Gold or silver: what is better for a man or a woman to wear, what to choose - different views on the choice of precious metal

It is not possible to say unequivocally what is better gold or silverbecause each of these noble alloys has its own peculiarities. Metals are equally popular in different spheres of activity, but differ in cost. Below we will tell you about the peculiarities of the choice, focusing on various factors.

Table: gold and silver - criteria for comparison, which is better in what cases

Gold or silver
Rings - gold and silver
SignificanceBoth metals are classified as precious metals. They are usually used in jewelry, electronics, medicine, etc. Alloy jewelry is characterized by beauty and unusual shapes 
Value in investingA gram of metal is valued daily and has a steadily high investment value. It is issued in the form of ingots and coins, more expensive than silverThe precious metal on the stock exchange. Issued in the form of bars and coins, but the investment value is inferior to gold
Chemical characteristics 
atomic number79 u Au47 at Ag
atomic massAu - 196.96654 a. u. m.Ag - 107.8682 a. u. m.
density19.32 g/cm³10.5 g/cm³
Melting pointAu 1064.18 °CAg - 962 °C
Physical characteristicsIn its pure form it is an inert metal, rarely reacts with other substances. It is soft and malleable, heavier than silver.Can react with hydrogen sulfide, covered with a sulfide film. Hard, but lighter than gold in density.
 Good conductor of electric current  
External propertiesRich palette of colors due to admixtures: yellow, white, red, pink, green, blue, blue, purple, brown, blackThe products are characterized by a white color with a cold "steel" luster, sometimes treated with black
MarkingMarked with a female profile in a headdress stamped "spatula" and a GOST assay. The manufacturer's name is indicatedMarked with a female profile in the headdress with the stamp in the form of a "keg" and the assay of GOST.
Sample and ligatureGrades used in the jewelry industry: 375, 500, 583*, 585, 750, 875, 916, 958, 999 585 is the most popular jewelry alloy, containing 58.5% of pure gold and impurities of silver 36 % and copper 5.5 %. Possible ligatures in gold alloys: silver, palladium, copper, nickel and zinc.  The grades of silver in jewelry: 800, 830, 875, 925, 925, 960, 999 925 is considered sterling silver, intended for the manufacture of jewelry. The impurities are represented by aluminum and bronze in copper    
Compliance with GOSTGOST 6835-2002GOST 6836-2002  
Jewelry with stonesCombined with: diamond ruby emerald sapphire pearl amber turquoise hyacinth chrysoliteFor inlays are used: topaz garnet sapphire pearl fianite turquoise amethyst  
HypoallergenicCan provoke allergies only in the presence of nickel in the alloyPractically does not contain nickel or other metals that can cause an allergic reaction of the body
Gold Jewelry

Popularity and value of gold and silver jewelry

Type of decoration PricePrice
RingFrom 300 rubles to 30 thousand rubles.From 6 thousand to 500 thousand rubles.
BraceletFrom 500 rubles to 22 thousand rubles.From 5 thousand to 670 thousand rubles.
ChainFrom 700 rubles to 46 thousand rubles.From 5 thousand to 120 thousand rubles.

Which metal suits a man/woman best. Metal even has a nationality

For centuries, gold was considered the precious metal of the rich. Thus, it was easy to distinguish those in power by their jewelry. Today, anyone can purchase a piece of noble metal jewelry based on their budget and preferences.

The choice of alloy sometimes depends on nationality, cultural traditions, gender, and color type.

A man's important thing is the functionality of the thing, its ability to emphasize an elegant style, to hint at financial security or to shout about brutality and strength. As a rule, it is a watch, a ring, a bracelet.

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Precious metal jewelry for men
Jewelry for men

For such products will be suitable durable material, which is represented by gold alloys with platinum group ligatures. Very unusual and status rings, bracelets or watches made of black gold.

Согласно цветотипу, темноглазый брюнет со смуглым цветом кожи, будет гармонично смотреться с золотыми аксессуарами.  Блондину с бледной кожей лучше выбрать светлый металл, к примеру, white gold or silver.

A guy of Slavic appearance can wear any item, as it is not forbidden by religion. But many prefer to wear pure silver. Whereas a Muslim is limited in his choice of accessories. Religion is against any jewelry other than wristwatches. To emphasize the status, the wealth of the oriental man should his woman, adorning herself with gold jewelry.  

For women, when choosing jewelry It is also recommended to be guided by colortypes. A brown-haired girl with a warm skin tone can easily wear gold pieces: the stronger the tan, the better will look exactly yellow gold. Light-colored girls on the background yellow gold pieces will seem even paler. The compromise will be. silver Or white gold. The wide range of shades of gold from white to purple gives a woman a choice, but one must remember the capriciousness and fragility base metalIt is not designed for going out every day. While silver can safely be worn without taking it off.

Jewelry for Women
Gold and silver rings for women

Video: What's better gold or silver for men of Capricorn, Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Cancer, Sagittarius, Pisces, Aquarius, Scorpio, Lion, Aries: The agony of choice

Video: what is better than gold or silver for women Crab, Sagittarius, Fish, Aquarius, Scorpio, Lion, Aries: the torment of choice

The choice of metal by age. Status chooses gold, youth chooses silver

A few decades ago, it was thought that people with high social status, certain positions, age after 40, 50 years could choose gold jewelry. Accordingly, silver was considered youth Alloy, подчеркивающим юность,  активность владельца.

Today such an opinion is only becoming a prejudice.

Modern people wear both metals regardless of age and status. Often, on the contrary, people of high rank try not to stand out, to emphasize their simplicity, preferring silver bijouterie.

