Technical silver: concept, composition and properties, where it is contained, how to obtain it, cost and marketability, recycling and disposal

Technical alloy is in many ways different from the jewelry we are accustomed to. It contains household items, and the development of medicine, astronautics, and engineering is impossible without it.

In this article, we will look in detail at what technical silver is, where it is found, and what its value is.

What is technical silver: composition and properties

The key difference between technical silver and jewelry silver is scope of application. Technical precious metal is used in industry, for it is not the appearance but the performance characteristics that are important.

It is a non-standard material containing copper, nickel, tin, aluminum, and cadmium as impurities. The percentage of ligature is not high, not more than 0.1-0.2% of the total composition. The base is the purest precious metal.

The exceptions are magnetic and non-magnetic industrial alloy samples. Here the amount of lunar metal varies from 70 to 85%.

If a jewelry alloy has a decorative purpose, then an industrial one should provide conductivity and exhibit chemical resistance.

Technical silver
Sterling silver alloy

Other features of the material include:

  • Low melting point - 780 to 962 degrees;
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity;
  • Reflectivity up to 95%;
  • Inertia;

Features of silver application in electronics and radio components

Industrial alloy has a number of features. Distinctive features include:

  1. The precious metal is alloyed according to the task at hand.
  2. Technical lunar metal is not counterfeited because it is impractical.
  3. Pure silver in radio components is much more common than in jewelry.
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 The main differences from jewelry silver

These alloys are created for different purposes, so they are very different from each other:

  1. Jewelry precious metal must perform an aesthetic function, for technical alloys this criterion does not play a role.
  2. The jewelry material has an additional resource of wear resistance for everyday use. The high content of impurities in the composition allows this to be achieved. In contrast, technical alloys contain a small amount of ligature, as they must ensure high electrical and thermal conductivity.
  3. Technical alloys can contain impurities that are harmful to humans. For example, nickel is capable of causing allergic reactions, and lead leads to headaches. Jewelry materials intended for regular wear do not contain such additives.
Silver alloys
Jewelry silver

Where you can find technical silver today

The objects around us can hide real treasures inside. For example, an ordinary computer or laptop contains a small amount of technical silver, and may also include gold composition, platinum, tantalum, palladium.

About 80% of the world's precious metal production comes from the technical industry, with the remainder coming from jewelry and investments. The list of industries where technical lunar metal is used is constantly expanding.

Today the technical alloy is used:

  • As an element of radio components. Capacitors, transistors, contact plates, relays, diodes, batteries, fuses account for the most metal;
  • To create light-sensitive materials;
  • As a sputtering, to impart inertness to alloys;
  • In the creation of optical instruments, mirrors;
  • In medicine, chemistry;
  • In the space industry;
  • In shipbuilding, production of submarines;

Technical silver price per gram today

In the investment world, the lunar metal is called one of the "protective" assets, because year after year its price invariably tends to rise. Technical silver, which usually has a 999, 960 or 875 grade, is no exception.

To determine the current value of the precious metal, it would be convenient to use the table:

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SamplePrice according to the Central Bank of RussiaScrap priceThe price in jewelry

Rules for the disposal of high-tech scrap

Disposal of equipment is controlled by the state for environmental safety reasons, as well as to reduce the loss of precious materials during recycling.

Disposal is regulated by the Federal Law of 24.06.1998 N 89-F3 "On Production and Consumption Waste". According to this law, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can independently dispose of scrap and waste of non-ferrous metals if they have a license.

Independent extraction of precious metals, including technical silver, without appropriate documents is restricted by law.

Scrap silver
Silver parts, alloys

Methods for recovering technical silver at home

Existing extraction methods are suitable for home use. The refining procedure is carried out indoors with regular air ventilation or outdoors. Work should be done in protective clothing, mask, and gloves. The best respiratory protection is a professional respirator.

Selection метода аффинирования зависит количества обрабатываемого материала, его состояния, наличия реактивов, которые можно приобрести в компании Техномет. Существуют следующие способы извлечения драгметалла:

  • Chemical;
  • Electrolytic;
  • Cupeling;

Let's take a brief look at refining using electrolyte.

The electrolysis process relies on the properties of direct electric current. Electricity promotes the movement of charged particles of the lunar metal from the negative electrode to the positive electrode.

