The effect of silver on the human body: the benefits or harm, what disease cures, the effect of silver on the body of men and women when worn

Putting on silver jewelrywe seldom think about the origin of this noble metalas well as those useful propertiesthat it bears to a person. After all, it's not just the direct effect of substance cations and ions on the qualitative Composition human blood, but also in the esoteric component that the silver. In other words, the benefits of silver are not only aesthetic pleasure.

Ag is a chemical element. Discovery of the useful properties of silver since ancient times and the Middle Ages

Ag or Argentum is an element in Mendeleev's periodic system, a fusible gray precious metal that takes on a rich metallic luster when polished. It is this property that has opened perspectives for metal applications by jewelers of the whole world.

The main useful property is that its micromolecular composition prevents the spread of bacteria. If a spoonful of this material is placed in a glass of water, bacterial growth stops.

Silver in life, life and the human body
Silver Heart Pendant

The healing properties of silver have been noted by scientific minds since the ancient civilizations of Egypt and the Near East, which first began to make primitive medical devices out of the metal. This knowledge was used in the Middle Ages, when Europe drew upon the basic medical manuscripts of Rome and, afterwards, Arabia.

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Silver in life, life and the human body

This element has a very wide range of applications in various fields: microelectronics, radioelectronics, jewelry, medicine, cutlery, art - with each industry having its own areas for the use of "argentum".

If we talk about everyday life, the most common are canteens sets and utensils made of precious metals. It is already considered a good tradition to buy a newborn baby a small silver spoon for eating. Cufflinks, tie clips, ballpoint pens and much more are made of it.

Did you know that the human body also contains argentum? It is necessary for the regulation of the oxygen molar content of the blood. But, if the amount exceeds the norm, it causes the development of argyrosis. It is a specific disease that has a number of interesting symptoms: the teeth are covered with a metallic patina and the skin takes on a rich, dark purple hue.

How silver affects the human body, the effect inside and outside

The benefit of silver for the human body lies in its physical and chemical properties: metal ions have a certain degree of influence on the human body when worn or consumed. The influence of the substance on the human body is characterized by many nuances.

The therapeutic effects of metal

First of all, a moderate content is necessary for the blood composition to regulate its oxygen saturation. If molecules of this metal are removed from the body, the oxygen in the blood loses its valence - it begins to "act" freely. Afterwards, the blood will foam and the body will die.

The second beneficial effect that the liquid silver preparation can have is the effective treatment of increased body acidity when people suffer from heartburn. For this purpose, the liquid drug is taken orally, "binding" acidic compounds, forming stable alkaline-metal bonds. This method is used for advanced gastritis.

Bactericidal properties of silver

It can be used to effectively disinfect water affected by atmospheric air. Incidentally, this is why some containers of alcoholic beverages and clean water are marked "purified by silver". Metal ions are too "heavy" for bacteria. When they interact with water, they attack the space around them with chaotic movement, which leads to the death of all living microflora.

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How silver affects the human body, the effect inside and outside
Silver ions have a positive effect on the immune system

A huge plus is that silver has absolutely no effect on the beneficial microflora.

Immunomodulatory effect

Drugs based on Ag or its compounds are often prescribed to patients who suffer from immune suppression syndromes. This is confirmed by a thyroid study. Such syndromes may include hypothyroidism, hepatitis, or HIV. Pharmaceuticals for oral use marked Ag (Argentum) are used to speed up blood metabolism, its natural purification by the body, at which a stable state for the immune system comes, i.e. immunomodulation in a depressed state.

Increasing vitality and stress resistance

Decorations have a very presentable appearance, and in themselves are able to improve the mood. But, not many people know that many vitamins contain Ag or Ag+ (such a notation can be seen on vitamins manufactured "Pikovit", "Alphabet", "Memobust", etc.). Silver is very important for the secretion of the thyroid gland, and therefore regulates the hormones. It is their imbalance that is the first cause of stress, irritability and inadequate behavior.

Body condition indicator

There is a belief that silver darkens the body of a sick person. Nevertheless, this belief is true. It tends to interact with the sweat of people who have an altered blood composition. It is noted that rings, bracelets darken if those who wear them have tuberculosis, various pulmonary diseases, patients with cirrhosis, hepatitis, as well as ordinary people who are diagnosed with a variety of gastrointestinal lesions.

Silver for man
Silver chain with pendant

If your silver chain The patient's body is not in good health, but in good health, the patient's body is in good health and in good health. This method of determining health has been known since the days of King Richard and the dauphins of France. It is believed that Joan of Arc wore a thick chain of dark silver, which was given to her by a Burgundian ambassador, who soon died of liver colic. It was his necklace that signaled his illness.

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The secret of the effect of silver through ions

Simply put, ions are the smallest negative metal particles. In the case of silver, they have a special characteristic. When they interact with water, they intensively bond with the hydrogen electrons in the compound H2O. Hydrogen loses its molar mass and becomes atomic, and atomic hydrogen and oxygen have a special purpose for the human body.

