Why a finger blackens from a gold ring: causes and omens, how to clean black marks on the skin and jewelry, prevention measures from black bands

It has been noticed that sometimes there are black marks on the skin in the place of gold jewelry. Most often, the skin darkens under the rings. The jewelry itself can also lose its luster, tarnish, and darken. Let's understand together and answer a number of questions. Why do my fingers turn black with gold rings? Why the precious metal darkens? Does it depend on the quality of the metal or is there health issues? What should be done in these cases? How can gold be cleaned?

Blackened finger under a gold ring: what is it about. What to do if the ring is a wedding ring. Opinion of superstitious people, folk omens

Our ancestors were superstitious and paid great attention to folk omens. If the jewelry darkened and left traces on the body, it was a sign from above. In their opinion, black spots after gold jewelry could appear only in a few cases:

  • A dark streak appears on your finger under the ring, it means that there is a person near you who thinks ill of you, who wishes evil;
  • under the ring, the finger turned black - it indicates that the person will soon fall ill;
  • If the ring, not the finger, is blackened, it means that its owner is in danger.

Superstitious people say that if Blackened skin from gold If there is a spell or curse on its owner, it means that the owner has been inflicted a spell or curse. Perhaps we are talking about the evil eye. The imagination drew terrible pictures, it was believed that such signs should not be missed.

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Gold jewelry marks on the skin

Folk omens explain why an engagement ring and the skin under it can turn black. If black marks on the ring finger become noticeable, it means a threat to the marriage. Possible discord in the family, quarrels, misunderstandings, even infidelity of one of the spouses. Whose ring is blackened, wait for danger. Advise to clean the rings energetically, consecrate them in church. Sincere prayer helps clean the jewelry.

With the help of gold jewelry you can get answers to some questions. In ancient times there was an interesting omen. If a girl's face was burning, then her beloved boyfriend will remember her. If this is the only way to get the answers to your questions, you can get the answers you want.

However, this omen is easily explained by science: the face burns when the blood rushes in, and holding the ring only increases the flow of blood.

Esotericists also believe that the "behavior" of the ring directly depends on the external energy. Therefore, it is recommended to clean it energetically, for example with salt, fire, water, prayers. Remaining black stripes on the ears after the earrings may indicate jealousy. You put on new gold, and your colleagues or girlfriends were jealous. Cleaning in such cases is obligatory.

The Scientific Explanation Why Gold Blackens Skin

Science officially explains why gold leaves a black mark on the skin.

  •  Ligature of the product. One of the main reasons why gold can make your skin turn black is if you wear low-grade gold. The chain 375 samplesIt is likely to leave traces on the body. The gold from which the jewelry is made contains many impurities: nickel, zinc, and copper. Darkening of the skin is simply a staining by the metals of the ligature. It is advisable to wear the piece at least once a year. 585 pink.


In Turkey, where gold production is not controlled at the state level and no standards exist, a market for low-quality jewelry thrives. Poor quality Turkish gold will oxidize, leave marks on the body, or cause allergies.

  • Sweating. The blackening of gold jewelry can be caused by oxidation. The catalyst for oxidation is human sweat, which contains many acids and salts. They have a negative effect on the noble metal. Therefore, gold darkens with the change of seasons, weather or climate. During periods of excessive sweating, it is better for a person to give up gold jewelry. If a person has hyperhidrosis (constant sweating regardless of climatic conditions), it is necessary to look for the causes of the problem and to treat it.
  • Hormonal disorder. Sweat occurs when medications are eliminated from the body. If a person drinks medication, dark streaks may well appear on the ears, neck - places where the skin comes into contact with gold jewelry. During pregnancy, women's hormonal levels change, which may cause excessive sweating. In addition, pregnant women often have swelling, and rings may simply be small in size and rub on the skin of the fingers.
  • Allergy. Ligature of quality gold pieces In addition to gold, it usually contains palladium or platinum. Unscrupulous manufacturers replace these metals with cheaper nickel, which is a powerful allergen. The owner of the jewelry is often not even aware that he or she is wearing low-quality gold, and he or she cannot understand the reasons for the black spots on the body.
  • Interaction with hand creams. Black residue from rings or bracelets can be the result of the metal reacting with cosmetic treatments. The same traces may remain when interacting with detergents. Tip: You should remove gold during water, dishwashing and washing.
  • Polishing paste for gold. The finished product is treated with polishing paste. It can leave dark marks on the skin, as it contains chemical components in its composition.
  • External influences. It is possible that the jewelry is simply dirty. Therefore, it leaves a dark streak on the finger. The coating of the jewelry can deteriorate when exposed to water. It is better to swim in the sea without jewelry; water procedures are allowed if it is medical gold.
  • Wrong size. A ring that leaves a mark after itself may just not be enough. The blood flow to the finger stops and it turns black. The ring becomes small also with swelling when a person becomes overweight. Wearing a small ring is very dangerous. There have been cases where gold can only be removed by sawing it off.
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Gold ring oxidized on your finger
Gold ring on your finger

As you can see, the black gold ring marksThe noble metal, bracelet, or any other jewelry remains unaffected. If you identify the cause and eliminate it, you can continue to wear your favorite jewelry without any problems.

