Dental gold: what kind of gold in dentistry, indications and contraindications for use, crown fitting procedure

Gold is a naturally versatile metal that is used in industry, electronics, and other fields. Due to its properties metal It is also actively apply in dentistry, cosmetology and even medicine.

What gold is used for in dentistry. Dental crowns - what are they

Gold has been used by dentists for centuries. Precious metal teeth used to be a sign of luxury, available only to the elite. Today, this material is used because of its inertness and durability, even in spite of its high cost. Especially relevant is dental gold in cases where the use of other material for dentures is not possible for medical reasons. 

Most often the precious metal is used to make crowns, which are a kind of caps for damaged teeth. Dentists use a special alloy for the restoration of single masticatory teeth subjected to heavy loads or the restoration of the whole tooth row.

The use of gold in dentures is due to the safety of the metal for the human body. The material is not able to cause allergic reactions, oxidize or react with foodstuffs.

What gold is used for in dentistry. Dental crowns - what are they
Dental crowns in gold

Prosthetics products

Gold in dentistry can be used to make:

  • half-crowns;
  • gold-platinum core inlays;
  • equator crowns;
  • metal-ceramic gold crowns;
  • metal-ceramic gold crowns on implants;
  • metal-ceramic crowns on galvanic gold.
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High grade dental gold

The question has always arisen as to what kind of dental gold is used by dentists. The answer is quite simple, in dentistry an alloy from 916 To 585 pink, depending on the type of parts:

  • 916 - inlays, facets, bridges, crowns, half-crowns;
  • 750 - pins, springs, inlays, half-crowns;
  • 585 - clammers (hooks for fixing removable dentures).

Table: Average cost of dental crowns

Type of constructionPrice, rubles
Full crownAll-cast - 10 thousand. Stamped - 7 thousand.
Half-crown5-7 thousand.
Dental inlay (gold-platinum alloy)12,000.
Equator tab10-12 thousand.
Gold metal-ceramic dentures26-29 thousand.
Gold metal-ceramic implant40-42k.
Metal-ceramic "cap" with gold plating30-35 thousand.

It is important to remember that the cost of dentures is affected by the price of a gram of precious metal and the materials used, the method of construction, the status of the clinic and the specialists who make dentures. Because of what prices in different dentist's offices and regions can vary significantly. 

Why a gold crown is a good investment

Some homes still have old gold teeth. If you consider from which gold articles make dental crowns they can be profitable sold to companies that are interested in buying up such items. Today there are such firms in Moscow, Volgograd, Kostroma, Ufa and other regions of the country. That is why dental gold often refers to highly liquid metals that can easily be turned into money. 

Why a gold crown is a good investment
Gold crowns on teeth

Why you shouldn't pawn crowns

Tooth gold is used to make 900 or 916 SampleBut to turn it in pawnshop is worth it only in the case of a hopeless situation. Such material is considered a semi-finished product and, as a rule, its price is not high.

It is important to remember that installing one such tooth is expensive for customers, with costs starting at 11,000 rubles. However, the pawnshop will value such a product at only a few thousand. This means that the owner of the teeth would lose substantially in such a sale. 

It is also important that individual specialists can replace some of the precious metal with other less expensive metals and do gold plating.

Types of crowns: stamped, cast, what is the difference

Crowns, based on the method of production, can be stamped or cast. The former are so called because they are made using standard blanks. In this case, the size of the denture is adjusted during insertion. They are fixed with a special cement mortar.

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Cast crowns, on the other hand, are made individually in each case. They are cast in gold immediately after a wax cast is made. Parts do not require correction before insertion, but require careful grinding of tooth enamel. These dentures are considerably more expensive.

Types of crowns: stamped, cast, what is the difference
Gold crown stamping

Indications for gold crowns

  • it is necessary to precisely restore the shape of the teeth;
  • The need to restore masticatory teeth, which are subjected to heavy stress;
  • the patient has a strong bite or has a habit of grinding his teeth, clenching his jaws hard;
  • the need to strengthen the dental tissues;
  • the need to improve the appearance of the dentition.

Benefits of crowns in the mouth

Using a gold crown is useful for the following reasons:

  • metal prevents the destruction of chewing teeth, which are subject to constant stress;
  • gold helps to repair tissues that have already been destroyed;
  • often makes it possible to replace a natural tooth;
  • helps to hide the imperfections of natural teeth that have irreversibly discolored.

Contraindications for crowns

  • the patient is under 16 years of age;
  • is diagnosed with increased dental mobility;
  • the presence of chronic periodontitis;
  • the presence of mental illnesses in the patient;
  • pregnancy.
Contraindications for crowns
Dentist with dentures

Advantages and disadvantages of gold teeth

Gold dentures have the following advantages:
Gold is not capable of harming the teeth and even the opposite has a positive effect on the oral cavity and the entire body;
The inertness of the metal prevents it from reacting with saliva or foodstuffs;
when the jaw is closed, the gold tooth is not able to destroy tissue in the opposite rows;
The precious metal is not capable of causing allergies;
Gold alloy is a strong, durable material.
The use of gold crowns also has its disadvantages:
The use of almost pure gold implies its natural softness. Although the alloy contains a ligature that enhances its strength, such teeth will gradually begin to wear away, although it may take decades;
The high cost of the source material is not affordable to everyone;
Gold dentures look good on the sides, for restoring front teeth it is better to choose another material.

Gold crown installation

Before you can proceed directly to prosthetics, you must carefully prepare the oral cavity and fabricate the crown. All this takes some time. While the denture is being made, the patient walks around with a temporary denture, which protects the prepared tooth and alleviates discomfort.

