24 karat gold - how much is it in grams and price in rubles: carat system of gold purity, how much is it in tests, composition, properties of the metal

Gold without additives is rarely found in nature, most often it is an impurity. When the metal is refined, it is purified. But it cannot be used for jewelry, radio parts, etc. The material is soft and easily deformed. The material is soft and easily deformed. But it also has its own specific application. It is necessary to find out what the metal can be used for, to this end determine its purity degree.

There are two systems in use right now: Carat and metric. To learn how to navigate them, you can start with the highest metal: 24 carat of gold - is how much, you can find out by performing simple calculations. It is distinguished by a set of specific properties and high cost.

What is 24 carat gold - the concept and origin of the word carat

The purity of a piece can be different: defined by carats, also denoted by the assay (taking into account the amount of gold per 1,000 particles). Russia and many post-Soviet and Western countries use the metric system. It implies that the metal must be assayed after determining the amount of additives.

The US, Canada, the UAE, China and some Western European countries use the carat system. The corresponding stigma on the precious metal is still found in Great Britain as well, although the metric system was introduced some time ago.

However, both methods of determining the degree of purity gold provide the same result. But the designation is different. The carat system requires a ratio of pure precious metal to impurities contained in 24 parts of the alloy. One such fraction is equivalent to 200 mg of gold.

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Carat - off-system unit of mass equal to 200 mg (0.2 grams)

The designation carat is ct, and this Au-based unit of material purity comes from the Italian word "carato" - the pod of the carob tree. But the weight unit of the alloy corresponds more to its seed, the mass of which is 200 mg. This answers the question: 1 carat gold, how many grams.

Table: correspondence of world gold purity assessment systems

Regardless of which method of determining the purity of the metal was used, it is possible to convert the resulting value into another system. A summary table has been created for this purpose. World systems:

Carat (%)Metric (K)
from 99024

Translation of the sample into carats and back

24-carat gold is considered pure gold. This means that such a precious metal does not need additional calculations. Other values are taken as reference units in calculations, thanks to which pure gold can be represented for each of the systems. Universal formula:

24 : 100 = X : Y,

where X - carat sample


The amount of pure gold can be found out by performing simple steps. If you need to convert a metric sample to carat, use a variant of the above formula:

Gold - 24 carat
Gold bars

X = 24 * 585 : 1000 = 14K.

There may be a slight error in the calculation. But the resulting number is rounded to determine the assay. 24-carat gold can be determined in exactly the same way, but instead of 585, a different metric number, 999, will be used. And it is always possible to determine the other unknown. The metric proof can act as this one:

Y = 1000 * 24 : 24 = 1000.

Here 1000 corresponds to 999 in the metric system, which means 100% content of this precious metal.

24K - what is it: composition and properties of gold

24K gold is the highest grade metal. It is the basis for the formation of the country's gold reserve. The material is particularly valuable. But could this mean that it is characterized by excellent strength and other characteristics - no, such properties are not paramount.

However, all of the physical parameters of the precious metal are taken into account when assessing the appropriateness of its use for other tasks.


Considering that the 24K (999) precious metal contains mostly one component, only its density value of 19.32 g/cm is taken as the basis.3. The composition of the material of the highest assay may also include impurities: 0.01-0.1%. Their amount is insignificant, and therefore the density of these components does not significantly affect the performance characteristics of the alloy. The material is stretchable and ductile. This allows you to make the thinnest sheets of gold leaf - less than 1 mm in thickness.

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24-carat gold is known to be extremely soft. On the Mohs scale, this material does not exceed 3 (out of a possible 10). Such an index does not contribute to the preservation of the geometry of products after molding. Traces will be left on the metal if you move a sharp object. From it you can easily get a new product: to forge a thin foil, to make a wire. And the precious metal will hold its shape at the initial stage of operation. But it cannot withstand moderate and high mechanical loads. Other parameters that determine the ability of the metal to withstand pressure, impact:

  • strength - 120 MPa;
  • hardness - 18 NV.

Melting point

Under normal conditions, the metal does not lose its properties. If the ambient temperature rises significantly, however, the product will soften. This happens when it reaches 1063°C. The boiling point of the precious metal is 2947°C.

Gold melting
Gold melting

Consistency of color in 24K gold

The alloy contains a minimum amount of ligaturesThe material is characterized by a bright yellow color, and it is very saturated. It is characterized by a bright yellow color, and it is very saturated. The predominance of platinum group metals makes the alloy lighter, and copper makes it red. But this is insignificant for 24-carat gold, since the content of any of the above-mentioned components does not exceed 1%, and often it is even less.