How to avoid a black thumb situation

So that your fingers do not turn black under the rings, dark streaks do not remain on your skin after chains and earrings, gold should not only be properly worn but also bought.

  1. Do not skimp on the quality of gold. Jewelry made of a low-grade precious metal is bound to have impurities. The metals contained in the ligature may oxidize or cause allergies, which will result in blackening of the skin. The jewelry must be branded in accordance with GOST.
  2. Buy jewelry should only be in specialty stores, jewelry stores that can provide a certificate for the product.
  3. Study the composition and manufacturer on the jewelry certificate. Trust the well-known manufacturers whose products have already been worn by you or your acquaintances, friends or relatives. If the gold is not certified, its quality should raise doubts.
  4. Take into account the "internal" reasons for the appearance of dark stains from gold products.
  5. Monitor your health, see if there are any allergic reactions;
  6. If there is excessive sweating, you need to get tested for hormones, it may be a signal of some kind of disease;
  7. Women become overweight and swollen during pregnancy; rings must be temporarily removed.
  8. It is necessary to take regular and proper care of your jewelry:
  9. Avoid interaction with chemicals: remove before cleaning the house;
  10. to take off during water and cosmetic procedures;
  11. to take care of gold: clean it, polish it;
  12. Store in a metal-friendly environment.

Darkened skin after gold is not the norm. And it's not the gold's fault that it turns black. It makes sense to look for the root cause and eliminate it.

Application of protective rhodium coating. Average service cost

A reliable way to prevent blackness from gold jewelry - coating them with a protective rhodium film. It is common in the jewelry business Rhodium plating - The process of protecting a product by applying rhodium, a platinum group metal that looks like silver.

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Rhodium plating of gold jewelry
Rings with protective rhodium plating

Rhodium-plated jewelry does not oxidize or rust. Rhodium-plated gold retains its luster and extends its life. The only disadvantage is that because of its color, only white gold or silver is rhodium-plated, and the plating must be renewed from time to time as it wears.

The cost of rhodium plating of one piece of jewelry starts at 1.5 thousand rubles.

The solution to the blackness problem

Darkened gold jewelry, black skin stains - all of these can be avoided.

Recipe from superstitious people to get rid of spoilage and evil

Superstitious people saw signs for themselves in everything. If a black trace was left on your neck after your chain, it was the evil eye, and if your gold earrings went dark, it was spoilage. It was believed that gold has its own energy, takes over the energy from the owner. Hence the omen: one should not wear not new decorations and should not appropriate rings or bracelets found on the body. Our ancestors said: they will not bring happiness.

The gold was left as an inheritance - it was necessarily sanctified in church, cleansed from other people's energy.

Cleaning jewelry with water
Energy cleaning of jewelry

It was important on which hand the rings could be worn - left or right. Thus, wedding rings were and are worn only on the ring finger of the left hand. A ring on the thumb is a sign of will, spirit, strong character. To wear gold on the index finger - to gain wisdom, intelligence, creative ideas. It is known that the Russian poet Alexander Pushkin liked to decorate his index fingers with rings.

Recommendations for the care of gold from the skeptics

Unlike esotericists, skeptics do not believe unscientific versions of blackening of the skin under gold rings. Superstitious and magical notions, in their opinion, are the result of people's lack of knowledge. But if our ancestors were really uneducated, today all manifestations of properties There are scientific explanations for gold. Proper care, timely cleaning and a protective coating are all that's needed to keep gold from turning black.

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Ways to clean gold jewelry

If your gold piece leaves dark streaks not only on your skin, but also on your clothes, it is probably just dirty. It is advisable to clean your gold regularly, especially if it is worn frequently. Store jewelry should be in boxes or caskets that keep out moisture and sunlight.

