Gold mining companies in Russia: gold mining as a financial resource, Russia's status in the world's 10 largest gold mining countries, rating and list of Russian gold companies

Annual volume of gold, extracted throughout RussiaThe amount of the earth's crust is more than 300 tons, and in the world several thousand tons are lifted out of the ground each year. This amount is provided by many companies. Some of them are more productive. You can make a list of the top 10 gold miners companies in Russia. They gained a special status not only in the Russian Federation, but also became known in other countries (with a large volume of Au production).

Gold as a geopolitical financial instrument on the world market

The evolution of the formation and development of gold's functions has lasted for centuries. Today the precious metal has become the ideal, particularly valuable means of payment and an official investment instrument. The peculiarities of gold have contributed to this:

  • easy division, with each part having the same properties as the whole ingot;
  • long-term preservation of value;
  • easy processing, it is possible to mint coins, which is due to the softness of the metal;
  • intrinsic exchange value;
  • preservation of properties and structure - the metal is not subject to corrosion.

As mankind evolved, the functions of gold were transformed, which also influenced the economy at different times. Gradually Au began to influence international relations as well, but not directly, but indirectly.

There is no monopoly on gold, its extraction, and therefore countries do not have the ability to influence opponents using this leverage.

Gold as a geopolitical financial instrument on the world market
Gold bars

Thanks to the valuable metal there is an opportunity to overcome the crisis. And every time the benefits become obvious gold standard over the international monetary system. This material is notable for its conditional stability, increases the status of states, and can be used as a measure of value. Gold Wares also perform the function of world money.

Top 10: list of Russia's largest gold mining companies

There are quite a few companies that produce gold, but only a few have gone ahead in terms of productivity. Among them are groups of companies, subsidiaries. Foreign enterprises owned by Russian citizens are also noted. But the main feature is not the origin of the company, but the volume of extracted precious metal.

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PJSC Polyus 86 tons

It is considered one of the largest Au mining companies. Its former name was Polyus Gold. The main office is located in Moscow. The year of the beginning of its existence is 2006. Today it is a group of companies, which has been increasing its turnover since the merger of several organizations. The enterprise is based on the artel of the same name - Polyus. Later on it was privatized, and that was the reason for starting its operations. The works were performed on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk region, and they are concentrated there today. The regions were added:

  • Amur Region;
  • Irkutsk region;
  • Magadan Oblast;
  • Sakhalin;
  • Yakutia.

The company's profits amount to hundreds of billions of dollars. A significant share of shares is concentrated in the hands of 3 people, the main shareholder being Kerimov S. In a year, the company lifts from the ground several tens of tons. Since 2006, the company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. This was the basis for the introduction of the company's securities to the stock exchange list. Later, after the reverse takeover procedure, a holding called Polyus Gold International Limited appeared on the basis of Polyus.

Gold mining companies of Russia PJSC Polyus 86 tons
Gold mining company

JSC Polymetal - 25.8 tons

The company is developing deposits in several regions at once: Sverdlovsk Region, Magadan Region, Chukotka Autonomous District, and Khabarovsk Territory. The mining company mines different precious metals: gold, silver and nonferrous metals - copper. The head office is located in St. Petersburg. "Polymetal" exists since the end of the last century. Today it is a large organization, whose shares are traded at different exchanges: Moscow, London and others. It is distinguished by the fact that it is included in the following indices: MICEX, FTSE 250, FTSE GOLD Mines.

Gold Mining Company is public, the shares are sold on the London Stock Exchange. Owns the largest number of securities A. Nesis, A. Mamut. "Polymetal ranked second in Russia by the volume of gold extracted from the bowels of the earth, and third worldwide by silver mining. Today the company mines over 20 tons of Au and several hundred tons of Ag.

Yuzhuralzoloto OJSC GC - 22 tons

The group of companies began its existence in Plast. Areas of activity, according to the chosen form of business: extraction of ores of precious metals, as well as from the sand. Today the company is one of the largest, but two decades ago it ceased to exist. It happened in 1997, when there was a crisis in the economy, a steady decline in gold mining industries.

