14 karat gold in the metric system: composition, properties, cost per gram, assaying of imported gold in Russia, places of purchase/sale and recommendations when buying gold in the West

Gold in its pure form is not used for jewelry production because of its excessive softness and brittleness. The pure gold standard can only be kept in the form of bank ingots and coins. To increase its strength and make it usable, additives are added. The more additives used, the lower product sample. The most common in the world is 14 Carat gold.  

Gold 14 carat - what it means: the term carat, the origin of the word, the weight of 1 carat and its standard values

The word carat has long been used by jewelers to evaluate jewelry. There is an appropriate grading system for stones and a term that indicates the proportion of pure noble metal used to produce it. The karat system of evaluation of metals has the following values: 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 22, 24. They are denoted by the letters k, K, or KP. It is assumed that weight 1 carat is 0.2 grams. But this value is only used when gemstones are evaluated.

There is no definition today of how much one carat of precious metal weighs.

Gold 14k
Gold 14k

How to determine how many carats are in gold

In Russia, the metric grading system is used, which shows how much pure precious metal is contained in the alloy. To find out what 14 carat gold is according to the metric system, you can use a simple calculation:

14к * 1000/24 = 583/585.

Table: Comparison of metric and carat values

Cleanliness assessment system

Regulatory regulation of gold transactions in Russia

At the legislative level, any operations with gold items are strictly controlled. The Federal Law dated 26.03.1998 ¹ 41-FZ "On Precious Metals and Precious Stones" is the main document regulating any operations involving precious metals.

Genuine jewelry must be minted with quality marks. The Assay Chamber of Russia checks gold jewelry. The quality is guaranteed by the hallmark containing three digits of the hallmark and a woman's silhouette. Sometimes there is a stamp from the company that manufactures the product.

Assay and quantity of gold in 14 carat metal

14 karat gold consists of 58.5% of pure precious metal, 41.5% impurities. It belongs to the 585th grade according to GOST of Russia. Composition The main additives are copper, silver, nickel, nickel, zinc, palladium, and platinum. The main impurities are copper, silver, nickel, zinc, palladium and platinum. Iridium and ruthenium may also be used occasionally. These components in the alloy enhance certain characteristics of gold, allowing it to be used in jewelry production.  

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Composition and characteristics of the popular assay in Russia

The task of the ligature is to make the alloy stronger, more protected from external influences. At the same time, the properties of the metal can change along with the additional components:

  • A large amount of copper gives the alloy a red color, which has not lost its popularity. This metal is the most durable, but it is poorly protected against corrosion.
  • The addition of silver makes the mixture more malleable, malleable. It lightens the tone slightly. The greater its proportion in the composition, the easier the alloy is forged and processed.
  • Zinc allows you to get a white tone. Also its addition lowers the melting point.
  • Nickel makes the metal harder and at the same time quite ductile.
  • Platinum gives the alloy elasticity and lowers the melting point.


The 585 hallmark is soft enough to be used in jewelry. The presence of hard metals in the composition allows you to get a strong, durable alloy.


The task of the 14k metal ligature is to maintain the necessary ductility, ductility along with providing sufficient hardness. The presence of impurities slightly lowers the melting temperature, making the composition suitable for jewelry production.

Inertness and wear resistance

14k precious metal is more than 40% composed of impurities, which does not make it any less inert. However, some constituents of the alloy can oxidize in contact with household substances. At the same time, appropriate alloying agents make the metal more wear-resistant.

align a gold ring
14K engagement ring

Shade palette

14 karat gold comes in many forms colors. There are some products white, pink и yellow shade.

ColorType of metal
White58,5% 16%17%8,5%

Russian branding on imported gold

It is not uncommon to see items with carat markings on the showcase. The marking of the product is always made with the domestic branding. After inspection, the Assay Office places the following markings:

  • the letter symbol of the name of the city in which the check was carried out;
  • profile of a woman in a kokoshnik;
  • Sample;
  • frame in the shape of a rectangle.
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The presence of all these symbols means that the jewelry has passed the quality test, corresponds to the declared sample and is precious.  

GOST gold grades in Russia
Russian branding

Other Western markings

Western countries are accustomed to using other markings indicating not only precious but also gold-plated jewelry. Initially, each piece of jewelry shows its carat.

