Colloidal gold: properties, obtaining and wide application in cosmetology, medicine and electronic industry

Using gold for cosmetic procedures is no longer a novelty. Even ancient representatives of the nobility actively used the precious metal to preserve beauty and youth. Now remedies containing gold particles are also at the peak of popularity.

What is colloidal gold and the method of producing metal particles

Colloidal gold is a solution of gold microparticles in a salt-free liquid. Gold particles have the same charge and are unable to be attracted to each other. This allows them to be evenly distributed in the water, being in constant motion.

Precious metal nuggets
Gold Nuggets

To ensure nanogold the same charge through the water containing the noble metal, an alternating current is passed through. As a result, a solution containing high-grade elements is obtained, which is most often used for cosmetological purposes.

History of the discovery of the "Elixir of Youth

Knowing what colloidal gold is, it is important to understand that it became known many centuries ago. It was discovered back in the 19th century; all its characteristics and qualities were studied up to the end a little later.

Colloidal solution has long been used for cosmetic procedures around the world.

Chinese medicine recommended the ingestion of the "elixir of youth" to cure certain diseases, improve health, and rejuvenate the body. Among the Egyptians, facial masks made of pure precious metal were popular. Often gold was used for body wraps and massages. Nano-gold was believed to help combat skin problems.

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It is worth noting that the ancient tribes considered any liquid that could contain noble particles as an elixir of youth. Whether it was useful for the body, or it is just a myth, it is difficult to say, but even today gold is actively used in many spheres.

Colloidal gold for rejuvenation
Colloidal or nanogold

Unique properties of nanogold

Every cosmetologist recommends treatments with gold, which is able to fight skin problems and cure them. But this applies more to colloidal silver, which has anti-inflammatory qualities. The properties of nanogold are slightly different:

  • promotes regeneration of the skin;
  • reduces the level of acidity of the epidermis, which affects the speed of its recovery;
  • It restores the normal condition of the skin, preserving its youthfulness;
  • enhances the action of other substances, acting as a catalyst in cosmetic products;
  • is used to treat oncology;
  • restores tissue tone by affecting blood microcirculation from the inside.

It is important to say that gold particles have no contraindications and are not capable of causing side effects. At the same time, how the colloidal suspension affects the body is still unknown.

Susal in the food industry
Edible Gold

Wide application of colloidal gold in various fields

Colloidal gold is most often used in cosmetology because of the wide range of effects on Organism and skin. But it is also used in other areas:

  • Coating restoration - pollination is often used to restore different objects, creating a gilding effect due to the lower melting temperature.
  • Engineering - Nanoparticles are used to coat some parts to computers, sensors, lasers, microchips and small electronic devices.
  • The treatment of some diseases is self-inflicted gold is not capable of oxidizing or reacting with chemicals. But it has been scientifically proven to have a detrimental effect on bacteria, bacilli and various tumors. Nanoparticles are used to make some medical drugs. As far back as 1890, the effect of gold suspension on Koch's bacillus was proven.
  • Culinary - in many restaurants gold is used in serving and decorating pastries, desserts and even meat dishes.
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Food gold in cooking
Food Gold

Cosmetology and cosmetics manufacturing

Colloidal gold in cosmetics has been used for a long time. Today there are whole lines of care products and decorative cosmetics for different ages and skin types.

Such cosmetics are produced by many companies and have long been a leader in the beauty industry.

It must be said that the first to produce such "precious products" was the company LaPraire. Their cosmetics contain particles of gold and platinum and have long been their trademark. The popularity of such substances is due to the useful characteristics, peculiar to the noble metals. 

Popular combinations of substances with gold particles in cosmetics

Precious metal is capable of enhancing the effect of any natural ingredients, but it is most effective in combination:

  • hyaluronic acid;
  • collagen;
  • plant extracts.
Hydrogel patches
Hydrogel patches with colloidal gold

What manufacturers have lines of precious cosmetics. Price range

Cosmetic brands in many countries are introducing products using colloidal gold. Korean manufacturers are very successful in making "precious" cosmetics for home use. Popular products with gold are:

  • Hydrogel patches - their purpose is to care for the skin around the eyes. With regular using They have a moisturizing, brightening effect, relieve puffiness.
  • Creams - there is a series for the skin around the eyes, face, neck and décolleté zone. Their task is to lighten, nourish the skin, help reduce wrinkles, increase the elasticity of the epidermis.
  • Fluids - they are tasked with increasing blood circulation in the cells, contributing to the regeneration of the skin.
  • Masks are a mixture of ingredients the dermis needs. They have a cleansing effect, remove toxins, and moisturize well.
  • The serum actively fights wrinkles, relieves irritation, restores skin's healthy look and natural shine.