The material does not react with other chemical compounds, substances. For this reason it is called inert. Gold Alloy The highest grade does not change its properties when exposed to most acids, sulfur, oxygen, natural waters or other substances, aggressive liquids.

The exception is mercury. Gold forms an amalgam with it. In addition, mixtures of some acids can help dissolve the precious metal.

The difference between 14 and 24 carats

According to the table, which summarizes the world's main systems for determining the purity of the material, a 14-carat gold alloy corresponds to 585 proof. The composition includes 58.5% of precious metal, the remaining amount - additives, because of which the products of this group may cost less than items made of gold alloy of high purity. But money is not the only factor that counts. Other differences:

  • The 585 metal has a higher hardness, which means that it can better withstand mechanical stress;
  • Due to the strength characteristics it is possible to produce various items, jewelry;
  • There are different shades with the same amount of precious metal, this is due to the change in the ratio of the ligatures.
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For comparison, the value of impurities in the composition of fine gold is not more than 0.1%. This not only impairs the performance characteristics of the precious metal, but also contributes to a rapid loss of attractiveness.

Russian gold assay
Assay mark 585

High-carat gold applications

Two directions are known uses precious metal:

  • production of parts, products for use in various industries, as well as in medicine;
  • the use of gold alloy microparticles, which improves the properties of solutions, products used in the manufacture of cosmetics, food products, etc.

The form of the precious metal is chosen based on the application. If there is no possibility of using liquid metal, a softened alloy or a version with additives is used. The field of application of the gold alloy:

  • bars and coins in the bank: at the state level, the metal is valuable because it makes up the gold reserve of the Russian Federation, the alloy 999.96 is used to produce bars, coins, they are stored in banks, such products can be purchased and also earn on the rise in prices;
  • Exchange product for investment: there is an increase in the price of precious metal, which allows you to use it to earn money, provided the investment of funds (investment), but it is better to buy gold in a bank, rather than on the stock exchange, because the procedure for withdrawal of the metal is not so simple;
  • jewelry industry: precious metal 999 is practically not used for jewelry and other decorative items because it is fragile, brittle, deforms under the influence of cutting tools, and therefore is more often used to obtain new alloys;
  • medicine: microparticles are included in some preparations, gold 999 is more often used in this form, as it is extremely difficult to obtain more other products (parts, elements of machinery, etc.) from it;
  • Cosmetology: gold has been used for thousands of years to improve the properties of the skin, for this purpose using colloidal precious metal, which makes it possible to improve metabolism, to provide the body with oxygen, vitamins, the desired effect is achieved through the penetration of microparticles of gold (less than 6 nm) in the skin, it is also possible to use a cream containing gold;
  • food and the alcohol industry: there is such a thing as "food gold", it is a microparticles of the metal, which is an additive - E175, it is a type of dye, for use in food consider an alloy containing 96% of precious metal, the rest - impurities;
  • glass production: gold alloy is not introduced into the composition as the main component, it is used as an additional element to improve the properties of the base material, to create a coating, it is used in some stages of the technological process before the own production, in addition, there are other areas of application in this area;
  • electronics: the precious metal is soft, and therefore not used in large quantities, it is most often used to improve contacts, on boardsThe gold alloy is used because of its unusual properties (low electrical conductivity);
  • chemical industry: the purest gold with the minimum amount of additives (0.001-0.01%) or 999.99-proof metal can be used for one purpose only - to perform electroplating, the metal is used to improve the decorative qualities of non-precious products (from nickel, copper, brass).
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Interesting: Pure gold is used in one of the most famous areas - sports, it is covered with silver medals 925, which are positioned as gold, and the amount of metal in this case 6 g.

How and where the gold price is formed: the concept of troy ounce and price fixing

The cost is formed taking into account various factors. The main one is the exchange rate of the Central Bank, which, in turn, depends on the work of the London Stock Exchange. Two daily fixing rates are used as determinants: in the morning and in the evening. And the cost of this metal is set with the direct participation of the 5 largest banks in the world. The information provides the possibility to regulate the prices.

Fixing is a procedure performed for the purpose of determining a compromise in the issue of gold pricing.

It assumes the need to achieve a market equilibrium between buyers and sellers. Prices may be in American dollars or pounds. The reference unit for determining the value of a precious metal, taking into account its mass, is troy ounce. It corresponds to the value 31.1034768 g. This is the way to determine the amount of precious metal.

Cost per gram of 24-karat gold

Before buying, you should study all the offers, where you can buy metal at a better price. And the price is constantly increasing/decreasing by a certain amount, which means that you need to monitor all changes and do it every day. Pure gold is a metal with reference characteristics (it has a pure noble color, luster). Its price does not have to be calculated additionally by one's own efforts, because the Central Bank of Russia sets the value of this parameter.