In America, products are not branded, but purity is indicated on the accompanying packaging. Most manufacturers put a K or CT symbol on their products. These marks have the same meaning and indicate the use of precious metals in the manufacturing process.

Certain countries are required to indicate the country of origin when marking their own products for export. There are also other markings that are applied to jewelry:

  • GP - may mean that the jewelry is covered with gold;
  • GE/GEP - a measure of the galvanic coating of the precious metal;
  • GF - the presence of this symbol can mean that the base metal of the product is wrapped in gold leaf.

The cost of 1 gram of 585 gold. Calculation from the cost of 999 proof

The price of 14k gold is influenced by the price of 999. To date, pure 999 precious metal in Russia costs 4,520 rubles per gram. Based on this, using a simple formula, you can find out the price per gram of 14k gold: 4520x585/1000 = 2644 rubles.

At the same time, each manufacturer includes in cost costs associated with production and transportation. Thus, the price can be as high as 3,200 rubles for a 14-carat product. The price of precious scrap is worth noting separately. The pawnshop accepts jewelry at a price of 1,200 to 1,600 rubles per gram.

Branding on gold and sterling silver
999 is the highest gold standard

Where you can buy 585 gold

It is believed that you can buy a genuine product in any jewelry store. At the same time you can find 14k jewelry in pawn shops, online stores and various trading platforms. But here you need to be very careful. It is important to remember that the presence of markings on products is a guarantee of authenticity in Russia.

The advantages of buying products at the pawnshop, other retail outlets:
The value is lower than the market value because it is sold as precious scrap;
the items have passed the authenticity test;
jewelry can be returned at any time.
The disadvantages of such a purchase:
items cannot be returned;
A second submission will result in a financial loss;
the products being purchased have already been used.

Recommendations on how to distinguish the 585 hallmark from fakes and gilding

The more popular gold becomes, the more fraudsters take advantage of it. Today you can buy gilding for the price of gold on the Internet, bring it in from abroad, and even buy it in a jewelry store. Especially if the items contain carat The indicator, it may not match the % content of the noble metal. There are several nuances of how to detect a fake. To do so, you need:

  • Examine the branding: grooves filled with dirt, poor legibility of markings, crooked or unclear numbers - all of these are signs of a poor-quality copy.
  • Compare brilliance: gold products different The surface is smooth and monochromatic. The decoration has the same luster, both in the sun and in the shade.
  • Evaluate the weight: it is important that the size of the items correspond to its weight. Very often buyers are offered massive precious objects, which are in fact quite light and hollow. It is necessary to make sure that the weight indicated on the tag corresponds to the real figures.
  • Listen to the sound: If you throw a precious piece of jewelry into a glass, it emits a clear, high-pitched sound. Its sound is often equated with the tinkling of crystal.
  • Smell: gold does not smell, the presence of a metallic aroma should be alarming.
  • Apply a magnet: everyone knows that natural precious metal does not react to a magnet, but on the contrary, is repelled from it. But you have to be careful here, because some ingredients used in the manufacture of fakes, like the precious metal, are not attracted by the magnet.
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585 hallmark

Several methods of home inspection of noble metal

In addition to simple signs indicating the gilding, you can establish the authenticity yourself using simple methods:

  • Iodine test. Rub the product with a denim or other dense cloth, drop a little iodine. After a few minutes, a reaction will appear: a low-grade or counterfeit item will darken. If it is real, the color will remain unchanged. Remember that copper and brass items in gilding will also not show the reaction.
  • Acid Reaction. Nitric acid is needed. Drop it on the gold, observe the reaction: green color will appear when reacting with the metal, milky - if the gold has a lot of additives. Pure precious metal does not change its hue.
  • Testing on a ceramic tile. If you run the gold jewelry over the ceramic with a little effort. Genuine metal will leave a golden streak. If a black or gray line appears, the piece is fake.

Secrets of buying 14K gold abroad

There are nuances to consider when choosing imported products.

  • Imported 14k gold may not reach the 585 standard. Since not all countries strictly control the production of their jewelry, the branding may often not correspond to reality. To reduce the cost of goods, manufacturers replace some of the gold with impurities without changing the carat purity.
  • Gold-plated jewelry is marked with "KGP". All items sold abroad, even those that are gold-plated, are marked in carats. There are always symbols next to the numbers indicating gilding: GP, GE/GEP, GF.
Gold Rings
Gold rings with diamonds

Question and answer section

What kind of gold is 14 karat?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Gold 14k consists of 585 grams of pure precious metal and 415 grams of impurities. Based on the composition, it follows that such a product belongs to the 585th grade.

