloys are ligated with silver and copper. But regular gold contains most of the noble metals, which gives it strength. Sometimes silver is mixed or substituted with palladium, which significantly increases the cost. The pink alloy is characterized by the predominance of copper, which allows for a delicate shade.

By using more precious metals in the form of silver, platinum, or palladium, the traditional yellow and white gold colors have a high cost. The more copper in the ligature, the lower the cost of production.

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Popular pink gold jewelry

Contemporary jewelry houses are increasingly trying to surprise and seduce customers with unusual jewels. Each of them produces a whole series of pieces in different precious metals.

So there are lines of unusual jewelry made of mother-of-pearl precious metal, which appear more often with the arrival of spring. The pink tone is considered delicate, romantic, which emphasizes the natural beauty of the beautiful half of humanity.

Popular pink gold jewelry
Rose Gold Jewelry

This alloy is used to make wedding ringsThe softness of the alloy allows craftsmen to experiment with the shape of the jewelry. The softness of the alloy allows craftsmen to experiment with the shape of jewelry, to combine several different alloys in one piece, to create an unusual weave, to make interesting patterns.

Cost The price of such jewelry may vary greatly depending on the brand, carat, complexity of the work, the presence of gemstones inlay. It is worth remembering that well-known brands of jewelry always have a high cost. Therefore, the choice of jewelry pieces directly depends on the buyer's preferences and financial capabilities.

Modern combination of these metals in one product

Today, jewelry stores offer customers a huge selection of jewelry in different shades for every taste. But the most popular are items that combine several different kinds of gold. Of course, such items do not always look harmonious with other jewelry items, but with the right choice of colors can become a special accessory.

The combination of several types of precious metals in recent times is becoming a fashion trend, which helps to look at such unusual jewelry in a different way. Such expensive costume jewelry suits girls of different age groups, emphasizes femininity, individuality. It looks quite unusual, exquisite.

A selection of jewelry in different shades to suit all tastes
Jewelry trends

Jeweler's Recommendations for Selecting Pink Gold

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
It is better to choose jewelry in jewelry stores, where you can check the documentation. In this case, the probability of buying an expensive piece of jewelry is several times higher. If necessary, you can always turn to professionals who are ready to help you choose the original jewelry.

The jewel is worth trying on because there are many shades designed for different skin tones. The jewelry is worth trying on, because there are many shades designed for different skin tones. Also, you should remember about the softness of the alloy. If the jewelry is intended for daily wear, it is better to stop at the optimum 585.

The advantage of such pieces is the combination of "affordable price and high durability. If the jewel is "festive," then you can look at jewelry with a higher content of pure precious metal.

Rules of care, wearing and storing fragile metal

The difference between caring for gold jewelry in different colors is not significant. However, it is important to remember that the nacreous alloy is softer and more fragile. For this reason, such jewelry should be very carefully worn, properly stored and preventive cleaning. Then the product will retain its original appearance and natural luster.

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There are some special features that must be observed:

  • material reacts with acids and mercury. It is important to limit contact with household chemicals.
  • The limited amount of components in the ligature makes the composition unprotected. The metal is easily damaged, deformed even by minor impacts.
  • The product can be cleaned at home only with a soapy solution and a cloth. Cleaning heavier soiling, especially if there are stones, is better left to professionals.
Gold cleaning at home with ammonia with peroxide and boiling water
Gold cleaning

Question and answer section

What is the composition of rose gold?

Opinion of an expert
Andrey Seleznev
Chemical-technologist of the plant "Krasny Oktyabr" Volgograd
The mother-of-pearl alloy, like the regular yellow one, contains pure gold. The main impurities are silver and copper. Sometimes nickel and zinc can be used to lower the cost of jewelry.

How is rose gold different from regular gold?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
The hue is practically the only thing that distinguishes a colored alloy from a regular one. The tone of the precious metal is influenced by the amount of copper in its composition, and therefore affects its value. Also, the alloy is more suitable for making thin, complex elements.

What does rose gold look like?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The colored precious metal looks exquisite, although it can have different appearances and even vary in hue. The only thing that is known for sure is that this composition is used only for making unusual, delicate precious jewelry.

Pink and yellow gold which is better, what is the difference?

Opinion of an expert
Andrey Seleznev
Chemical-technologist of the plant "Krasny Oktyabr" Volgograd
The color of rose gold is the main thing that can distinguish it from other precious metals. There is also a noticeable difference between the cost of the jewelry. In the case of yellow precious metal, silver, which is a noble metal, is used for the ligature. Sometimes paladium can be used.

The colored alloy contains more copper, which makes it more available. That is why it is difficult to say which composition is better. More often than not, the buyer makes his choice based on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

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Video: rose gold for creating amazing jewelry for special occasions


I received most of my jewelry as a gift. The most recent unusual gift was a set of rose gold jewelry I received for Valentine's Day. The set has a pendant, a ring, and earrings with stones. Everything looks simple and at the same time exquisite. Perfectly complements the evening image. The only thing is you cannot wear it all the time. But I don't get bored with such jewelry as I wear it only on special occasions.

Masha P., Lviv
Natalia G., Leningrad

Repeatedly I saw products with an unusual pink hue and thought they were costume jewelry. When I looked closer, the consultant explained that it was a type of gold. I bought the ring that I liked so much, but in vain I decided to save some money. I decided on a 375 proof ring, but after a few months of constant wear it got covered with scratches and dents. Very pathetic, because the jewelry is really beautiful, delicate. But at least it is not very expensive. Maybe in time I will change it for a more expensive sample.

My sister has long liked jewelry with a pinkish hue. So for her birthday I decided to buy her an unusual pendant. She liked the gift, she wears it on a chain of yellow gold. Strangely enough, they go well together, although I really doubted it. My sister wears the pendant constantly, so far it has not changed the appearance, the color remains the same bright, does not fade, which makes me very happy.

Valentina V., Stavropol
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