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An open joint-stock company, which went bankrupt, received a new investor, which allowed it to start operating as a closed joint-stock company. The company's name remained the same, it was already a household name, and it became widespread in certain circles. Today, Uzhuralzoloto is developing deposits in several regions at once: in Chelyabinsk, Transbaikal and Krasnoyarsk and in the Republic of Khakassia. Moreover, the company holds the assets of different enterprises. Among them are mines and mines.

GC "Petropavlovsk" - 23 tons

Large producer gold in Russia mines a substantial amount of precious metal in the Amur region and Trans-Baikal Territory. Today it is a holding company that raises ore from the bowels of the earth and extracts gold. In contrast to the reviewed enterprises "Petropavlovsk" is registered abroad - in the UK. The head office is located in London. At the same time, it is noted that the organization has representative offices in Moscow and Blagoveshenka.

Top 7 major gold miners in Russia
Industrial gold mining

The holding is large and constantly developing. Its shares are taken into account when calculating the FTSE 250 and FTSE Gold mining indices. Most of it is owned by Yuzhuralzoloto, as well as other enterprises. The history of the company begins with the cooperation of a citizen of Russia and Great Britain. Gold was produced by the method of heap leaching, 8 years later the first plant was opened here, at the mine, where the history of Petropavlovsk Company began. The development is rapid: first the shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange, then a group of companies was registered.

"Petropavlovsk" opens Pokrovsky Mining College (2008), it was supposed to train specialists for the development of the mining plant.

Vysochaishy PJSC - 8.5 tons

Several people own shares in the company (S. Dokuchaev, N. Opaleva, etc.), as well as other businesses. Gold are lifted from the bowels of the earth on the territory of Yakutia, Irkutsk Region, where the head office of the enterprise is also located. Initially, the purpose of the enterprise was to develop the Golets Vysochaishy deposit, which gave rise to the corresponding name of the enterprise. The mining and processing plant raises up to 10 tons of ore annually.

The company has been developing for 20 years. The direction of activities remains the same, but the area of influence increases. On the basis of Vysochaishy PJSC other mining and processing plants appeared: Taryn and Ugakhan. Today, the company is a separate business unit, has gained credibility and occupied one of the first places in the rating of major gold producers in the gold mining industry.

JSC Pavlik Gold Ore Company - 7.09 tons

The organization was named after the deposit of the same name located on the territory of the Magadan region. The mine has been developed since 2007. The mine is considered to be rapidly developing, and the volume of gold mined is substantial - more than 7 tons per year. For a long period of time the mine has brought about 200 tons of precious metal. The mined metal is classified as C1 and C2 gold. It is predicted that the mine can provide much more valuable metal (300 tons).

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In 2012, an enterprise - Pavlik Mining and Processing Enterprise - was formed. Two years later they started to develop the deposit using the open-pit method. So far, only the first stage of the enterprise has been launched. Not so long ago there was information about the launch of the second stage. And the enterprise will give out a higher production capacity.

PJSC Seligdar - 7 tons

This company is one of the oldest. It was established in 1975. Today it is among the largest gold mining companies in Russia. The development began with a small organization - artel miners with the same name "Seligdar". It was obtained due to its location - on the river Seligdar. In the first five years of the enterprise received about 600 tons of gold, which was an indicator of the enormous productivity. Over the following years the amount of precious metal continued to increase. By 1996 it amounted to 900 tons.

PJSC Seligdar - 7 tons
PJSC Seligdar

At the same time, development of other deposits began. The second was the Lopukhovsky mine. At that time the work was accompanied by failures, as a new technology for gold mining. As a result, "Samolazovskoye" deposit was discovered; according to specialists' assumptions, it contained more than 10 tons of gold. In 2005, the direction of the company changed and it was decided to give up placer development, which allowed the organization to reach a new level of production - 1.7 tons.

