How to increase the size of the ring: how to stretch, roll at home and professional methods of correction by jewelers

The human body is subject to change over the course of life, and a ring is the only piece of jewelry that should clearly fit the individual parameters. Cases where a piece of jewelry has become small are far from uncommon.

How to increase ring? How much does this service cost? Is it possible to increase the size of the ring at home?

A few reasons to change your ring size. The way to enlarge the ring at home

An enlargement may be required in the following cases:

  • change in body weight;
  • purchase through an online store, where the size grid does not correspond to reality;
  • a gift from a man who didn't get his size right;
  • the ornament was inherited;
  • The wearer of the jewelry is subject to regular swelling of the fingers.

Most often there is a need to increase the size of an engagement ring. It can be done at home, but the existing method is quite time-consuming and dangerous, as it can lead to serious defects in the product. The best solution is to go to a jewelry shop.

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The way to enlarge the ring at home
Ring after downsizing

If there is no possibility of visiting specialists, you can try to increase the diameter yourself:

  1. First you need to find a metal cone, proportional to the size required.
  2. The cone should be wrapped in foil, this will help avoid damage to the ring in the process.
  3. The decoration is strongly heated with an electric burner or other device. So hot it should be put on a cone wrapped in foil.
  4. The desired size is achieved by gently tapping the ring with a rubber mallet or hammer. The product will slowly move along the cone, gradually stretching out.

How jewelers increase the diameter of the ring

Diameter enlargement is one of the most common services provided by jewelry shops. There are several ways of this procedure, the jeweler chooses the appropriate one based on the features of the piece.

Rolling out a small ring

So, how to increase size ring?

Unrolling is a simple, versatile method that involves increasing the diameter by reducing the thickness of the decoration.

The ring is heated, placed in a special device and gently expanded. After - flat ornament rim, sanded, and polished.

It should be borne in mind that the products become thinner as they are rolled out, so way will not fit narrow rings.

Unroll ring in a jewelry shop costs about 600 rubles, and the process itself takes no more than half an hour.

Roll out the ring in a jewelry shop
Ring rolling to size

Inserting an element into the product

The method involves increasing by soldering a piece of metal of identical composition and shade.

The jeweler cuts the ring from the bottom, then extends the base of the entire piece by 3.14 millimeters. That is how long one size is.

Metal is inserted into the incision, and the resulting seams are removed by laser. Next, the entire piece is immersed in a chemical solution of boric acid, which makes the jewelry shine, smoothes out the soldering.

If the work was performed by a qualified professional, the place of insertion will be completely invisible.

Such work takes up to three hours and costs up to 700 rubles.

Stretching with the Pinocchio tool

To change the diameter, the craftsman uses a special tool, nicknamed "Pinocchio" in the jewelry world. It is used to increase as well as decrease the diameter of seamless items.

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 The machine looks like a cylinder extending downward with a side arm and several holes along the bottom base.

Важно понимать, что это станок для растяжки изделия, а для нанесения узоров и надписей тут используются фрезерные станки.

This technique is similar to the homemade way. A preheated ring is placed on the cylinder. The master slowly stretches it by moving it toward the thickening of the cylinder.

Duration of work - from 30 minutes, the cost - from 250 rubles.

Stretch the ring with the Pinocchio tool
Pinocchio for ring dressing

Boring by 0.5 size

Expanding in this way by the method is effective and safe, but only allows you to change the diameter by 0.5 size.

The jeweler saws out part of the inner rim of the ring. This way the circle becomes thinner and larger. The method is ideal for intricate pieces inlaid with stones or having a pattern on the surface, as it does not damage the decorative part.

The procedure usually lasts about an hour and costs from 300 rubles. The key disadvantage is the loss of the drained part of the expensive material.

Important: All prices shown are approximate. The cost depends largely on the complexity of the product, its material, the presence of inserts.

What decorations are difficult or impossible to roll

"Problem-free" jewelry is considered to be concise smooth rings, an experienced specialist is able to enlarge them in a matter of minutes. But changing the diameter of a small ring is not always possible. Sometimes enlargement may not affect the jewelry in the best way, and masters do not undertake the work, realizing the risks.

Boring by 0.5 size
Ring in jewelry

The service will probably be refused if:

  1. Ring - bijouterie. Alloy such products is unknown, the craftsman will not be able to predict how it will behave metal while in use. Also, costume jewelry can emit chemical compounds harmful to humans when heated.
  2. The weight of the jewelry is up to one gram. Such jewelry is too thin and fragile for expanding manipulation.
  3. The product is inlaid with a track gemstones. Before enlarging, the master extracts the stones, but this is not possible in all cases. Large precious minerals may fall out of the socket after enlarging the diameter.
  4. The material of the ring is. Platinum. Working with such a refractory metal requires special equipment, which is not available in every workshop. Also, this alloy can darken at the weld.
  5. The surface of the product is patterned or engraved. Stretching and heating can cause the design to "float".
  6. The ring is electroplated coverage. Electroplating is used to increase the wear resistance and durability of the jewelry. In this case, enlargement work is possible, but the plating will need to be restored afterwards.
  7. Ceramic or jewelry enamel has been applied to the item. These materials are sensitive to heat and may react by darkening.
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Experienced craftsmen can take on a product of any complexity, but if the client is not guaranteed a positive result, the procedure should be abandoned.

