22 karat gold: what kind of carat it is, properties, value, and international experience

22 carat of gold - A real rarity on the shelves of jewelry boutiques in Russia. This alloy has not found popularity in our country, but is actively marketed abroad. It is important for the jewelry industry and is actively used for investment.

The concept of carat and proof - the history of the carat system of gold purity

The carat sampling system has Germanic roots and applies only to gold alloys. It is now used mainly in the United States and Canada.

The word "carato" itself is of Italian origin, it was used to denote the grain of the carob tree. Earlier such grains were used to determine and denote the weight of any products, as they had a constant weight of 0.2 grams.

However, for a long time there was no universally accepted weight for a carat. All values were approximate, which led to misunderstandings in international trade. That is why there was a need to adopt a unified standard weight for all. This is how the metric carat appeared.

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The concept of carat and proof
22 karat gold assay

The carat system indicates how much gold is in a 24-carat total weight of a piece.

To translate the carat concept into the metric we are accustomed to, you need to divide this value by 24 and multiply by a thousand.

To determine what carat, the numerical value may be followed by the following abbreviations:

K, C, kt, ct.

Table: Correspondence between the metric and carat systems

In order to quickly convert the numerical value of the sample from one system of measurement to another, it will be convenient to use the table:

Carat system24181414129
Metric system99995875058558З500З75
Pure gold content99,9%95,8%75%58,5%58.Z%50%Z7.5%
22 karat gold assay
22K Gold Ring

Conversion of carats to sample and vice versa

To independently convert the value of one system to another, you need to use the formula.

Hereafter, the metric system will be referred to as "M", the carat system as "K".

The formula for the carat system:

24\1000 = K

Conversion from the metric system:

K = 24*M\1000

Conversion from the carat system:

M = 1000*K\24

22 carats = 916 samples. GOST samples

22 assay has no analogues among the accepted Russian standards. The following markings are established for the "solar" metal in our country: З75, 500, 585, 750, 875, 958, 999.

And yet, 22 carats of gold - what is the carat? If you convert the value to the metric system, the result is 916, 667.

Consequently, 22 carats equals a value of 916.

Alloy composition 916

The Russian jewelry industry does not use this gauge for the production of any items. Abroad 916 proofIn addition to the purest precious metal, it contains copper - about 8.3% of the total composition.

Sometimes the composition is supplemented with silver. Then the 22-carat alloy will consist of 91.6% of pure gold, 3.1% of silver and 5.3% of copper.

The increased copper content in the composition gives products an additional resource of wear resistance, and the predominant content of pure gold gives the precious metal excellent casting qualities.

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22 carats = 916 samples. GOST samples
22 karat gold bar

Characteristic properties and color of 22-karat gold

The high copper content in the composition gives the 916 grade an additional resource of wear resistance. It is more resistant to damage than, for example, the similar 958 sample.

The characteristic color of this alloy is bright yellow. The material is resistant to corrosion and is not susceptible to oxidation.

International practice of 22 karat gold

This metal has found application in the following areas:

Luxury jewelry in the Middle East, India and China

The alloy is widely used for prestigious jewelry in Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Qatar. Dubai's gold markets are particularly full of jewelry made of this precious metal, which is usually heavy and thick.

In Asian countries, 22-carat gold jewelry is purchased as an investment. It is customary for people in Japan and China to invest in jewelry.

It is also possible to buy such items in India, but that is where the risk of encountering a fake is highest. It is also possible to buy such jewelry in India, but that is where the risk of encountering fakes is highest.

Collectible Coins

Many countries use the precious metal 916 marking to mint investment money.

South African Kruger

"The Krugerrand is a coin of the Republic of South Africa. It has the status of legal tender, named after the president of the Transvaal - Paul Kruger.

South African Kruger
Gold Krugerrand Coins

The coin is characterized by a red-yellow tint. On one side is a profile of the president and on the other is an antelope.

 American Eagle

"Eagle" is an investment coin of America. Issued in denominations of $5, $10, $25, and $50.

The front side of the coin features a woman holding a torch and an olive branch, symbols of freedom and peace. The coin is rimmed with 50 stars, the number of states in the country.

The "Eagle" is characterized by a yellow hue. The heaviest is the $50 coin - it weighs about 34 grams.

 American Eagle
Coins American Eagle

Coins of Tsarist Russia

916 alloy was used to mint coins before the Revolution.

During tsarist Russia, it was used to produce a poltina and one ruble in 1756-1776. The last time it was used to mint 20 and 25 gold rubles in 1755 and 1876.

Now such coins are of historical value. On the territory of Russia commemorative coins are made of 999 alloy.

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Coins of Tsarist Russia
Coins of Tsarist Russia

Cost of 1 gram of 916 gold in Russia: calculation of the cost

22 karat gold - how much is that in rubles? To determine the current value of any grade, you need to multiply the current price of the highest alloy by the required coefficient (for example, by 0.916). In this way, you can get the price per gram of the precious metal of the desired grade.

For 2021 the price of 999 proof is about 4100 rubles per gram.

