How to reduce the ring to the size yourself or in the workshop: the basic nuances and secrets of reduction at home

The simplest solution is when Decoration suddenly became too big - just put it on the other finger. But this option is not suitable for everyone, because it can be an engagement piece or a gift on the occasion of an engagement.

How can you reduce ring size at home? Is it possible to reduce an engagement ring? Where do I go if I have a similar problem?

We will try to answer each of the questions in detail.

How can the jeweler reduce the size of the ring

There are a total of three techniques for changing the diameter of the ring. Any jewelry workshop will do such work, and the price and timing will depend on the design of the item and its construction. Based on these parameters, a professional jeweler chooses the method of work.

The procedure requires from the master precision, knowledge of the properties of stones and metals.

Adjustment of the size may be necessary when a person has suddenly gained or lost a habitual weightIf you have inherited a piece of jewelry or bought it without trying it on, you bought it in an online store where the size chart does not correspond to the actual size.

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Jewelry workshop
Jeweler in the workshop

Cut 3-4 mm of the rim

This technique fits almost any ring.

First, the jeweler determines how much the circumference needs to be reduced. When the diameter is determined, the jeweler removes the stone and cuts out the missing piece. The jewel is ground and polishing.

The cutting of the bezel portion is done with a laser or open flame. The first option suits most jewelry, even those covered in enamel and mother-of-pearl.

Important: Some of the metal removed from the jewelry is always returned to the customer. The precious metal is his property.

Punch compression

A punch is a tool used when marking, stamping or pressing materials. Jewelers refer to it as a press or "Pinocchio".

Press compression is only suitable for rings without inserts, with a flat surface.

The product is strongly heated to increase the flexibility of the metal. After heating, it is placed inside a special press, similar to a disk with indentations.

Inside, the ring is compressed to the desired diameter, then the craftsman polishes the product.

This method will not shrink the jewelry by more than 2 sizes. In addition, this method is not suitable for items wider than 8 mm.

The compression method is ideal for shrinking an engagement ring when it has become large due to changes in the weight of the wearer.

Punch compression
Engagement Rings

Inserting another bezel

A universal method suitable for non-standard products. It is also the safest, but can be the most expensive.

The master solders another rim inside the ring rim. The material can be used in this case, at the choice of the client. The main thing is that the colors of the alloys do not contrast with each other.

After cleaning and sanding, the soldering point will be inconspicuous.

The average cost of ring reduction services, what it depends on

The prices depend directly on the technique that the jeweler will choose to adjust the diameter of the ring, the complexity of the piece, and its shape.

The average cost of a ring reduction without stonesThe cost of the product is about 500-1000 roubles, sputtering and design extravagances. Processing a product that requires a lot of painstaking work can cost twice as much.

The processing time also depends on the complexity of the jewelry. Simple items are processed in an hour, ornate designer rings - up to 3 days.

Changing the ring size by heating

Defects in the work of the master. How to avoid

If the alloy of the jewelry is unknown, it is better to refrain from adjusting it in a jewelry shop. For example, if ring The first time it was plated with rhodium, it will lose its original hue as a result of being heated.

If a jewelry shop does not have special equipment, it will not be possible to reduce a platinum ring, as this metal is non-melting and inflexible. Sometimes, even with good equipment, a visible mark remains in place of the removed platinum piece.

Cracks, defects in the outline of the jewelry, brightening of silver rings, and the appearance of a seam in the place of soldering can occur due to mistakes of the master. These defects are least likely to occur when the workshop is equipped with laser equipment and the jeweler is a professional with many years of experience.

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It is worth asking the following questions when you visit a workshop:

  • Whether or not there is a warranty for the service. Usually workshops give a six-month warranty;
  • What technology will be used specifically with your product;
  • What will the craftsman do if the ornament cracks during the work, there will be a distortion of the original colors etc.

Reduce the size of the ring yourself at home

Is it possible to reduce the ring at home? Yes, it is possible, but only by a few millimeters.

Apply 2-3 coats of clear varnish inside

A few coats of colorless varnish inside the rim of the ring can help "fit" the jewelry to the size.

The number of layers will be individual. Each layer should be given time to dry. The process can take several hours, on this is a really effective method.

reduce the ring by size
Applying varnish to the ring

If you need to wash off layers of varnish, it is not recommended to use acetone.

This method is only applicable to precious metals, you should not experiment with alloys.

Apply a flesh-colored band-aid

You will need to cut a thin strip of plaster and glue it inside the headband. This method can reduce the size by one or two times, but the bandage will wear out after a couple of socks.