They remove heavy metal salts, other toxins from the blood, as well as improve vision and have the same properties for the thyroid gland as iodine. That's the main secret. silver effects on the human body through its own crystalline lattice ions.

Aluminum has similar properties in conjunction with argentum, as well as their nitrate.

To understand what ions are, we need to understand the chemical background to the structure of metals. In simple terms, ions are "bubbles" that are separated from the structure of the metal, freely crystallized by the atmosphere, water, and other media. The main condition is the direct interaction of the substance with the surface.

When silver is harmful. Toxic doses of silver for humans

In addition to its benefits, Argentum has a characteristic disadvantage. As Paracelsus said, -any substance is a poison, but it depends on the quantity. If the amount of silver exceeds the norm, you can develop a specific disease called "silversmithing", which science defines as "argyrosis". The absorption of metallic compounds through the gastrointestinal tract is also dangerous, because the ions deposit on the walls of the stomach, forming ulcerated areas.

Bactericidal properties of silver
Silver Jewelry

If we talk visually about the toxic dose, we need to imagine an average silver ring weighing 6-7 grams. If such a ring is dissolved in the blood of a person weighing up to 80 kg, he is likely to die of intoxication.

Silver jewelry tends to oxidize on the skin, releasing ions into the delicate pores of the epidermis. If the chemical substance is pure, its effect will be positive, but the silver oxide will not benefit, but rather harm. It is formed during the natural aging of products, when it darkens.

Question and answer section

What diseases does silver cure?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
It cannot be used to treat diseases, using it as an original and separate medical drug. But pharmacological remedies that include white metal ions in their composition have proven to be excellent when used in cosmetology, gastroenterology, and in the treatment of autoimmune diseases.
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As early as the beginning of the twentieth century, medical instruments were made of silver. Then came miniature prostheses, breathing tubes and dental crowns. Now silver has been replaced by stainless steel alloys, but Ag-based alloys are still used in dentistry.

The benefits of a silver neck chain for men?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
It is believed that a chain around a man's neck has a positive effect on male potency. This is true, but only partially. The fact is that the blood of men contains 1.3-1.5 times more silver than that of women. In short, it "precipitates" excess oxygen, which allows the blood to circulate more actively. This can be determined by a general blood test using special markers. Hence the positive effect on potency.

A necklace worn around the neck gives the body a minimal amount of ions. But it is not possible to treat impotence by wearing silver. The moon's metal can also be considered as an esoteric expedient to wear.

How does a silver bracelet affect a person?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
If we put aside the aesthetic side of the question, we can talk about the bracelet just like any other jewelry. But unlike earrings or silver piercings, a bracelet has no contact with the "subcutaneous area". In the meantime, it is only capable of giving off ions when it comes into prolonged contact with the skin. In this way silver ions "disinfect" the blood and lymph, increase tone and immunity.
Types of silver jewelry
Silver Bracelet

How does silver water affect the human body?

Opinion of an expert
Elena Kibantseva Anatolievna
Allergist-immunologist, Movement Clinic, Saratov
You can get silver water easily - you can throw a ring or a bracelet in a glass with water. You should let it stand for a day or two and then you will get silver water. It is said that such water is useful, but it is all from the category of "placebo". Scientifically speaking, silver can stop or slow down the reproduction of pathogenic flora in the water, but it cannot cure infectious lesions and inflammations by applying or drinking water.

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Silver ions penetrate the water faster with boiling, but it is reasonable to talk about metal boiling only with simple iron (Fe). It is important for hemosynthesis of the blood. If you use vinegar, it will simply remove the oxides from the chain or bracelet, but it will not acquire the ions, so only pure water is used.

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The Use of Silver in Rites and Rituals

For many centuries it was a sacred metal among the ancient peoples of Russia as well as the other Slavs. In China, the metal is also known as a ritual and magical metal. In the past, it was used by the ancient peoples of Russia and other Slavs as a sacred metal for centuries, and was also known in China for its ritual and magical effects.

This metal is also actively used by Christians: Catholics, Orthodox, and Adventists. Practically all utensils in the temple are made of silver, including crosses, icons, etc. In Muslims, Ag is used exclusively for men's jewelry and household items.

The magical properties of silverware. Opinion of esoterics

Natalia Krasnova
Natalia Krasnova
Esotericists from pre-Christian times to the present day claim that silver is not a simple metal. Gold is considered a blood metal, which often brings misfortune - becoming a cause of bloodshed. The Argentum, on the other hand, is recognized as a "soothing", purifying metal.

In astrology, without reference to any celestial bodies, silver is associated in its energy by psychics with the moon and moonlight, which has an effect on night visions. So, in case of nightmares, magicians and astrologers recommend to keep a silver coin - you can put it under a pillow or wear it on a chain.

The second property attributed to the moon metal is protection from evil spirits, jinns, demons, and other guests from the netherworld. A silver cross or necklace can protect a person - evil spirits do not tolerate this metal according to the beliefs. Another purpose is to purify a person's aura, to get rid of the possible evil eye or spoilage.
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