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Gold crown installation
Gold crowns are rarely placed on anterior teeth

Multistep process of oral cavity preparation

  • Treatment if there are abnormalities. Prosthetics are performed only for healthy teeth. If necessary, treat caries, replace old fillings, restore pins.
  • Thorough anesthesia. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic.
  • Grinding the tooth for the crown. For a gold crown, the tooth enamel is ground to the size of the crown on all sides. This procedure allows the tooth to get the desired shape and provides a better bond between the material and the natural tooth.
  • Taking plaster casts is the next stage of preparation. An impression of the upper and lower jaw is made.
  • Making a wax model. A wax model is cast on the basis of a plaster cast, in which a gold denture is made.
  • A cast of the golden original.

Installation after fitting

When the denture is fabricated and ready to be fitted, the doctor must check the shape. Prior to placement, a fitting is performed, which may require size adjustments. Before the denture is placed, it is checked to see if the jaw closes properly, the crown fits well, and causes no discomfort. After all inaccuracies are eliminated, the crown is placed in a cement denture.

Habituation phase and careful oral care

Applications A gold denture seems unaccustomed at first. Someone feels pain, the tooth scratches. In such situations, it is necessary to visit the doctor again, to check that the crown is properly placed.

The first few days of habituation, patients are advised to reduce the amount of food they take. But gradually, you can return to a normal diet. Do not give up solid foods, because it is important to check how well the prosthesis absorbs the chewing forces.

At first you may experience dry mouth or excessive salivation, but all this is a normal reaction of the body to a foreign body. It is recommended to massage the gums to increase their blood circulation.

Particular attention should be paid to daily hygienic procedures. In addition, it is important to rinse the mouth with a salt solution. If you have diction disorders, you should read out loud and speak out loud. As a rule, normal speech returns in a few weeks.

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Expiration date of a gold crown
Gold in the teeth

Expiration date of a gold crown

With quality workmanship, proper care and compliance with all recommendations, orthopedic prostheses can perform their function for more than 15 years. If the measurements and fabrication of the crown were performed using modern high-precision computer technology, their lifespan can be significantly extended. However, after 15 years it is worth a visit to the dentist to identify problem areas in time.

Table: Cost of work in major Russian cities

Type of crownPrice
Single tooth gold dentureFrom 13 thousand rubles.
Metal-ceramic prosthesisFrom 19 thousand rubles.
Zirconium dioxide dentureFrom 15 thousand rubles.
Porcelain denture for front teethFrom 18 thousand rubles.

The new trend for a golden smile

The fashion for gold teeth appeared quite a long time ago. They are actively used in modern prosthetics as well. At the same time, it is now at the peak of popularity to flash a golden smile with different inlays. This is done with the use of grills, which are precious decorationswhich can be put on one or more front teeth.

Jewelry on teeth grills
Fancy dental jewelry - gold grills

Such an accessory is not fixed firmly and can be easily removed if necessary. They can have absolutely any shape, inlaid with stones, and made of different materials. You can buy jewelry in Russia through the Internet with delivery to Podolsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Togliatti, Chelyabinsk, Samara and other cities in the country. You can also find a specialist who can produce customized grills.

Prosthetics know-how or a dental gadget

As the modern world seeks to control everything with gadgets, scientists have engaged in the development of smart prosthetics. The Goldtooth development involves inserting an electronic device into gold crowns. The result is a perfect tooth with which you can send e-mail, use the Internet, and make calls on social networks and cell phones. Of course, so far, this development looks completely unrealistic, but soon it will be possible to put it into practice.

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Subject: Q&A

Why has the crown sagged after a few years?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The human body undergoes age-related changes that include a decrease in gum tissue volume. This causes the upper dentition to rise and the lower dentition to fall. Dentists call this process recession. This means that if there are crowns, a gap may appear between the gum and the "cap", provoked by the movement of the tissues. In case of discomfort, you should contact your dentist.
750 gold crowns
Dental crowns made of gold

Why does a crown give me a sour taste in my mouth?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
A sour taste in the mouth can be a sign of galvanism in the mouth. That is, electrical impulses can occur between crowns made of different metals. As a result of such chemical reactions, the patient begins to experience a sour metallic taste. If such symptoms are ignored, later on you may face serious problems not only in your mouth, but also in your entire body.

Which crowns are better: gold or expensive metal-ceramic?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Each type of crown has its own composition and properties. They have their advantages and disadvantages, and also differ in cost. The use of precious crowns is due to the following characteristics:
  • durability, serving for at least 15 years;
  • comfortable wearing;
  • minimal impact on natural teeth;
  • corrosion protection;
  • increased durability.

Their main disadvantage is the unnatural color of the coating. That is why such structures are not used for front teeth.

The advantages of metal-ceramic are considered to be:

  • durability, lasts at least 8 years;
  • natural appearance;
  • partly composed of precious metal.

However, these dentures sometimes have cracks and chips due to poor quality materials or improper fitting. They are less durable, but they can also withstand chewing loads.

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It is impossible to say which type of construction is better, because each of them is quite popular. In this case, each patient independently determines the material, based on personal preferences and financial capabilities.

Gold crowns
Gold decorative crowns

Orthodontist comments

Oleg Sergeevich Klavdiev
Oleg Sergeevich Klavdiev
Orthodontist, Dialine Clinic, Volgograd
Ask a question
An annual preventive visit to your dentist is on the list of recommendations for the care of your gold teeth. After all, constant stress, gum problems and oral health problems can affect the denture, even if the patient does not feel it.

Over time, the space between the crown and the tooth can fill with fluids. Then the fixing solution breaks down. Under the crown, food and therefore germs start to enter, destroying the natural tooth.

It is important to understand that removing the pulp of the teeth before dentures will not allow you to feel pain in the first stages. Therefore, often dental problems are detected only when the enamel under the crown is completely rotted. It is to prevent such situations that preventive examinations are important.

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