The mysterious 975 hallmark, what is the metal, gold or silver: the features of the alloy, pros and cons, the cost of 1 gram

To some precious alloys Buyers give more preference, guided by the price to quality ratio. Fans of the original are more likely to buy a product of rare marks.

One such alloy is the 975 proof, which is quite rare. It will be interesting to know where it is sold, and how much one can buy jewelry with this hallmark.

975 hallmark - what kind of metal is it, gold or silver

If we refer to the global standards, we can see that 975 Sample It is not found in the lists of existing alloys of all precious metals used for jewelry. However, such a marking can be found on both silver and gold jewelry.

If we talk about the composition of such an alloy, then 97.5% of its mass should account for the precious metal, and the remainder will be various additives.

Rings on the hand
Silver Rings

The noble metal silver. The concept of assay. Why silver is diluted with ligatures

Silver - is a malleable and fusible element in the precious metal group. This group includes gold, platinum, and five other platinum-grade metals.

Lunar metal is considered a symbol of purity, is a universal material for creating amulets and religious paraphernalia, has unique bactericidal properties.

Silver is a soft material, so it is not used "pure" in jewelry. The precious metal is alloyed with various additives that change the final characteristics of the whole alloy. These additives are called alloying agents. They can change the color of the alloy, increase hardness and wear resistance, and improve casting properties.

Most often silver is alloyed with copper, zinc, cadmium, nickel, and less often with platinum and gold.

Sample of precious metal tells you the amount of noble material in relation to the entire composition of the piece. For example, if a silver ring is marked "925," that means that 92.5 % of the entire piece of jewelry is pure silver, with the remainder accounted for by various impurities.

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Often stamps of different countries visually differ from each other, because states may use different systems for measuring the purity of metals. Russia, for example, adopted the metric system, which replaced the zolotnik system, in effect until 1927. Many European countries have adopted karat method of measurement.

The carat method of measurement.
1 jeweled carat

Mysterious sample 975

What does 975 proof silver or gold mean if the world standards do not include such a concept?

Most likely, the 975 marking on the lunar metal is nothing more than 925 sterling silver. The number 7 could have been poorly printed or erased over time. This is especially true of antique pieces. It is likely that over the years, the second number on the surface of the jewelry has simply acquired a resemblance to a seven.

There is a similar situation with 875 precious metal. It is easy to mix up the numbers 8 and 9 on antique pieces.

As for gold, the number 975 can be taken as the metric value of 375.

Russian GOST includes the following gold alloys: Z75, 500, 58Z, 585, 750, 916, 958, 999. So if the seller assures you that the jewelry work is genuine 975 proof gold, you can be sure - in front of you a fake.

You can check the authenticity of the precious metal yourself. Try to drop iodine on an inconspicuous part of the item. Genuine silver will darken quickly. The formation of a plaque or complete absence of any reaction will tell you that it is fake.

The solar metal also darkens from contact with iodine. Lightening of the stain is possible only on counterfeit items.

Silver jewelry and iodine
Iodine to check the authenticity of silver

What the stigma looks like

The stamp on the silver should look as follows: first the code of the state inspection is put, then the mark of the assay certificate, and after that - the numerical marking of the hallmark.

The state inspection cipher informs about the territory where the product was branded.

The mark of the assay certificate on the territory of Russia looks like the imprint of the profile of a woman in a kokoshnik. If in front of you USSR productThe sign will look like a five-pointed star or a worker's head.

All alloys containing at least Z0% of the precious metal are subject to branding.

All information about the lunar metal item must be inscribed in a figure resembling a barrel. The information about the gold items is inscribed in a figure resembling a spatula.

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The certifying seal should be looked for on the following parts of the jewelry:

  • Rings - put on the inside of the rim;
  • Earrings - put on a clasp;
  • Bracelets - you should look for the clasp or the last link at the lock;
  • Necklace - put on the clasp;

If you come across a 975 marking, it is worth carefully inspecting the entire branding for the presence of each mark. The absence of any inaccuracies will be an indirect confirmation that you are not a counterfeit.

The marking can wear off from constant contact with the skin. This is especially true for laser-etched impressions. Statistics show that after 5 years of daily wear, the laser mark becomes barely distinguishable.

Silver chain
Silver chain

Table: popular silver grades, their applications

The prescribed numerical designations of silver samples according to the Russian GOST: 800, 830, 875, 925, 960, 999.

Depending on the purity of the alloy, moon metal is used to create a wide variety of items. Consider the most sought-after grades in the table below.

MarkingQuantity of silver, gQuantity of copper, gProduction
800800200A sturdy alloy used to make tableware, writing instruments, and decorative items.
830830170It is used in the manufacture of household items, figurines, cigarette cases, crockery.
875875125It is used in the jewelry industry, as well as to create kitchen utensils, decorative elements.
92592575It is mainly used in the production of jewelry, minting coins, commemorative marks.
96096040It is used to create filigree jewelry, luxury items.

Table: Popular in the jewelry world gold hallmarks

To find out how much gold is in the most popular alloys, you can use the table:

Metric system999958750585583500375
Carat system24К23К18К14К14К12К
Amount of pure precious metal99,9%95,8%75%58,5%58,3%50%37,5%

Cost per gram of 975 sterling silver and gold

The value of any alloy depends on the price of pure precious metal set by the Central Bank of Russia. To determine the current sample price, you need to multiply the current price of the highest alloy by the required coefficient.

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Branding on gold and sterling silver
999 gold

For 2021, the price 999 gold is about 4,100 rubles per gram.

Then, if 975 gold standard existed, its cost could be calculated as follows:

4100*0.975 = 3997 rubles.

Similarly, we calculate the cost of 975 proof silver.

Price of pure silver for 2021 is about 37 rubles per gram.

Then 925 proof silver would cost: 37*0.975 = 36.5 rubles.

Where to buy 975 proof jewelry

Jewelry with such a marking cannot be found even in private workshops. It is possible that this alloy can be made to order by a professional jeweler, but this raises the question of the expediency of such a request.

You can come across many ads on the Internet for the sale of various class 975 products. Such ads are placed by scammers, or by people who have inadvertently made a mistake.

If a jewelry boutique tries to sell you a product with this marking, feel free to ask the seller for a certificate of conformity.

Often people try to sell jewelry with the 975 mark by hand. This is where the risk of encountering a fake is highest.

How to clean silver with stones
Silver rings with gemstones

Pros and cons of the alloy

If the 975 alloy existed, it would be considered high quality because of the high proportion of pure precious metal (97.5%).

Its advantages would include:
Presentable appearance;
Excellent casting characteristics;
Suitable for investment.
The disadvantages would be as follows:
High cost;
Vulnerability to physical and mechanical effects;
The need for regular maintenance.

Question and answer section

Is 975 silver good or not?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
It is impossible to judge whether the 975 marking is good or bad, as it, alas, does not exist. It is often mistaken for a 375 gold grade or 875 and 925 lunar metal grades. These alloys have individual advantages that have made them universally accepted.

How do I know if the 925 is fake or not?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
The best solution is to visit a jewelry shop or pawn shop. Most likely, you are misreading the branding, which may have become blurred over time.
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A professional will be able to determine the composition of the alloy with the help of special equipment.

Video: all about silver hallmarks

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Questions about the 975 alloy bring an involuntary smile, as this material is not used to make any objects. Rumors about this metal are born from misinterpretation of the stigma.

Very often scammers pass off 975-grade precious metal as "rare" white gold. Most likely, you are facing a silver 925 or 875 marking, or a fake at all. In order not to let yourself be misled, it is necessary to get acquainted with the existing alloys.

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