Table: Known gold-based remedies

Brand name, country of manufacturerProduct, nameAverage price
PETITFEE, KoreaEye Patches, Face Maskfrom 350 rubles
Elizavecca, KoreaWash Foam, Anti-Aging Mask, Essencefrom 580 rubles
Enough, KoreaFoundation cream, anti-aging Nourishing face cream, SerumFrom 750 rubles
FarmStay, Korea  Face Cream, Serum  from 800 rubles.
Dr.sea, Israel  Face Masks Day Cream, Night Cream Concentrate Serumfrom 1900 rubles
Tete, Switzerland  Anti-Aging Eye Cream, Face Creamfrom 2100 rubles.
Payot, FranceFacial Elixir, RestorativeFrom 5,600 rubles

Cosmetic gold threads

Cosmetology and the beauty industry do not stand still. Every day, manufacturers are trying to surprise you with new developments, means to combat age-related skin changes. The more radical and effective rejuvenating means include gold threads. 

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Gold in medicine and cosmetology
Golden threads for the face

It is believed that by running a thin aurum thread under the skin you can activate or accelerate the natural process of collagen and elastin production. This procedure allows the epidermis to regenerate as quickly as possible. The precious metal thread is able to accumulate around itself a sufficient amount of necessary substances, which soon contribute to the tightening of the facial contour.

Aurum injected under the skin does not come into contact with living tissues, so the body does not perceive the injected foreign body as a trauma. At the same time, this treatment of age-related problems is a traumatic method because it can leave scars on the skin. The procedure is also accompanied by a long recovery period of the dermis.

The colloidal suspension in combination with many natural components is aimed at moisturizing, nourishing the dermis, fighting various age-related defects. At the same time, the best way to fight the first signs of aging, which appear after 30 years of age.

Restoration and decoration activities

The colloidal solution is on par with gold leaf is actively used in the restoration of furniture and household items. It is a gold coating for walls, decor elements, giving the surface a luxurious golden hue and natural luster.

Colloidal solution
Colloidal solutions

Electronics Industry

Gold in any form is an industrial metal. It is used to coat various parts in order to prolong the life of some machinery. Gold plating prevents the destruction of the metal and prevents corrosive processes from affecting the material. A colloidal gold solution has become an alternative to more expensive types of coating. The price of such a liquid is directly related to the amount of pure precious metal in the composition. 

Medicine and pharmacology: arthritis, tuberculosis, oncology

Another most popular application colloidal gold - medicine. The precious metal is versatile, allowing it to be used medicinally to treat certain diseases:

  • Used as a means to accelerate the recovery of patients after major surgery, trauma.
  • Arthritis. The disease is an inflammation of the articular cartilage. In turn, gold relieves inflammation and promotes the regeneration of connective tissues.
  • Cardiovascular System. Aurum has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, which is why it is often recommended by cardiologists.
  • Gastritis, stomach ulcers. Colloid suspension helps to reduce acidity, so that there is healing of ulcers on the mucous membranes of the stomach, intestines.
  • Cancer. For many years, the solution affects tumors, neoplasms, not allowing them to develop and grow into cancer. Gold has a positive effect on the body, helping to strengthen the immune system as a whole.
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Food industry and production of dietary supplements

Accounting for all known gold properties allows it to be used in food production. The colloidal solution can be used as a food additive to various dishes. It is denoted by the code E 175. It has no taste or smell. It can be used in cooking: baked goods, desserts, candy. Liquid form is added to alcoholic beverages, creating a bright, festive look. Most often used in expensive restaurants in Moscow, Minsk and other major metropolitan areas.

Subject: Q&A

Does gold thread really help tighten the skin? Because gold does not react with other substances

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
Gold itself is an inert metal that does not react with the environment or other substances. However, the beauty industry has recently introduced a service using rejuvenating gold threads. The procedure is a kind of facial contour reinforcement. Special threads with a soluble shell are inserted under the skin, which serve as a skeleton that does not allow the skin to sag. When foreign bodies appear under the layers of the epithelium, the body increases the production of collagen to reject them. As a result, there is a slight inflammation, scars are formed in the places where the threads are inserted, due to which the "golden mesh" is strengthened.

Does the quality of cosmetics with gold depend on the price?

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
The cost of colloidal solution-based remedies depends on the amount of pure precious metal in the composition. However, price and quality are rarely correlated. There are many online stores offering to buy a variety of aurum-based remedies. Also, some pharmacies offer to order the solution anywhere in the country, be it Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg or Tashkent. However, it is best to choose products from proven manufacturers.

The usefulness of gold in dietary supplements is a myth?

Opinion of an expert
Maltseva Amelia
Specialist beauty center "Asdis" Krasnodar
Gold supplements are used as an adjunct to the treatment of diseases of the nervous system. It has been proven that gold can improve blood circulation in the brain, stimulate mental processes and reduce nervous tension. However, scientists are still unable to explain how and why the inert metal is able to have a positive effect on the body without being absorbed into the blood.
Variety of gold compositions and colors
Gold in granules

Nutritionist's Commentary

Ekaterina Dolgova
Ekaterina Dolgova
By nature, gold is not able to accumulate in the body. This means that it is unclear how it has such a positive effect on a person. At the same time, there is a category of people who are recommended to take the colloidal solution daily as a dietary supplement. It is also important to note that gold is not able to harm the body, because it is eliminated as quickly as possible in a natural way.
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