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Fashion Verdict. New trends in design. New combinations of two metals at the same time

Young people prefer to buy gold and silver jewelry, guided by financial possibilities. These noble metals, if chosen correctly, look trendy. Every girl who follows fashion trends knows about a new jewelry solution - a combination of two types of elements in one piece of jewelry.

This season, as never before, it is fashionable to wear gold rings, small earrings in combination with rings, inlaid with unusual stones or inserts. For people who are not ready to overpay for jewelry, jewelers developed a series of silver jewelry with interesting gold inserts.

And since fashion trends are fickle, it is more profitable for young people to change jewelry made of inexpensive metal.

Men's ring
Men's garnet ring

Which metal is most often used in accessories

  • A watch. Such a jewel is most often used as a gift. So, the choice of alloy directly depends on personal preferences. Equally popular are gold and silver products. The women's line comes mostly in gold. Men more often prefer silver, titanium or steel as a sign of strength. 
  • Cross. A piece of body jewelry is first worn by a child at the sacred rite of baptism. Such accessories should be exclusively silver, as this metal is officially recognized by the church. It is believed that such an item will protect the wearer from negative influences. That is why silver is used more often for such accessories.
  • Engagement Rings. This type of jewelry is worn all the time, often without taking it off at all. So it should be distinguished by durability. It is better to choose gold with a low percentage of pure metal, as such products will last longer. Silver is not suitable for such purposes because of its softness.
  • Bracelets, chains, necklaces. Available in gold and silver.
  • Кольца и серьги. Ассортимент этих украшений удивляет разнообразием. Есть масса вариантов обоих сплавов. Эти аксессуары изначально считаются женскими, и золото для  производства используется чаще из-за большего спроса и разнообразия оттенков.  
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The influence of gold and silver on the human body: the opinion of esotericists

Esotericists claim that each metal can have a different effect on the human Organism. Silver has served as a talisman better than gold since ancient times. A woman who wore silver was protected against envy, evil eye and spoilage. It was believed that the metal brought good luck and had a positive effect on health. Wearing silver products recommended:

  • when the blood pressure is high or low;
  • People suffering from gastritis with high acidity;
  • at the risk of developing cancer;
  • for problems with the urinary system;
  • people with diseases of the nervous system.

The gold is said to be very sensitive to the emotional state of its owners. It is considered that gold is better to choose if there are difficult periods in life when a person is anxious. Then the jewel will bring tranquility and help find the right decision. Gold Jewelry recommended to wear:

  • in the case of reduced acidity of the stomach;
  • people who are obese;
  • for varicose veins;
  • People suffering from edema, accumulation of fluids in the body;
  • to strengthen the immune system;
  • for depressions, mood swings;
  • for diseases of the joints.
Gold Rings
Gold Jewelry

Metal of different Zodiac signs

Astrologers say that you should choose your alloy, focusing on the element of your zodiac sign. When the choice is melted, the jewelry will protect the wearer, playing the role of a kind of talisman.

Owners of gold jewelry:
Silver must choose:
Metal of different Zodiac signs
Pendants for different zodiac signs

American researcher K.C. Jones' theory on the choice of gold or silver

There is a theory according to which a person's choice of alloy is made intuitively, on a subconscious level. Thus, people who prefer silver most often have a talent for writing.

Such a person lives a life of change, as this is the only way to keep a fresh eye and diversify life. This person lives for change, because this is the only way to keep a fresh eye and to diversify life.

To others, such people are down-to-earth, calculating, rather reserved. "Silver" personality likes modern, bright objects, is drawn to professions related to design direction.

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A person who prefers gold actively shows the love and importance of loved ones.

Such people are independent, in business and financial matters are always moving towards success.

At the same time, they are considered spenders because they part with their money easily. They often make ill-considered and even unnecessary purchases.

A person with a strong character always becomes the soul of any company, regardless of the goals of the events. More often than not, people with leadership qualities aspire to gold, but they are not always able to soberly assess their own capabilities. "Golden" representatives are more likely to succeed in PR, sales, and modeling.

Using gold in jewelry
Gold Jewelry

Peculiarities of care of gold and silver

It is always a pleasure to wear jewelry that is attractive in appearance and bright luster. At the same time, the main condition for the proper preservation of jewelry is regular home care. Features of the choice of care procedures depends on the composition of the alloy. For example, gold is afraid of mercury and iodine, and silver poorly tolerates humidity and hydrogen sulfide. It is this that determines how to properly care for your jewelry.

Home care involves:

  • Cleaning with a weak soapy solution. Afterwards the product is rinsed with warm running water.
  • Household plaque can be removed with a few drops of ammonia applied to a suede or flannel cloth.
  • It is important to wipe your jewelry dry after visiting places with high humidity. This will prevent tarnishing.
  • An occasional professional cleaning is recommended.

Ways to clean the silver alloy at home:

  • Apply toothpaste to the decoration and leave to dry. After a couple of minutes, rub all the elements with a wool or flannel cloth. After the product is rinsed under running water, wipe well.
  • Make a solution: 1 spoon of soda per glass of water, soak the silver in it.
  • Good to clean the alloy ammonia: dilute 5 ml of the substance in a glass of water, leave the item for 10 minutes.

It is also important to remember the proper storage of jewelry, regardless of the type of alloy. Experts recommend that each piece be stored separately, in velvet cases, away from humidity.

Method of boiling gold to remove plaque
Gold and Silver Jewelry

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There has always been a battle of gold against silver, where it is quite difficult to determine the winner. Pure metals are quite soft and have similar properties and differences. To ensure the hardness of precious products, they are added to them with an admixture of harder elements. Often the choice depends directly on financial possibilities and personal preferences. However, gold looks good for a long time if worn correctly and carefully, whereas silver begins to oxidize over time and requires periodic cleaning.
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