14k on gold what does that mean?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The 14k mark indicates the purity of a piece of jewelry in the carat system. It is used in many countries around the world to mark gold jewelry. If there are other letter symbols next to the carat mark, it is likely that the piece is gold-plated.

Advantages and disadvantages of the 14k  

The virtues of 14k jewels:
The assay is most commonly used by jewelers;
has an affordable price;
The metal is durable, scratch-resistant;
It combines well with expensive stones;
has different shades.
The disadvantages include:
needs special care and periodic cleanings;
The nickel content can provoke allergies.

Simple rules of handling and care of 585 gold

Observing the simple requirements can maintain an attractive appearance and the original gloss of products:

  • Jewelry loses its luster and dulls in frequent contact with chemicals used for household purposes. Even familiar decorative cosmetics ruin the appearance. This means that it is better to limit their contact.
  • To store your jewelry, it's best to get a jewelry box and a cloth pouch. That way, there will be minimal friction when storing several objects. Such storage will prevent scratches.
  • You can clean your jewelry at home with a soapy solution. Do not use abrasives or stiff brushes.
  • Once every few years, it is advisable to have the precious metal professionally cleaned.
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585 proof/14 carat application

14 carat gold in Russia corresponds to 585 proof, which today is most often purchased for daily wear. The jewelry combines an affordable cost and the corresponding quality. They are characterized by durability, strength and unusual appearance.

The variety of shades and the durability of the metal allows it to be used in the production of vintage style jewelry. Many heirloom pieces of jewelry are made with this hallmark.

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Customer Reviews

My sister brought back gold earrings as a gift from her vacation, which had a 14K hallmark on them. I read on the Internet that it is the analogue of our 585 hallmark, consisting of 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. But I was confused by the presence of GE symbols. After a little more searching, came to the conclusion that this is the usual gold-plated bijouterie. I wanted not to tell my sister about it, but I had to, because after half a year of constant wear the earrings had darkened, and the gold layer wiped off in some places.

Masha N., Petersburg
Agniya L. g, Peter

My husband and I often travel and bring back gold from trips, as it is quite cheap in many countries. Over time, we resell the items, returning the money invested and getting a good profit. But we often come across situations where imported gold of high purity only reaches the 585 standard. Only after consulting an expert did we learn that there is practically no state control over the quality of goods abroad. Producers can put a higher proof, but they can change the composition of the alloy on their own. Then its price is also significantly reduced. 

When choosing engagement rings, we were faced with a huge selection of manufacturers and models. For a long time we went shopping, looked, and seemed to find in our favorite jewelry store the option that suited the quality and cost. We bought classical models of 585 hallmark. After a few weeks of wearing them I started to notice that my finger was red, swollen and very itchy. It was decided to return the rings because of the allergy that had begun. The store immediately refused to take them back as it was not a defect. Then we decided to have an expertise to check the sample and compliance with the stated composition of the ligature. We went to the pawnshop, where we had the chemical analysis done and it was found out that the rings were not only not of 585 standard, but they were not gold at all. Only after that they took the rings back and gave us our money back. 

Zhanna G., Moscow

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Ask a question
All over the world, gold is an indicator of financial well-being, and jewelry is a great way to invest. But it is important to buy real precious metal. The higher the proof, the more pure gold it contains, and therefore the more profitable it is to sell. There are a few simple ways to create a fake, which is now actively used by fraudsters:
- Combining different kinds of gold. Mixed jewelry is more likely to be counterfeited. When choosing a piece of jewelry made of several different kinds of gold, it is important to make sure that all of the components are noble. Gold can easily be replaced by other, similar looking metals, but cheaper ones.
- Gilding. gilding can be applied to any surface. If you gild silver, the costume jewelry will be branded with its assay, which does not correspond to gold standards. Real gold should have an even coating, without spots or protrusions.
- Strapping. This method helps to use less expensive metal. Lead or tin is used as the base, and the precious metal is poured over it, increasing the weight of the item. It is possible to detect a fake without special equipment only if you find imperfections on the surface.
- Surgical steel. To determine the authenticity of items made of this metal, a laboratory analysis will be required.
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