Professional silicone ring pads

Transparent silicone liners are sold in specialized jewelry stores, you can also order them at Ali Express and Wildberries.

The price of a set of 8 pads will be about 300 rubles.

The lining is glued inside the ring, so that the jewelry ceases to slide and fits snugly to the finger.

The pad is made entirely of silicone, a material resistant to contact with cosmetics and chemicals. Also, silicone does not cause allergic reactions and does not scratch the skin.

Professional silicone ring pads
Silicone lining under the ring

The analog of such a pad can be made by yourself. You will need a silicone gun and the material itself.

Using a pistol, you need to squeeze a track of silicone on the inside of the jewelry, then gently distribute it evenly and let it dry.

This one way can help in cases where the product is not accepted in the workshop.

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Apply epoxy glue

Epoxy glue is used for repairing shoes, sealing pipe joints, creating souvenirs. It can be used to change the size of the ring.

A thin layer of glue is applied inside the product. After it is completely dry, the procedure can be repeated.

Ring insert with your own hands

A homemade insert is made from a rod from a pen or a tube from a dropper. A small piece of up to 10 mm is cut lengthwise, then its edges are melted with fire. Now it can be attached to the inside of the ring.

The listed independent methods are the most effective and popular.

It is also possible to reduce with nylon fishing line or twisted thread. The thread is wound around the finger, a ring is put on top of it. The method is convenient because if your hands are suddenly swollen, the thread can easily be unwound.

Sometimes two pieces of jewelry are worn at once - a ring of a smaller diameter is put on the finger above the falling piece. But in this case it is important to take into account the compatibility of jewelry in style and color. For example, gold and silver jewelry on the same hand is considered a sign of bad taste.

What are the difficulties of redesigning rings with stones

Inlays with stones create additional challenges for the jeweler. Usually rings inlaid with jewels are reduced by a cut-out.

385kt gold
Gold ring with stone

Most often, large gemstones are removed from their sockets and the shape of the mount is adjusted after the work is done. There are cases when it is impossible to manage without cutting the setting itself. Then it is soldered back on immediately after reducing the diameter of the piece.

The following defects are encountered when resizing jewelry with a stone:

  • Sometimes the metal breaks at the attachment point of the frame at the time of work or after a certain period of time.
  • The frame may become deformed, which will lead to a loosening of the grip of the stone and further loss of the stone.

Will the reduced view of the ring be worse?

It is worth saying that professionals are able to reduce jewelry size with absolutely no loss of its external data. Moreover, no traces of the jewelry work will be left behind.

Reducing the size of the ring can only affect the appearance of the ring when the craftsman has approached the work irresponsibly.

  1. A gemstone can change tone or crack from overheating. This is why jewels are removed from their sockets before work.
  2. The ring can take the shape of an ellipse. If it is significantly smaller, for example by 2.5 sizes, the pattern may become deformed.
  3. Reduced silver rings may become lighter due to high temperatures. This effect is corrected by special treatment of the surface of the jewelry.
  4. If the ring is made of several metals, it is almost impossible to disguise the seam formed on it.

To avoid such troubles, it is recommended to choose workshops with positive reviews and equipped with laser equipment.

What rings jewelers do not undertake to reduce and why

There are cases when jewelers refuse to reduce a ring. This may be due to the alloy the item is made of, its shape, as well as some other factors.

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Engagement Rings
Engagement rings after reduction

Articles of non-precious metals

Professionals don't usually fix non-precious work.

Unknown alloy The jewelry may behave differently during exposure, and the craftsman cannot guarantee that it will not be damaged. There is always the risk that the costume jewelry will crumble, turn black, or lose its aesthetic appeal.

There is a possibility of oxidation of the material after processing. This will result in the release of substances that are toxic to humans.

The best way out of such a situation would be to reduce the costume jewelry with silicone lining or colorless varnish.

Openwork metal jewelry

Changing jewelry that has ornate patterns, diamond designs, engraving or openwork filigree on its surface is very problematic or even impossible.

Rhodium-plated silver rings with matte finish

It should be borne in mind that jewelry enamel or electroplating will inevitably deteriorate from external aggressive influences.

Rhodium plating is the thin deposition of rhodium on the surface to increase heat resistance and give protective and decorative properties.

Excessive heating of a rhodium-plated silver item will cause the matte surface to deteriorate. It will be impossible to restore the original look and shade.

Gold rhodium plating
The process of rhodium plating

Rings made of refractory platinum metal

Platinum is one of the heaviest precious metals, harder and more resistant to mechanical stress than gold и silver.

