How Gold Affects the Human Body: Functions of Gold in Human Life; Effects of the Metal on Women and Men

Gold - precious metalIt has always been a symbol of beauty, wealth, and power. In chemistry it is known as Aurum. The human use of the precious metal is quite wide: it is used to make jewelry, tableware, amulets, coins, and souvenirs.

В gold bars Investors' savings are deposited, the state treasury is stored. Because of this metal, people take risks, put their lives in danger, commit crimes.

But it is worth thinking about the effect of gold on the human body, because the metal has a certain energy, properties, both beneficial and harmful.

The Importance of Gold in Human History from Ancient Times to the Present

The history of the yellow metal goes back several millennia. It is not known for certain where and when it was discovered. The ancient Sumerians, Chinese, Hindus, and Egyptians all made mentions of gold products. But it was the ancient Egyptians who were the first to process the metal and use it as a monetary system.

The Importance of Gold in Human History from Ancient Times to the Present
Golden Sun

The culture of wearing jewelry by different peoples also dates back to ancient times. The first gold jewelry findings date back to the periods of the Sumerian civilization and ancient Egypt. It is known that Cleopatra was a fan of the solar metal.  

The tomb of Tutankhamun, who lived almost 4 millennia ago, and his collection of gold products were a significant finding of archaeologists. The death mask of the pharaoh, the image of which every schoolboy knows!

They began to make gold fairly quickly, once it became clear that the metal is soft, malleable.

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Archaeological research proves that gold jewelry were also made by the ancient Romans, the Byzantines. The Romans learned to combine precious metal with stones. This is how gold jewelry with sapphires, emeralds, rubies appeared. It is worth noting that the ancient jewelry were quite large items. This is due to pagan notions of people. Often jewelry was a kind of amulet, serving as a talisman.

Gold in human history
Ancient gold jewelry

The "animal style" was popular among the peoples living on the territory of modern Central Asia and the Caucasus. People wore necklaces, pendants, bracelets and earrings with images of animals they deified. Statuettes and accessories such as combs, caskets and hair ornaments were also made in the form of animals.

With the advent of Christianity in Europe and the Slavic world, gold was used to make body crosses. The metal was used to decorate temples, churches, and cathedrals.

Nowadays, gold is used to make wristwatches, which are an essential attribute of luxury, human status and a great variety of jewelry.

Gold wristwatch
Gold wristwatch and bracelet

Benefits and harms of precious metals for human health

Consider how gold articles have an impact on human bodyand also what are the pros and cons of the metal in terms of bioenergetic action

Useful properties:
destroys germs, which is why the metal is contained in many medicines;
Treats diseases of the nervous system;
improves memory;
Fills the body with strength and energy;
gives activity, endurance;
normalizes metabolism;
Improves the function of the circulatory system.
Harm from metal can include the following:
causes irritation of the intestines;
slows down kidney function;
raises the body temperature;
sometimes causes allergies.

In addition, the precious metal is actively used in folk medicine. It is believed that it protects against the evil eye.

Of course, each case is different, and among researchers there is no clear point of view about the harmful properties of the precious metal.

Benefits and harms of precious metals for human health
Gold Cross

Application of the therapeutic properties of gold. Influence on a person: medical and esoteric points of view

The noble metal has been used in traditional and folk medicine for a long time. Ancient healers used gold powder to treat ulcers, smallpox, and syphilis. As gold is known for its antimicrobial properties, it was used to treat victims of epidemics.

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Precious metal is also actively used by dentists. Gold dentures was made as far back as the time of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

It is believed that gold particles destroy bad breath and prevent the formation of cavities.

With the development of medicine gold The metal has been used successfully in the treatment of oncological diseases. The metal is successfully used to treat lung diseases, arthritis, osteochondrosis, and rheumatism.Modern scientists are looking for its use in molecular biology as well as genetic engineering.

Application of the therapeutic properties of gold
The healing properties of gold are extensive. It can strengthen the body and increase immunity

Effects on the female body

Perhaps the most positive impact on the female body has the very fact of possessing gold jewelry. They bring aesthetic pleasure, give self-confidence and a sense of self-worth. In addition to the fact that gold positively affects the cardiovascular system, gets rid of depressive moods, it also improves women's health during menopause. Not without reason, women are so fond of gold jewelry.

Gold Rings
Gold rings on the hand

Effects on the male body

Despite the fact that men are more relaxed about accessories, wear gold is highly recommended. In contact with the skin, the metal improves mood and increases stress tolerance. In addition, it normalizes oxygen levels in the blood, thereby improving circulation.

The effects of gold on the male body
Precious metal jewelry for men

The daily dose is 2 to 4 mcg of the solar metal. Gold deficiency and symptoms of excess gold in the body

Scientists have calculated that there is a normal amount of gold allowed in the human body. Two to four micrograms per day is enough to provide the beneficial properties of the metal for all organs man. If a person wears only a wedding ring, the daily allowance of the sun metal is already consumed. An overabundance of the substance can lead to poisoning, which is manifested by symptoms:

  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • increased sweating;
  • apathy, weakness;
  • lack of appetite.