The anode will be a silver scrap and the cathode will be a silver part.

Electrolytic method of silver extraction
Silver refining

This method will require:

  • Alligator clips;
  • Power source up to 5 watts;
  • Vessel;
  • An electrolyte is an essence that conducts electricity;

Step by step, the process looks like this:

  1. "Crocodiles" are connected to the anode with a silver scrap.
  2. A silver part is connected to the cathode.
  3. The power source is turned on.
  4. The pure precious metal will begin to collect on the anti-cathode.

The method is the most preferred method for home refining because it does not require expensive reagents and also allows for a high degree of purity metal.

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Opportunity to sell the mined metal

From the extracted material can be cast a simple unique jewelry, such as a ring.

It is possible to legally sell metal through pawnshops, pawnshops, or the Internet only if you have a license.

Determination of the value of 1 g of technical silver

Cost of any alloy is based on the price of pure precious metal, which is set by the Central Bank of Russia. To determine the real value of a sample, you need to multiply the current price of pure metal by the required coefficient.

For 2021, the current price of the lunar metal varies about 60 rubles.

If 1 gram of the silver obtained corresponds to 960, then calculate it cost can be done as follows:

60 * 0.96 = 57.6 rubles per gram.

Soviet microcircuits
Technical silver from parts

Table: silver acceptance companies in your city

Usually the cost of metal surrender varies depending on the specific area, the pricing policy of the organization. Cities with a population of millions of people accept precious materials at a higher price.

CityTechnical silverJewelry
St. PetersburgFrom 20 to 52 rubles per gramFrom 50 to 200 rubles per gram
MoscowFrom 20 to 55 rubles per gramFrom 40 to 250 rubles per gram
Nizhny NovgorodFrom 13 to 40 rubles per gramFrom 30 to 150 rubles per gram
Yoshkar-OlaFrom 13 to 30 rubles per gramFrom 25 to 100 rubles per gram

Punishment for illegal sales

The processing of scrap and waste of precious metals is subject to licensing.

Individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can buy and process waste non-ferrous metals if they have a certificate from the Assay Office. This activity in the absence of a license may result in the initiation of Article 191 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

Technical silver applications

Metal is in demand in the manufacture of technical parts, in aircraft and rocket production, medicine, chemistry, food processing, military industry, for of production cosmetics.

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To try your hand at refining, you should look for metal inside electrical and electronic devices.

Why silver recycling and reuse is necessary today

Value silver is due to its limited global reserves. Recycling and reuse is necessary for the economy itself, slowing growth metal prices, the postponement of future deficits.

Technical silver: concept, composition and properties, where it is contained, how to obtain it, cost and marketability, recycling and disposal.
Technical silver alloys

Recycled precious metal is used to produce chemical compounds, applies in electrical engineering, filters, catalysts, and other products for which resistance to corrosive environments is required.

The best way to store technical silver

Lunar metal is quite resistant to external factors, but requires some storage conditions.

  1. Technical precious metal must be protected from contact with alkalis and corrosive acids.
  2. The material should be cleaned periodically.
  3. To avoid mechanical damage, the metal should be stored separately from other items.

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It has become a real discovery that silver can be found inside everyday objects. It turned out that it can be found even in X-rays and inside mirrors. I want to try to extract the precious metal from Soviet-era parts myself, but so far I am only studying the information on this subject.

Vitaly N., Yaroslavl
Gleb L., Kastroma

I have been refining for a few months now, and the material looks like commercial silver. At first I thought about where to sell the metal, then I decided to try to make jewelry out of it.

The composition of technical silver on the contacts is almost pure metal with few impurities. Such parts are ideal for surrender or home extraction of the precious metal. I prefer to turn in scrap silver, it saves a lot of time.

Roman G., Ufa

Jeweler's comment

Molokanov N.M.
Molokanov N.M.
Jeweler, experience in jewelry manufacturing 26 years.
Technical precious metal is a special alloy that is not used in jewelry. It may contain additives that are harmful to humans, has high electrical conductivity, and is used for various industries.

If enough precious scrap has accumulated at home, the best solution is to surrender it to scrap dealers, which are available in every city. It is illegal to remove and sell the material yourself.

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