The volume of mined precious metal increased as licenses for the development of new deposits were obtained. In 2016, the shares were included in the Mosbirch Broad Market Share Index. The company launched a mill where most of the operations performed with ore are automated.

JSC Susumanzoloto - 6.4 tons

As of 2019, the company ranked 11th on the list of Russia's largest and most productive of gold mining companies. The history began with the emergence of the mining and processing plant. Today the main office is in Magadan, and the additional office is in Susuman. The company got its name due to the development of 20 mines in the area of the same name.

In times of active development, new gold mining technologiesThe company was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. Susumanzoloto" company appeared after the division of the enterprise - Susumanskiy mining and processing enterprise, which was later reorganized with the subsequent formation of the mining and processing plant: Susumanskiy and Berelekhskiy mining and processing plants. Today, it develops deposits on the territory of the Magadan Region - in different districts. The main method of extraction is the crushed rock method.

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Bystrinsky mine - 7.5 tons

The mining and processing plant is famous for the fact that it was built in a record time of 3.5 years, and the terrain is characterized by difficult terrain, which forced to work in hard-to-reach areas. The mine is located in the Trans-Baikal Territory. It has a deposit with more than 300 tons of gold. Here is also found copper, iron, ore also rises from the bowels of the earth. "Bystrinsky" was launched under the leadership of MMC "Norilsk Nickel", is a modern building, built using new technologies, materials.

Bystrinsky mine - 7.5 tons
Bystrinsky Gold Mining Company

Kamchatka Gold Group - 3.63 tons

The company has 11 licenses, which allows it to develop several deposits at once. Their total resource base is 400 tons of gold. The company is distinguished by its purposeful use of natural resources and concern for the environment. The precious metal is mined at the Aginsky and Amethystovoye deposits. In 1 year, the plants extract a total of about 4 tons of gold.

One of the goals of the Kamchatka Gold Group is to increase the capitalization of mining operations by meeting environmental safety standards, which is important given how many harmful compounds are released in the process of lifting and refining gold resources.

Rating of 10 major gold mining countries in the world

The list of gold-producing countries and countries holding gold or gold-exchange reserves is different. If in the first case the leader is China, in the second - the United States. Each country raises a different amount of precious metal from the bowels of the earth. There are different gold mining companies on the territory of the states, which should also be taken into account when compiling the rating. To understand how much of the yellow metal they extract to the surface, you can refer to the ranking of the top 10 gold mining countries:

  1. China. The amount of precious metal remains significant - 426 tons. And the production of gold is not increasing, but decreasing, which is due to the measures applied by the government to preserve the environment.
  2. Australia - 295.1 tons. Productivity of gold mining companies increased the volume of precious metal by 5 tons compared to the previous year. The mining sector accounts for more than 8% of GDP.
  3. Russia - 270 tons. The amount of valuable metal is growing every year. There is an increase in the volume of gold even if the ruble price rises.
  4. THE ANNUAL INCREASE IS ABOUT 10 TONS. The annual increase is about 10 tons, last year the country received an additional 8 tons. The main source is gold miners in Nevada, South Carolina.
  5. Canada. During the last year, about 180 tons of precious metal was produced. There is an increase in the volume of gold, as in many other countries.
  6. Peru - 162 t. There is a slight decrease in the volume of valuable material. This is partly due to the political and economic situation in the country.
  7. Indonesia - 154.3T. Gold production decreased by 11.7%, aided by the country's tax amnesty, as a result of many traders refusing to stay in the mining industry.
  8. South Africa - 140 tons. Here is the deepest gold mine, but in spite of this, the volume of the precious metal began to decline.
  9. Mexico - 130.5 tons. The amount of valuable metal has decreased relative to recent years, but even this level is higher than 10 years ago.
  10. Ghana - 101.7 tons. If we consider only Africa, the country ranks second in terms of the amount of gold lifted from the ground in a year.
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Nugget of Gold