To reduce the size of a piece of jewelry made of this metal, it must be very strongly heated. This cannot be done in ordinary workshops.

It is realistic to reduce a platinum ring with laser treatment, but again, not every workshop is equipped with such equipment.

Reducing the original size by more than 4 positions

Jewelers-professionals, as a rule, do not undertake such work. Such a reduction in diameter is almost guaranteed to lead to defects in the piece, especially if it has a pattern on it.

An alternative to reducing the ring - making a 3D stand-in

Specialized printers produce a ZD model of the jewelry. This model is used to create an exact copy of the desired size in a short period of time out of transparent polymer.

The doubler ring is used as a durable lining, with a lifespan of more than a year.

Also, the ZD model can be used to create a similar ring, but of the desired size. A "twin" jewelry piece will be made for you in a jewelry shop using the sample.

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Such copying is a rather expensive method, and is most often used for antique items. Then, to reduce costs, inexpensive ornamental copies are used instead of precious stones.

Price for ZD-modeling services starts at 1000 rubles.

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Question and answer section

Is it possible to reduce the size of a ring with stones?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Yes, but only if the stones are big. Jewelry inlaid with expensive stones such as diamonds requires careful work. The craftsman removes the minerals from the setting before starting the process and then returns them to the setting when the piece is reduced. If necessary, the setting is also adjusted.

Not every model with stones can be changed in diameter.

Is it possible to reduce a diamond ring by half a size, where should I go to get it?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
For this kind of work, it is best to go to a workshop that has laser equipment. You can also try going to the jewelry boutique where the item was purchased.

Laser soldering does not heat the jewelry, which means the stone does not have to be removed. It is the most ideal option for small size adjustments.

Polishing white gold
Reduction of a diamond ring

How do you roll gold rings, what is required of me?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
More often than not, the compression method is used to reduce dainty gold jewelry.

To reduce a gold ring, you need to seek professional advice. You need to take the ring with you. After discussing all the details with the master, the ring will be placed in a special press, which is a disk with special notches. There, the jewelry will be heated and reduced to the desired size.

The cost of the service starts at 300 rubles.

Where can I reduce my husband's ring?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
The ring reduction service is provided by almost every jewelry shop. You can choose the best one according to your reviews.

Before your visit, be sure to know the size to which you will need to reduce the product.

You can find out the size by wrapping a piece of paper around your finger. The length of the segment should be converted to millimeters and divided by 3.14.

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Ring reduction procedure
Ring reduction procedure at a jewelry store

Is it possible to reduce a silver ring?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Silver, like gold, is a fairly malleable metal. It's easy to make your silver jewelry fit the size you want.

Such products may glow from the high temperature, which must be maintained when working, but the effect can be brought back with iodine or chamois ointment, which is sold at any drugstore.

How do you reduce the ring at home?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
There are several ways to resize a ring at home. Usually the inside of the product is coated with several coats of varnish or a special sealant.

You can try wrapping the gold ring in polyethylene and putting it inside the freezer for a few days, this will shrink it to half its size.

How do I reduce the size of my ring if it comes off my finger?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
The problem can be solved by turning to professional jewelers. There, based on the complexity of the piece, they will choose a method of correction. This can be a compression, insertion of an extra rim, or extraction of an extra piece.

You can reduce the diameter at home by using silicone pads, epoxy, or gluing a strip of adhesive tape inside.

Ring reduction procedure
Reducing the gold ring by hand

Jeweler's opinion

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Requests to reduce the size of a piece of jewelry come in every day, it is one of the most common services. The procedure depends entirely on the item itself, simple rings are shrunk in 30 minutes, shrinking openwork jewelry can take several days. Costume jewelry, as a rule, is not reduced, too great a risk to break the product. Also, they do not reduce rings covered with paths of small stones.


It became necessary to reduce the size of the wedding ring, after losing weight it began to slip off my finger. And, as you know, it is very bad luck to lose an engagement ring. I went to a professional, the ring was rolled to my new size in less than an hour. There were no signs of repair on the jewelry.

Raisa K., Omsk
Vasily R., Moscow

I searched the Internet for a way to reduce the ring by size. I tried to coat the inside of the ring with several coats of varnish. The change was immediate - now the ring fits perfectly and does not fidget on the finger. I recommend this simple procedure to everyone.

I never thought I would need a ring reduction. I inherited a piece of jewelry that turned out to be too big. The jeweler was able to reduce its size with an additional insert. We decided to solder the "addition" of the same material as the ring itself. The work looks amazing, I was satisfied.

Valeria P., Stavropol
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