Top 10 best metal detectors for gold: types of detectors, requirements for devices to find gold nuggets, prices and characteristics in operation

Platinum, silver и gold have always been the goal of treasure hunters. It is important to choose the right auxiliary equipment. In this article we will consider what metal detectors are, the principle of operation and what they are. Let's compare models in different price categories with the necessary set of functions.  

Metal detector: purpose and principle of work

Metal detector for gold - an instrument that indicates the location of metal with different compositions in the ground or water. The equipment records the reflected signal, similar to an echo sounder. Based on the return signal, it determines if there is a particular metal under the search detector.

You need a receiving and transmitting antenna to function properly. VLF and PI metal detectors have an aligned antenna called a coil or frame. In order to catch a signal, the coil has to be shifted.

RF metal detectors have two coils about half a meter apart. They do not require constant displacement when working. There is another type of hardware, pinpointers, which are called precision pointers. They are capable of catching interruptions and eddy current changes produced by a metal object.

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Search for Gold
Searching for gold on a sea beach

Table: types of metal detectors, pros and cons

Device typeProsMinuses
VLF- Finds objects of small size; - Discrimination allows you to exclude from the search objects with a certain conductivity.- limited depth of object detection. - The maximum detection depth is 60 cm.
PI- There is discrimination in the size of objects; - Designed for great depth.- conductivity interference cannot be excluded
RF- finds objects at depth; - is designed to search for large objects- non-discrimination;  
Metal detectors for gold Garrett AT Gold
Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

Metal detectors for gold: types and specifics

Not all metal detectors are the same. To see the difference, you need to study the characteristics of the device. High frequencies, more than 14 kHz, are important for finding small objects.

All search equipment can be divided into universal or specialized. The first type is suitable for different metals, including precious stones. There is a wide range of options and it is possible to make custom settings.

Specialized equipment is designed to detect gold in conditions where it is difficult to do so. Such equipment can cost a lot of money, which means it is only used by professionals. An example of such equipment is considered to be an electrochemical detector demon-yu from ultramag.

His task is to establish authenticity precious items, colored, ferrous metal, etc. The device is used in Russia, Ukraine and many other countries.


The purpose of such equipment is to find precious metals on a fresh or salty beach. The metal detector must have protection from water, high indication of detachment from the ground. Such requirements are due to the high mineralization of the soil, making it difficult to find. Therefore, the device must distinguish between signals coming from ferrous metal and directly from precious metal.

Metal detectors for gold beach
Not all metal detectors see gold in the same way


Precious jewelry is often hidden in the depths down to the knee. For this purpose, the gold detector must have a waterproof coil, protected housing. So it is possible to search for precious metals at a depth of up to 3 meters. To hear the sound of the device, it is better to use special headphones.

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Metal detectors for gold water
Metal detectors to search for gold are universal and specialized


Underwater metal detector is suitable for diving to a depth of more than 3 m. There is equipment whose task is to search for massive metal objects lying at great depths outside the water. They do not detect small objects like jewelry or nuggets. 

Metal detectors for gold depth
Deep Metal Detector

Requirements for an effective metal detector to search for gold

When choosing a metal detector, the following indicators are important:

  • the quality of target separation;
  • the size of the found objects;
  • depth;
  • soil tune-up.

Qualitative separation of goals and discrimination

A quality detector must be able to distinguish gold from the iron. Devices with vDI from 0 to 99 show vDI precious metal from 40-45, while scrap metal is no more than 30. A precious metal signal can be given by metal affected by severe corrosion. 

It is the job of discrimination to filter out the interference. The more thin bars the scale contains, the less chance of getting a false signal.

The magnitude of the target of the distinction

The index depends on the frequency at which the search is performed. The higher the frequency, the smaller the wave, and therefore the smaller objects can be found. The minimum allowable frequency for gold seekers is considered to be 14 kHz.

Makro Kruzer Gold Metal Detector
Makro Kruzer Gold Metal Detector

Search depth

The more the depth is allowed for the device, the better. In this way there is a better chance of finding deposits that lie at depths of more than half a meter.

Adjusting the ground balance

The index can be adjusted automatically or manually. It is better when there is a manual and automatic balance at the same time. It is less likely to catch false signals.

Pricing factors for metal detectors. Price range

Pricing takes factors into account:

  • model is made to search for gold or such a function was obtained by the method increasing frequencies;
  • marketing costs;
  • how recognizable the manufacturer is;
  • instrument configuration.