Large foreign companies in Russia

Not all companies were formed in the mines of the Russian Federation. Foreign gold mining companies are often found here, for example:

  • Nordgold - 14.6 tons: develops deposits on a large territory (from America to Siberia), the gold mining company has achieved such success for 14 years (the year of formation - 2007), according to preliminary estimates the likely reserves of precious metal in the mines is about 500 thousand tons;
  • Kinross Gold - 14.4 tons: the head office is in Canada, offices are located around the world (Chile, Ghana, U.S., Russia, Brazil, etc.), the potential of Kinross Gold is about 16.5 tons of precious metal;
  • HGM - 7.9 tonnes PJSC Seligdar: A Russian organization, it develops in the Altai Territory, Buryatia, the Orenburg Region, Yakutia, Chukotka and Khabarovsk Territory, the expansion of the area of activity is due to the fact that Seligdar has existed since 1975.

How you can invest in gold mining

Gold miners make large profits if they develop deposits rich in precious metals. You can invest in them in different ways to make a profit.

Buying bank bullion

The Old School method is to purchase a physical precious metal. If you buy it, you need to provide a method of storage. Usually it is a bank safe deposit box, which comes with additional costs. Another disadvantage is the payment of tax on the purchase. They also note the difficulty of selling, as well as the low yield of the metal.

Buying bank bullion
Gold bars

Buying a unit in an ETF fund

An ETF is an exchange-traded investment fund. It is possible to receive dividends from the purchase of securities. The advantage of the investment method is the guarantee provided by the underlying asset. Essentially, gold is purchased along with the securities, but it is paper-based, tied to the price of the physical precious metal. Such a way does not require the preparation of resources for storage.

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Buying shares of gold mining companies

In this case, the buyer is equally at risk of losing and increasing funds. Such a tool allows you to quickly make a lot of money, at the same time, if you make the wrong steps, you can lose the funds that are invested. The method is suitable for investors with a low distrust index.

Gold mining companies of Russia on the MICEX exchange

Recently, gold mining companies have regularly hit the top of the Moscow Exchange (MICEX) index. Their shares are constantly increasing in price. Such companies include Polymetal and Polis. This position of gold mining companies is explained by the growth of gold price.

Where you can find information about gold producer stocks. How to buy

It is necessary to choose a reliable trading floor. This can be the Moscow or St. Petersburg Stock Exchange. Brief information about the main parameters of the securities to be purchased is also available here. But the purchase is made through a broker - this is the only opportunity for a physical person to purchase securities.

Video: shares of gold mining companies in Russia

Broker's opinion

Stas Gribanov
Stas Gribanov
Broker, 12 years of experience at the stock exchange
Gold is a self-sustaining asset. But on the wave of growth of its value it is possible to earn a small capital, if you correctly dispose your funds - to choose a company, the shares of which have a stable position and are steadily growing. It is possible to trust a broker, but if you want and with a bit of care, it is realistic to find a few such companies on your own.

Over the past year, today and for some time to come, the upward trend in the price of gold has continued, but it is predicted that closer to the end of the year the value will begin to decline. You should take advantage of this, and not necessarily buy all of the summary assets in the market (not many people have the ability to do the research and buy stocks on their own). But this is precisely the moment when buying gold stocks is relevant.

Lawyer's Commentary

Avanesyan Grisha Karenovich
Avanesyan Grisha Karenovich
Lawyer, head of the law firm "Avanesyan and Co.
If you plan to buy securities, you should take into account that after the transaction it is necessary to register ownership, which can be difficult. It is also problematic to sell them. The law allows the purchase of registered securities. One of the dangers after their purchase is the possibility of a ban on their circulation, if dematerialization - the transfer into certificated form from non-documentary was not carried out. It should also be remembered: the purchase of shares is considered legal, provided that a share trader is present at the transaction. This can be directly to banks or organizations that have a license.
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