How jewelers increase the diameter of the ring
Jewelry mount

The worst thing that can happen to a master ring: the main risks

Intervention in the structure of the product is always associated with certain risks. If the technician is irresponsible, the following defects can occur:

  1. Change of shade alloy. This happens most often with silverware, which becomes lighter due to high temperatures. The situation can be corrected with a special treatment.
  2. Loss of luster or cracking of the stone. This condition is caused by intense heating. That is why qualified craftsmen always remove minerals from the setting before working.
  3. Changing the shape to oval.
  4. Seam visibility. This usually happens when the ring is composed of two alloys, each with an individual melting point. Not every jeweler is able to thoroughly disguise the seam that has formed.
  5. Deformation of the inscription. Occurs when attempting to resize engraved jewelry.

Such troubles can easily be avoided by turning to qualified professionals.

Folk omens about rolling out an engagement ring

Rings have been so long and firmly rooted in the daily life of man that they could not help but be "framed" by various beliefs.

  1. The breakage or loss of an engagement ring - to discord in the family. The logic of the omen is very clear, after all, the ring is an attribute of love and devotion.
  2. Darkening of the ring - to unpleasant news.
  3. If an engagement ring has become small and is replaced with a new ring or rolled out to increase its diameter, a prayer for marital well-being should be recited over it. This is especially important for couples who have been married in a church.

Do not attach great importance to superstition, and to avoid defects will help to address the jewelry shop with a good reputation.

Folk omens about rolling out an engagement ring
Wedding ring enlargement

Subject: Q&A

My mother gave me a ring with a big stone. I don't know what kind of stone it is. Is it possible to increase its size to keep the stone?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Theoretically, enlargement is possible. The danger is that once the ring is enlarged, the gem may fall out of its socket.
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In this case, the product must first be inspected by a qualified technician. It is likely that the technician will suggest an expansion by insertion. The boring technique also applies, but only if the ring is thick enough.

My husband doesn't wear his wedding ring. He says it's gotten small. I want to roll it out. Won't it hurt marital well-being?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Don't worry, ring flattening is a procedure that many married couples resort to. The master will be able to enlarge the ring so that it will not leave any traces of the work performed.

The fact that your husband will once again be wearing an engagement piece will only benefit your family.

Can a silver ring be sized up?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
It is certainly possible to increase the size of the ring, but you should always consider whether or not the silver piece has a rhodium coating. Rhodium darkens when heated.

If this happens, the defect is repaired by rhodium-plating.

Uncoated silver jewelry can fade from heat, then it will need additional treatment.

Ring enlargement
Magnification of a ring with a stone

How to roll out and increase the size of a gold ring at home, so that it would not be noticeable?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Gold is a soft metal that lends itself well to a variety of work.

To stretch a gold piece at home, you will need a metal cone of the right size, foil, a torch, and a rubber mallet. The ring is strongly heated with a burner, then put on the cone, pre-wrapped in foil. The mallet should be easily tapped on the decoration, achieving the desired diameter.

The method enlarges the ring up to 3 sizes. But if you are not sure of the result, it is better to consult a specialist.

How to stretch an engagement ring at home?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
Heat the product with a gas burner, put it on a metal cone wrapped in foil. Lightly tap the ring with a rubber mallet.

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If your engagement jewelry is inlaid with diamonds or other stones, has an engraving or intricate design, you can't enlarge it at home.

Remember that self-stretching is always associated with a risk of damaging the jewelry.

Video: how to make the ring size bigger? Jeweler's techniques in the workshop

Jeweler's opinion

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Customers often wonder how to stretch a ring that has become out of size? Modern equipment allows both increasing and decreasing the diameter of the jewelry. This is one of the most common services provided by jewelry shops.

It is not recommended to roll the products yourself. Without proper skill, it is easy to damage the ornament. The procedure is quite inexpensive, so you will save time and avoid possible defects.


I began to wonder if it was possible to increase the size of the ring on my own. It turned out that there is only one homemade "recipe" - using a burner and a cone. Using this method, I was able to roll out the white gold jewelry by half the size. It had no effect on its appearance.

Genady R., Sevastopol
Maria T., Moscow

I asked the jeweler to increase the diameter of two rings. After examining one of them, the jeweler refused to do the work, saying that the jewelry is brass with gilding. The second red gold ring was enlarged in half an hour. I am very happy with the result.

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