Top 2 best ways - how to straighten the ring at home: the causes of deformation, options and how to straighten the jewelry

Rings are some of the oldest jewelry that carries a certain symbolism for the wearer. Many believe that a consecrated ring protects against misfortune, others wear decorations For the sake of complementing the image. Rings are an essential attribute of memorable events in a person's life, such as engagement and marriage.

When worn, the shape of the jewelry can change under the influence of external factors. Most often, it bends and takes the shape of an oval.

In almost all cases, the product can be "saved", so do not rush to part with the lost form of jewelry.

Causes of ring deformation

Professional jewelers fix a wide variety of jewelry defects of varying degrees of complexity. The most common factors entailed in changing the shape of accessories are:

The ring is not the right size
Gold repair

Mechanical impact and high temperatures

Such causes of deformity are the most common. Such soft metalhow goldThe ring's surface may be deformed as a result of constant wear. In almost all cases, the surface of the ring will be affected by the external impact on the jewelry.

The ring is not the right size

The ring doesn't fit easily comes off the hand. A knock on a hard surface can lead to scratches and irregularities on the jewelry. In addition, there is always the risk of losing your favorite accessory. A jeweler's studio can adjust the fit ring to your size without losing its appearance.

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align a gold ring
Gold Ring

Sports in jewelry

Exercise such as lifting weights can easily lead to changes in the shape of the product. There are many such exercises at the gym, so it is highly recommended to remove jewelry before physical activity, even if you do not use exercise machines or iron in your workouts.

Excessive gold cleaning

Deformation during cleaning can occur due to too much pressure being applied to the jewelry. The malleability of metal should be taken into account to avoid such situations.

Excessive gold cleaning
Gold Ring Cleaning

Top 2 ways to align a gold ring at home

The easiest way to remove the defect is to ask a professional jeweler for help. This procedure usually does not take much time or money.

If there is no way to get professional help, you can try to level the product at home. Consider two effective ways to correct the deformity on your own.

Straightening on a cone-shaped transom

This method requires a cone-shaped bar or any appropriate diameter elongated object that matches the circumference of the finger. It can be a handle from a meat grinder or a comb, an iron cone, a tripod for a camera. The main condition is that the object must be absolutely smooth and also round in width.

The gold can be heated slightly beforehand, which will make it softer and more pliable. A ring is put on the chosen object, on which you will need to tap with a hard object. A rubber mallet or wooden mallet is ideal. Use a metal hammer is categorically forbidden, it will only aggravate the defect.

Important: The method is not suitable for previously soldered and low-carat gold items. An unfortunate blow can easily split the item.

Straightening on a cone-shaped transom
The process of correcting ring surface irregularities

Alignment with a marker, wooden board, and heavy cloth

The best thing about this way is suitable if the ring shape is slightly deformed.

First, the accessory is threaded on a marker, and then wrapped with a thick cloth in several layers. Then it will be necessary to roll the ring for a long time on a wooden surface, for example, on a cutting board.

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This method involves the use of physical force without fear of damaging the jewelry. This method will take a lot of time, but you should not forget that it takes a lot of time.

Important: The method is not applicable to products with inserts.

Ways to polish a gold ring after straightening

From constant in contact with the skin gold and silver may be covered with a greasy film. Polishing ring will help return it to its original shine and remove minor scratches. This procedure can be performed at at home.

To get your old glow back, use:

  1. Felt, as well as soft flannel fabrics. The structure of these dense materials will give the decoration a shine and help restore the surface.
Nuances of rhodium treatment of colored gold
Polished gold ring

Important: Do not use coarser cloths for polishing, they can leave fine scratches on the surface.

  • Special jewelry pastes, wipes, and sprays. These products were developed especially for jewelry care, they have the property to smooth out small imperfections, giving the ring the appearance of a new product.
  • Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. These products perfectly clean the accessory from natural plaque and dirt. Natural toothpaste without abrasives is also suitable for this purpose.
  • Lipstick and powder. Polishing with this cosmetic will bring the jewelry back to shine.