Metal detectors for searching gold differ depending on the following price categories:

  • 7 - 15 thousand rubles. -technique is designed to search for common metal;
  • 16 - 30 thousand rubles. - individual models are capable of finding nuggets;
  • 31 - 60 thousand rubles. - models designed for silver, gold;
  • More than 60 thousand rubles. - technique used by professionals.
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Garrett ACE 400i
Garrett ACE 400i Metal Detector

Table: Top 10 effective metal detectors. Features comparison

The top 10 metal detectors in the price range from 15 to 50 thousand rubles. The rating is based on user ratings.

ModelDescriptionAverage cost, rubles
Makro Kruzer GoldThe most modern device for searching precious metals. Is a ground and underwater equipment. Includes 2 coils with water protection, wireless headset, charging. There is a rechargeable battery, with the possibility podklyucheniya to vpobanku. There is a discriminator, manual and automatic ground balance. The best option for searching status gold professionals.41 650
Minelab X-Terra 505 DDA good all-purpose ground high-frequency metal detector. There is a discriminator, well thought out ergonomics. The balance must be adjusted independently, which requires certain skills of the user.28 990
Garrett ACE 400iAutomatic ground balancing is available. The search for nuggets and gold is performed at a frequency of 10 kHz. The model is considered a ground model, but has a decent moisture protection coil. The product is distinguished by a rich package: earphones, covers, CD with a manual in 2 languages.25 950
Fisher F75Equipped with an elliptical shaped coil, waterproof, automatic and manual balancing. Operation is performed at a frequency of up to 13 kHz. You can adjust the sensitivity. The model is capable of detecting a coin at a depth of up to 50 cm.37 950
Fisher F4Unmistakably distinguishes between non-ferrous and ferrous metals at a shallow depth. Includes 11" DDBiAxial coil with moisture protection. Power is provided by two batteries, type "crown", working up to 30 hours. There is a discriminator, a jack for headphones, speaker and armrest. You can adjust the sensitivity, tone identification. The weight of the product is 1.4 kg.25 200
Minelab GOLD MONSTER 1000Designed to find items of 999 samples. The device is equipped with two 10 "x6" DD, 5" DD coils, headphones, battery box and power supply. Model ground, with moisture protection for the coil. VLF detection method finds gold grains and nuggets. There is a discriminator, automatic balancing, tone identification and sensitivity setting. Weight - 1.33 kg.62 900
Garrett AT GoldRefers to the budget professional equipment. There is a standard coil, providing accurate detection at high frequencies up to 18 kHz. There is a discriminator, sensitivity adjustment, headphone jack and speaker. Operation is provided by 4 AA batteries.39 650
Minelab X-Terra 305 NewA revised model of the familiar budget device. The device is equipped with another method of detection VFLEX, working on VLF technology. Minelab X-Terra should respond to the jewels in the ground without noticing the interference. The company has improved the ergonomics, almost untouched the technical specifications.19 990
Garrett GTI 2500Inexpensive version of the device with manual and automatic ground balancing. The search frequency is 7.2 kHz. There is a display showing the current user settings. Powered by rechargeable batteries. Can be used by fans of gold and black metal. Refers to the ground device, has a lot of weight.20 950
Minelab X-Terra 305Australia's production. Gold reserve distinguishes without error. Has different search frequencies. Minelab is equipped with a conventional coil, but performs its task perfectly. There is a manual balancing, a discriminator and a headset input. Rechargeable batteries provide performance.18 450
Minelab X-Terra 305 Gold Metal Detector
Minelab X-Terra 305 Metal Detector

Setting up the equipment and how to use it

Proper operation of the metal detector largely depends on the user settings:

  • manually or automatically adjusts the ground balance;
  • the sensitivity is adjusted to the maximum, taking into account the characteristics of the device to prevent false signals;
  • discrimination setting to exclude ferrous metal;
  • the setting and use of the threshold sound.
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Instructions to the metal detector. Download

When selecting a machine, it is important to read the manual first. Regardless of experience, the user manual will make it much easier to get acquainted with the model, and will save you from serious safety mistakes. Manufacturers now prefer to release the manual in electronic form, which means it can easily be downloaded from the official website or the seller's page.

Where better to start looking for gold

If gold-bearing places far away, there is no way to get there, you can try your luck in nature. People often go to parks, beaches, and often lose jewelry there as well. A gold prospector will be able to test his or her equipment and try out different settings and functions. But it is important to remember the legal side of the issue and responsibility.

It is better to study the law and the terrain before exploring, so you know what you can do and what is punishable. 