Precious alloy 999 standard (TSB)Market priceScrap, rub.

Recommendations before buying 24-karat fine gold

Bank metal (bars, coins) can be sold to individuals, not just businesses. To buy it, you must first evaluate its appearance. A quality product will not contain defects. Chips, cracks should not be either. If there is a hallmark on the jewelry, and the metal itself is soft, such a feature can indicate that it is a precious metal of 999. The presence of the hallmark confirms this.

In addition, there should be another branding - from the producer.

Gold Authentication
Checking gold

Other parameters are also checked: color, ringing of the precious metal. They are all auxiliary, but thanks to them you can be sure that the item corresponds to the declared norms. In addition, you should not go to small sellers, because in this case there is a higher risk of getting caught by a crook. It is better to buy the precious metal in a bank. It will not have to be checked for authenticity.

How to spot a fake

First of all, the branding is examined. If the assay matches (999), suggest that the alloy is genuine. Other parameters also determine the original:

  • weight - other decorations are lighter;
  • bright metal yellow;
  • there is a shine;
  • If pressed, the precious metal will be malleable, but one should be careful because it can deform very much (due to its low density);
  • the price of the precious alloy is much higher than the others;
  • the certificates for the metal are checked;
  • To distinguish between gilding and precious metal, you should study the surface: a fake may have an uneven tone.

Interesting: Testing the quality of a high grade metal (999) with a magnet. This will only work if the alloy does not contain iron group components.

Proper care and storage of precious metal in bars, coins or jewelry

The high-grade gold alloy is usually not used for its intended purpose, and therefore retains its attractiveness longer. The metal is not scratched or dented. You should keep your jewelry in a soft-coated box. If it is about precious coins, you can buy a special album. Metal should be protected from contact with water and air. These factors contribute to the deterioration of the appearance of products, as well as damage to the structure of the material, loss of properties.

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Subject: Q&A

How many carats are in the coin of St. George the Victorious?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
This is one of the ways to invest money. The coin weighs 15.55 g. It is considered the most common among others - the circulation is the largest. There are coins in denominations from 3 to 200 rubles. All of them are issued in the XXI century. The value of such products is obvious - they are made of gold/silver (assay 999).

Is it possible to make custom engagement rings in 24K gold?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Engagement rings have a special meaning, which is why many people try to buy pieces made of the most valuable precious metal. Theoretically, they could be made of 24-carat gold alloy. However, the extra softness and brittleness will not allow making jewelry with the necessary properties, as well as wearing it every day without damage.

Is there a carat mark on imported gold? Is there a carat mark on imported gold?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Items that are used domestically and are also sent for sale abroad undergo a stamping procedure. In this case, you can see the carat marking. If a piece of gold jewelry or other object that is brought into the Russian Federation from abroad does not have a metric carat assay, but only carats, it must be marked additionally.

24 karat gold - how much is that in rubles per gram?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Every day, the Central Bank of Russia and the stock exchanges put a price on the precious metal. 24-carat gold is the benchmark by which prices for other items are determined. In recent days, the price has not changed much and amounts to 4,250-4,291 rubles.
24 karat gold
24 karat gold assay

24 karat gold - what is the gold standard?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
It is known that, according to the carat system, gold belongs to the group of metals with the highest purity (24K). Today, it is customary to use the metric method of determining purity. If this system is used, it is noted that a 24K gold alloy will receive a 999 grade.

24 karat gold is how many grams of gold?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
It is necessary to take into account the value of the basic unit of calculation adopted by the carat system - 1 carat corresponds to 200 mg of precious metal. Taking this into account, the content of the precious metal in the alloy is determined.

Video: how 24K gold looks and where it is used

Commentary from an investment broker

Stas Gribanov
Stas Gribanov
Broker, 12 years of experience at the stock exchange
Ask a question
It is necessary to take into account before buying 24 karat gold - the price in rubles per gram changes daily: it is set by the Central Bank of Russia, but depends on the London Stock Exchange. If you plan to invest in an alloy with these parameters, consider different factors: the state of the economy, interest rates of the Central Bank, the situation on the world market. From the metal 999 sample do not produce jewelry, so you should consider for investment bars and coins.

It is necessary to take into account before buying 24 karat gold - the price in rubles per gram changes daily: it is set by the Central Bank of Russia, but depends on the London Stock Exchange. If you plan to invest in an alloy with these parameters, consider different factors: the state of the economy, interest rates of the Central Bank, the situation on the world market. From the metal 999 sample do not produce jewelry, so you should consider for investment bars and coins.
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