You can calculate the value of 22 carats as follows:

4100*0.916 = 3756 rubles.

Where you can buy 22 karat gold today

It's like this now. precious metal can be bought abroad, at Internet auctions, and in buy-outs of precious metals. It is impossible to find this alloy in showcases of jewelry boutiques in Russia.

Is it worth investing in 22 carats

Gold is valuable at all times. Products made of this alloy can always be sold abroad, but they are not popular in Russia.

Statistics show that the value of 22 carats is not falling, but, on the contrary, is growing year by year.

 It can be assumed that if there are no distribution channels abroad, it will be more profitable to invest in more popular samples.

Marking of carat gold abroad

Usually, imported gold pieces have the word "gold" stamped on them next to the proof. The same goes for the word "goldmult," which means that the product is only covered with gold plating. The same applies to the word "goldmult", which is the term used for gold-plated goods from Germany.

Gold is marked with the letter "K", which indicates the carat system and the numerical value corresponding to the amount of the purest precious metal in the composition.

Premium gold bars
999.9 gold bars

How not to run into a fake. What you need to know

First of all, you should look at the stamp as closely as possible. The impression should be clear and not smudged.

Be sure to study the product tag. If you don't know the language, use an Internet translator.

Check your jewelry for scratches, scuffs, and other damage. Flaws in appearance are only acceptable for antique pieces.

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Ways to check the authenticity of gold and determine the assay

The best way to check the authenticity of gold is to go to a jewelry shop or pawnshop. Appraisers can check the item using a special device called a spectrometer.

All folk methods can not give a hundred percent result, although many of them are very effective.

As for the sample, it is almost impossible to determine it for sure using household objects.

Top 3 ways to test gold

Let's look at some of the most effective ways.

  • Testing gold with iodine.

For the experiment you will need: medical iodine, towel, cotton swabs, alcohol.

How to test gold at home with iodine for authenticity 03 1
Testing gold with iodine

First clean the surface of the jewelry with alcohol, then wipe it dry. A small drop of iodine is applied to the piece with a cotton swab. The drop should also be wiped off and look at the reaction.

If the stain is dark, then the jewelry is made of gold. If it is lighter in color, it is brass or copper.

  • Ammonia.

For the test prepare: ammonia alcohol (10% ammonia solution), medical alcohol, absorbent cotton, towel.

The object is cleaned with alcohol, then absorbent cotton is moistened with ammonia and used to wipe the jewelry for 20 seconds.

If the color of the absorbent cotton changes to blue, then the product contains copper and brass. If there is no reaction, it is gold.

  • Lapis pencil.

A pencil containing silver nitrates is sold in every drugstore. It is necessary to wet the surface of the jewelry and run the pencil over it.

The lapis pencil will not leave any trace on real gold. The surface of base metals will darken.

Lapis pencil
Flapper pencil for checking gold

Determination of the sample using an acid kit

If there is no possibility to ask for an assay, you can try to determine the alloy with a set of acids.

The reagents in the kit are a solution of salts of various alloys or essences of acids and mixtures.

A drop of reagent is applied to the surface of the item. By the tone it acquires, the samples are determined:

  • The pale brown hue is. 583\585 proof;
  • The orange-gold hue is 585 proof, but the gold is white;
  • Green Hue — 375;

The darker the trace from the reagent, the more ligature in the composition. Consequently, if you find a genuine 916 marking in front of you, the reaction will show up as a light stain.

Gold plated sterling silver jewelry 916

Nowadays it is impossible to find the mark 916 on the goods of a domestic manufacturer. However, this imprint is sometimes found on jewelry Soviet times. Next to the marking there is always the branding of the five-pointed star, the symbol of that era.

This is the old hallmark of silver, this alloy was used to make dishes, jewelry, and ritual objects. It is worth noting that products with this marking have a special value because they are antique.

Gold 916 alloy was provided by the Soviet GOST 6835-80, introduced January 1, 1983, but was quickly enough abolished.

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Video: what are the assays of gold


A friend brought back a souvenir from America - a commemorative coin "Eagle". It was marked "22K" on the coin. I wondered how much 22 carats of gold is in grams. It turned out that most of the alloy is pure gold. I am not going to sell the coin, let it stay as a keepsake.

Nikita R., Norilsk
Svetlana D., Donetsk

I never really thought about what the 916th hallmark meant. It turned out that this is how silverware was branded almost 100 years ago. I found this marking on some items that were passed down from my great-grandfather. They will now become family heirlooms.

There is a lot of jewelry marked "22K" in the gold markets of Dubai. My wife bought her rings there made of that alloy with pearls and sapphires. The gold attracts eyes and shines brightly in the sun. In our markets, you cannot find such an alloy.

Vasily Petrov, Moscow

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Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
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Today, 22-carat gold can only be bought abroad or ordered online. It is a rather strong alloy with excellent casting characteristics. Coins are minted from it and expensive jewelry is made from it. The Russian average person is not familiar with such a marking, so he or she may be wary of this precious metal.
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