Important: It is not recommended to use the paste to clean intricate items with intricate patterns. The paste can get caught in the small recesses of the ring, which will ruin its appearance.

Polished gold ring
Polished gold ring with diamonds

Unfortunately, deep scratches on the ring cannot be repaired with the help of home polishing. To fix such scratches, you need to contact a jeweler.

A polished product always looks much more spectacular on the hand, you should not neglect home and professional care.

Video: how to straighten a gold or silver ring at home

When it is better to cope with the master. Cost of ring straightening work

Every day, people who have tried to fix the unevenness of their jewelry on their own apply for "jewelry" help. Lack of skill in this area often leads to disastrous results.

If looking at a deformed piece of jewelry, you have doubts about your own strength, it is better to go to a jewelry shop. The openwork pattern of the jewelry and the presence of precious stones almost completely exclude the possibility of straightening it on your own. Besides, during the preventive maintenance of a jewelry piece, a jeweler checks the strength of all stones and fixes them, if necessary.

The cost of straightening will depend on the complexity of the item. Usually, the cost ranges from 300 to 1,000 rubles. When you give your ring to a professional jeweler, you can be sure that you will get it back in perfect condition.

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Correcting ring deformation
Jewelry repair

Subject: Q&A

How do I straighten an engraved ring at home?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
It is better not to try to straighten pieces with engraving and unusual shapes on your own. Jewelry shops are equipped to straighten difficult jewelry, it is better to trust professionals to avoid more deformation and damage.

The wedding ring is bent. What does it mean?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Engagement rings represent marriage, so their deformation is often interpreted as a harbinger of marital misfortune. We advise not to take such information to heart. Most likely, the reason for changes in the shape of the ring is due to physical or mechanical effects.

How do I straighten a diamond ring?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Working with such a piece requires the observance of all precautions. Handling precious stones is a delicate art, and a diamond is a rather capricious stone. The best solution is also to go to professionals.
How do I straighten a diamond ring?
Diamond ring

What the omens say about a bent ring?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Rings so long ago and firmly entered into the daily life of man that could not fail to "turn" various omens and superstitions. The most famous of them are the following:
  1. A bent "Save and Protect" ring tells its owner that evil forces are trying to influence him.
  2. If the wedding ring is bent, it means that there is discord in the family, one of the partners is insincere in his words.
  3. Omen also say that a bent wedding ring is a signal. It is necessary to look closely at your partner and analyze his actions and words.

As opposed to superstition, science explains the defects of jewelry by physical laws.


I tried to straighten my wife's gold ring, after a decade of wearing it, it started to look like a real oval. The material is soft enough, you can even bend it in your hands, but there is no way to achieve a perfect circle. You need a skill and tools. In the end I took it to a craftsman and had it fixed in half an hour.

Evgeny P., Ivanovo
Raisa K., Omsk

I walked home from work, and the ring slipped off my finger and landed right under my feet! I stepped on it and immediately yanked my foot back, but it was too late. The ring was so bent, I almost burst into tears on the spot. It was an engagement ring! I went on the Internet to get advice for people like me. I found instructions on how to align the ring at home, and showed it to my dad. How nice that my daddy has gold hands! Was able to return the ring to its former shape with a rubber mallet and an iron cone. The ring is back on my finger.

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
In some cases, the defect on the product can actually be corrected at home. There are detailed descriptions on the Internet of how to straighten an accessory using improvised tools. If the ring has a homogeneous structure, as well as very little damage, you can try to restore it to its former appearance yourself.

Always keep in mind that, without the proper skills, jewelry is easy to break or allow cracks to develop. Unprofessional cleaning can also result in a deformed look. Contacting professionals will save your nerves and time.
The author of the article
Raisa Koshman
A chemical technologist by training. She is engaged in manufacturing silver and gold jewelry in her home workshop. She has the 4th category of jeweler.
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