Gold cleaning at home with ammonia with peroxide and boiling water
Cleaning gold jewelry

Washing the jewelry in a solution of soap and peroxide

Clean gold with a soft cloth soaked in a prepared solution with the following composition:

  • liquid soap - 2-3 teaspoons;
  • hydrogen peroxide and ammonia - one teaspoon each;
  • a glass of hot water.

Strongly soiled jewelry can be placed in this solution for several hours. Afterwards, wipe with a dry, clean cloth.

Water bath with dishwashing liquid

Add a little detergent to 200 ml of water and put it on the fire. Put the gold jewelry on a sieve, put it on a pan of boiling water. Keep steaming for 20-30 minutes.

A velvet rag or a clean white eraser for a ring with a stone

If the ring has a gemstone inlay, you must be careful. It should be cleaned with a soft cloth, such as velvet. An ordinary white eraser, preferably a new one, will also help to remove dirt.

Peculiarities of care of white gold
Gold Ring Care


Ammonia not only cleans the jewelry from impurities, but also restores its former shine. Ammonia is used in aqueous solutions and mixtures. Mix ammonia, glycerin and magnesia in equal proportions. With this composition, the jewelry is rubbed and dried.


Mix common baking soda with warm water to form a paste, apply in a thick layer and leave to dry completely. Cured baking soda is rinsed under running water. Do not rub the product, abrasive particles can scratch it.


A product in every housewife's arsenal can help in cleaning a favorite ring or earrings. Dissolve a tablespoon of salt in a glass of warm water until completely dissolved. Place the gold in the solution and leave it there overnight.

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Another option: Reduce the amount of water and make a salty mush, cover the jewelry, but do not rub it so as not to damage it. Once the solution is dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water.

Contacting the jeweler

If you fear for the safety of your jewelry, you should not clean it yourself. Bracelets, chains, rings, and earrings can be taken to a jeweler. A specialist will use special cleaning products that will not harm your jewelry.

In addition, to clean gold jewelry in hard-to-reach places, you can not do without a special little brush, which the jeweler has.

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Question and answer section

Why does a gold ring leave a black band on my finger?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
There are many reasons, and we are not talking about magic. Poor-quality alloy of the product, hormonal disorders or an allergic reaction to a certain metal in the ligature - each case is different.

If you run a gold ring across your face, why is there a black stripe, what could it mean?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
Many have noticed that if you run the ring over your face, a black stripe remains. It has nothing to do with omens. A mark will remain on any area of the skin if you run a hard object over it. When you press on it, there is a flow of blood to the area and it darkens. This is the reason why bruises and abrasions are left when bruised or banged.

Why does the skin darken under the gold jewelry and leave a black mark?

Opinion of an expert
Andrey Seleznev
Chemical-technologist of the plant "Krasny Oktyabr" Volgograd
Another cause of black marks on the skin: a small-sized item. For example, the ring presses, squeezes the finger, and blood rushes in. Perhaps the gold item is dirty and needs to be cleaned.
Ring with stone
Gold ring with a stone on the finger

Does gold turn black on any part of the body?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Pure gold does not turn black because it does not have the ability to oxidize. The blackness appears due to impurities in the composition of the jewelry, due to hormonal malfunctions on absolutely any part of the skin.

Jeweler's opinion

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Why does a gold ring or other piece of jewelry leave a black band? Gold jewelry contains copper, nickel, platinum, or palladium in addition to the noble metal itself. It is from them that the dark stripes remain. These metals are needed primarily to impart hardness to the metal. These metals are necessary for making the metal harder, so jewelry acquires different shades of color.

Adding additional metals to the alloy is justified, but in a reasonable amount according to GOST. If the base metal in the gold jewelry is very small, it is considered low-grade, poor quality. Unfortunately, such items are passed off by manufacturers as original. Paying a high price for poor-quality jewelry is half the trouble. The most dangerous thing is that the gold can cause allergies.

Clergy Commentary

Father Paul
Father Paul
Ask a question
Crosses made of gold can also turn black. The cross is a sacred symbol that represents the spiritual life of a person. If the cross is blackened, it means there is darkness in the soul, bad thoughts. The cross reacts this way if its owner sins, envies, plots bad things.
If the cross becomes black on the child's body, this should not be ignored. A child should be introduced to religion from birth.
Engagement rings are often black. Initially, marriages are supposed to be made in heaven. Unmarried spouses often have darkened gold. Sanctified rings should be worn on the fingers.
If blackness has appeared on the gold or on the body, it must be cleaned. Sanctify it in church, rinse it with holy water, and recite the prayer.
Not all ministers, however, hold this view. Some argue that we should pay less attention to outward appearances and think more about the soul and its enlightenment.

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