In severe cases of poisoning, a person loses weight dramatically and may complain of muscle and joint pain. A metallic taste appears in the mouth. Excessive gold can also lead to dermatitis and stomatitis. Such cases require medical attention.

Lack of precious metal in the body reduces immunity, which affects overall health.

The role of gold in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology

In cosmetology, gold particles are used in the production of skin care products: creams, masks, and souffles. With the development of plastic surgery, the metal began to be used for rejuvenation procedures. For example, gold reinforcement, whereby gold plates are implanted under the skin, is very popular. The plates saturate and smooth the skin, making it supple and young.

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The role of gold in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology
Gold in cosmetology

The importance of gold in the food industry: food gold, gold-rich foods

There are foods enriched with gold. Corn contains most of the precious metal. Flax seeds and barley grains also contain it. Gold is enriched in royal jelly.

Some manufacturers of distilled water produce so-called gold water, which is obtained by dissolving metal particles in it. As a rule, this water is not cheap. The same water is obtained by holding jewelry in it for a while.

Drinking water from underground sources is considered to be rich in the precious metal.

In cooking, the popular use of edible mosaic gold. These are the finest gold sheets, flakes or sprinkles used to decorate confectionery, chocolate, and ice cream. Such sheets are used to wrap candies, decorate desserts and Easter eggs. Golden flakes are even added to alcoholic beverages: Goldschlager schnapps made in Italy and Switzerland, Polish-German Gdansk vodka, and Ukrainian vodka Gold Polubotka are well-known. 

Gold flakes in alcoholic beverages
Goldschlager is one of the most amazing alcoholic drinks in the world

The Japanese add. gold sprinkles в саке, веря, что благородный металл положительно воздействует на здоровье человека.  А в Арабских Эмиратах элитные кафе предлагают кофе обеспеченным туристам с золотыми листьями, чашечка которого стоит почти 1500 рублей. Сусаль относится к пищевым добавкам премиум-класса.  О том, что оно пригодно для употребления в пищу, говорят сертификаты качества.

The energetic abilities of gold. Methods of cleansing the metal from negativity

The gold is believed to absorb energy easily because of its softness and malleability. This is associated with a lot of superstitions: you should not wear other people's gold jewelry and should not use found jewelry. The esotericists recommend that the sunny metal should be cleaned periodically. This is best achieved by harnessing the resources of the four elements: Air, Fire, Water and Earth:

  1. Prayer is a sound message directed to the Higher Powers. If you are alone in a separate room and put the items in front of you, you can recite a prayer for cleansing yourself. Gold jewelry is also cleaned in church with the help of a prayer.
  2. Fire. You can clean the jewelry from negative energy with a candle, either a church candle or an ordinary candle. You need to hold the jewelry over the fire for a short time, you can strengthen its effect with a prayer.
  3. Water - holy, flowing or spring water - is also excellent for cleansing gold from negativity. Jewels are kept in the liquid for a certain time, for example, overnight.
  4. The salt is able to draw out all the negativity from objects, that is why it is so useful to wash with salt water, to wet clean the house with it. For example, if it is necessary to clean up The ring or earrings are completely covered with salt and left for twenty-four hours. The used salt is then buried in the ground.
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Cleaning jewelry with water
Energy cleaning of jewelry

Such simple ways can help to remove negative energy, for example, if the colleagues were jealous of the new jewelry.

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Subject: Q&A

Is it true that gold makes people happier and more energetic?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
True. It is a symbol of wealth and power and makes a person feel happier. In addition, esotericists say that the noble metal has the ability to endow its owner with positive energy.

Can children wear gold all the time?

Opinion of an expert
Pribrezhny Gennady Valentinovich
6th class jeweler
It is believed that the child's biofield is more open and unprotected, so it may be more often exposed to psychic influence from the outside, also through gold jewelry. It is recommended that children wear little jewelry, such as a cross or earrings for girls. If it is someone else's jewelry, such as inherited or gifted, it should be cleaned energetically. At night, it is necessary to take off the jewelry.

How to clean gold not only from dirt?

Opinion of an expert
Mikhail Petrovich Grishanov
Jeweler, Director of Grishanov & Co.
If the jewelry only needs to be cleaned of impurities, it can be handed over to a jeweler, who will do it delicately. You can clean gold jewelry from bad energy at home, using fire, salt, or water. Home or church prayers are also excellent for removing negativity from the jewelry.

Opinion of esotericists

Natalia Krasnova
Natalia Krasnova
Ask a question
Esotericists know a lot about how gold affects a person. They say that not everyone can wear gold. Wear such jewelry can only be strong-willed people with a powerful energy. Weak weak-willed people will simply "crush" the jewelry. Often jewelry will give signs that it does not fit the owners: it often gets lost or broken. Sometimes a person's well-being worsens for some unknown reason.

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Gold was and still is number one in the jewelry world. People buy it for themselves, as a gift for their loved ones and as a dowry for their children. The noble metal is not only beautiful, luxurious jewelry, but it is also a great investment which will never fall in price. Gold never wears out or has a shelf life as compared to real estate or automobiles.
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