Places where you can find the noble metal in nature
Underwater metal detectors often have no display and a digger works by ear only

Tips about finding gold from metal detectors professionals

  • you can scout the areas where there used to be, for example, Krasnoyarsk or Chita;
  • it is important to study information about the places where you plan to search for gold with a metal detector (pay attention to the places where there are minerals, granite, shale and gneiss);
  • search for traces gold miningThese can be mine dumps, blocks of rock that have fallen on the tracks, mines, and sinkholes in the ground;
  • search for gold in rivers need to be in the recesses, resembling a "pocket", Nugget may be deposited in large underwater stones and their cracks;
  • You have to allot a few days for the research;
  • It is best to search for the treasure with a partner for safety reasons;
  • beginner searcherdolzhden pick up equipment for the area of research, choosesso-appropriate clothing, shoes, backpack, pickaxe, shovel, tray, etc. (You can take to use a second-hand metal detector. Do not buy the necessary equipment on aliexpress, it is better to visit specialized outlets);
  • should learn how to wash sand correctly: the tray should not be overloaded; pour out the water carefully, without haste;
  • Each area has to be worked on particularly carefully;
  • When searching, it is important to consider the flooding of rivers, because often the gold is not only near the bed, but also outside of it;
  • you need to use a professional metal detector for gold;
  • Smooth, water-rocked pieces indicate a long stay in the water, which means that they were brought from distant territories. (Bullion rough form is worth looking for literally underfoot);
  • It is best to begin studies after a flood;
  • Not everyone manages to find the treasure at once, it is important to be persistent and go to your goal.
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What the Law Says About Finding Gold with a Metal Detector

With their own hands treasure hunter can find not only wealth, but also problems with the law. Difficulties that hobbyists may encounter are outlined in Article 243 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "search and (or) removal of archaeological objects from the location on the ground, in the ground or under water, carried out without permission (open sheet), causing damage or destruction of the cultural layer".

What to do with the found ancient gold

Legislation in Russia in terms of the activities of treasure hunters is quite confusing. On the one hand, everything that was found in the ground, on 50% belongs to the state and so does the finder. But if this thing is more than 100 years, the searcher has no right to it, because it is state property, and it should be returned to the owner.

Ancient Gold
Gold items found

Can I be fined for searching for precious metals with a metal detector in a public place?

There are no penalties for the fact that a person decided to walk in a public place with a metal detector. But for a violation of Art. 243 of the Criminal Code a fine of up to 500,000 rubles or withholding of wages for several years is possible. Punishment is also possible in the form of:

  • correctional work for up to one year;
  • imprisonment for up to two years.

Conducting excavations at architectural heritage sites with "like-minded people" will be punishable by imprisonment for up to 6 years.

Types of natural gold and its properties
The gold minedо


What is the best metal detector for finding gold nuggets?

Opinion of an expert
Andrei Shabanov
Amateur searcher, has been prospecting for gold for over 14 years
Minelab GPZ 7000 is the most powerful, expensive metal detector. The equipment is heavy, its weight is 3.3 kg. There are manual and automatic balancing, has high sensitivity. Even with a large weight, the device is balanced, easy enough to manage. There is a waterproof Super-D configuration coil, for which there are no competitive models in the world. User settings provide for 3 modes of detection. GPS allows you to mark territories where the user has already been.

What is the best model of metal detector to search for gold for the ground?

Opinion of an expert
Roman Sizov
Member of the club "Metal detectors on the beach" Anapa
White's TM 808 is a depth metal detector made in the USA. The model finds metal at depths up to 5 m. There is a manual ground balance, VLF detection, which allows you to bypass interference. Low frequency operation allows users to adjust the sensitivity. The design is heavy, its weight is 2.75 kg, but it is easy enough to operate. Professionals recommend using an optional dme-03. DME-3 is a device for express identification of various alloys. The device helps to accurately determine the authenticity of metals, has a simple functionality. To buy these models professionals can order through the Internet to any city in the country: Moscow, Minsk or St. Petersburg.

Video: gold on the beach, how to find and silver

Testimonials from searchers

Often it is the reviewpodobrazovatelno helps make a choice technique, especially not the most experienced users. The treasure hunter's forum contains reviews of the following models:

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Garrett ACE 400i is considered the best device to search for coins and gold for the digger. Convenient to carry, easy to set up by yourself. Minus - small discrimination, high power consumption, you need to have a reserve of batteries.

Vitaly Ivanov, Yaroslavl
Nikita Svalov, Tula

Makro Multi Kruzer reliable underwater device with good discrimination. There is a large selection of frequencies, the ability to connect wireless headphones. Included with the gold tester 999 you can easily identify the composition of gold of different quality. 

Minelab X-Terra 705 Impressed users with the ability to adjust the sensitivity as much as possible, a user-friendly interface and good discrimination. Minuses consider the high price, the lack of hodograph. Also, the device is not suitable for underwater searches.

Mark Shchepelev, Donetsk (1)
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